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Fresh Blends, 26 April 2007

Yeah. More of that kind of stuff! Let’s see a few closeups:

Oh, I’m quite fond of this one, I am. So fond of it, I’ll have to do another one, for me! This one is superwash/alpaca/nylon (the sock kind, not the glitter kind) and I want mine to have tussah silk in it.

Olive Branch, here, is nice too. So nobody buy it, and then I’ll steal it for myself. Just look at it glittering in the sun there… just makes me want to sit right down and spin it. And it may be a sock blend, but I want to spin it into something for a shawl. A glittery, gleaming olive green shawl like dragon scales… yeah, that would work.

I blew it with Life’s A Beach already. Someone’s gone and snagged most of it.

Oh yes, and I decided I’d list that orange yarn (and don’t miss the “math is hard” update at the bottom of that post, btw. It turns out I shouldn’t try to work numbers from my log book before finishing the second cup of coffee. Ahem.) with a reserve, and see if it meets the reserve of “cheapest I’d be willing to sell this.”

Oh! And this sampler:

is likely to be the last one for a while, because I’ve found the perfect home for those odds and ends from now on. And this is a big sampler too, 8 whole ounces plus a little, or about 235 grams… one could do a lot with that.

That’s it for me and my “Shop With Abby” plug for the week. Now I’ve got to get myself back to slaving over a hot carder… but BEFORE I FORGET! Just let me know you came in via my blog, and I’ll ship your purchases for free.

7 thoughts on “Fresh Blends, 26 April 2007

  1. Oooh, the Olive Branch is lovely. (I won’t buy it, though–partly to not deprive you of it, partly because MDSW is next week.)

  2. I sooo want that sampler but I’m about to blow all my cash taking the cat to the vet. Poor little thing came home with what looks like a dislocated hip last night & I’m just waiting for the vet’s surgery to open.

    Then there’s the whole “I have way too much fibre stash” thing I have going on & a huge order I placed for 2nd hand Japanese craft books before my little cat got hurt…

    Please tell me somebody bought it already. You can lie if you want 😉

  3. Yes, that Olive Branch and the one above it are some of my favorite colors. Hmmmmm. Really gorgeous. Did I miss something regarding the math? Guess I need another cup of coffee.

  4. I am currently bidding on the sampler and hope like heck that it comes to california to live with me. I find you site amazing and am really proud to brag to my spinning friends that we are 2nd cousins( I am joe morgan’s daughter and moe and virginia morgans granddaughter). Some of my favorite memories were spent in the lake house on lake bonaparte with my grandparents and Max and Claudia. Thanks for inspiring this new spinner
    Cheri morgan-opie

  5. I am resolutely not examining the fiber too closely, as there has rather been an influx recently.

    But my thanks for the Morro recommendation. Spent part of last evening sampling a box of pin drafted roving from them and then, ahem, bidding on some more……

    It is a joyful spin, the kind of fiber that makes the spinner look good. And definitely happy.

  6. Abby is an evil evil enabler!!!!!

  7. Absolutely beautiful, Abby! Of course!

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