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Orange Scrap Merino Yarn

Cruising through my usual reading list this morning with my coffee, I ran across this survey, linked from the SOAR blog. I took a moment to fill it out, and thought others might be interested as well.

In household news, I’d like to take a moment to state that the LG dishwasher is simply no Bosch. We had a Bosch, the Bosch was our friend, and the LG we have now is simply no Bosch. For those of you considering dishwashers, Bosch. Bosch, Bosch, Bosch. The LG was supposed to have all the same things the Bosch did and was rated similarly by reviewers. It is only similar in the sense that one could say a Ford Festiva is similar to a Corvette in that they both feature two doors and a hatchback.

Anyway, though, in yarn-related content, I did finish up that 2-ply merino from the dyed odds and ends I had lying around…

I love that photo above — look, there’s the lazy kate and that jumps right out at you, but look closely: chain-plied tussah silk lying under some other tussah silk I haven’t spun yet, a toppled bottle of ibuprofen, the “Desire” sample wound into a ball behind it waiting for me to think of something to use it in, a few Bryspun straights in the front, and the Addi Turbos draped over the edge of the shelf.

I don’t think I ever claimed to be super-orderly. Well, not recently, at any rate.

I ended up lazily plying the orangey yarn on the Victoria. It has to be lazy plying on the Victoria because with 15:1 as a top ratio, it’s slow — definitely in the “idle hand fidget while watching TV” range of things. Which is, of course, exactly what I was doing.

I’m increasingly a fan of this “hanging on the deck railing” shot. Now, to those of you who’ve commented that the step-by-step process photos are useful, I need to come clean. There are a few steps in here that I never think to photograph — but I will do so on an upcoming project, as there’s important information in those steps!

Of course, perhaps my yarn porn is becoming formulaic. Here’s the “from just below, with the sky for reference” shot.

And the closeup…

And I like to call this the “truth in advertising” shot. Here’s where I point out the lazy waylaka maneuvers that are obvious in this skein — thick and thin bits, all over the place. But, you know, what the heck. Yes, it really is that saturated a pink-and-orange, too.

Oh yes, and the specs! There was a total of 36 grams of the 2 different colours of merino, seen here:

After washing, the 2-ply yarn is 25 wpi, and the fiber yielded 730 yards. So, 730 yards from 36 grams is 20.277777etc. yards per gram, times 28.35 grams in an ounce is 574.875 yards in an ounce, times 16 ounces in a pound is 9,198 yards per pound. So this is a pretty light, lofty 25 wpi. 36 grams is about 1.26 ounces.

If you were to compare this to some popular laceweight merino yarns out there…

  • Morehouse Merino Lace, 220 yards / 1 oz (actually fingering weight)
  • Skacel Merino Lace, 1375 yards / 100g /6237 ypp, 28 wpi
  • Artisan Lace, 300 m (325 yards) /20g = 7439 ypp
  • Sharon Miller’s Merino Lace yarn, 375 m / 25g = 7439 ypp

…this yarn is weighing in with more yards per pound than any of them, but it’s fatter than the last 3, and most similar in grist to the Morehouse Merino Lace, which is actually fingering weight in my book… though of course, now I can’t find a wpi reference for it anywhere.

And of course, I needed bright orange-pink laceweight merino knitting yarn right now like I needed another hole in my head. I’ll probably destash it eventually.

NEWS FLASH! Abby Proves Human After All!

I shouldn’t ever do math, or look at my log book, before the second cup of coffee. *ONE* of the chunks of merino weighed 38 grams. The two of them together? 74 grams, or 2.6 ounces. This is actually a huge relief for me, because I really couldn’t wrap my brain around how this had come to the ypp that it did at the wpi that it is. I was sitting around thinking, “That’s like twice the yield I’d expect,” when it dawned on me.

10 thoughts on “Orange Scrap Merino Yarn

  1. Yanno, it’s crazy, but I want to be able to spin as finely as you do just to get more yardage out of my poofs of wool. Never mind that that would mean I’d have a pile of fingering and laceweight wool to figure out what to do with, since I don’t weave.

    Yet. I already know it’s coming. I’m just avoiding the inevitable a little longer 😉

  2. I wish I had the patience to spin “scrap” wool finely enough to make a whole project. The trouble with being a default DK/Sport spinner, I get a bunch of little hanks I can’t do much with. Maybe I should just suck it up and learn to weave, and see if I can’t stretch them a little further and make something interesting (if thick).

  3. Also … I think I made the first comment in my sleep. I don’t even remember doing that. ::boggles::

  4. I know that this isn’t your typical yarn but I have to say when I saw it it made me feel better about myself. Kinda like when I was working on a degree in mathematics, if one of my math profs made a mistake with simple arithmetic it made me realize…there is hope for me!!!!! Thanks for sharing.

  5. I think it’s beautiful! As a new spinner, I envy the thinness, but find my handspun is thinner now than it was in December when I started. If you ever want to destash, send it my way….my daughter’s favorite color is pink, and she loves anything bright.

  6. How beautiful!

  7. I have been trying to spin two sprands and then ply ( not chain ply) with the same colors and I can’t seem to make it work, so that the plyed yarn is the same color rather then two differnt colors, any hints?

  8. just plain beautiful, waylaka bits ‘n’ all.

  9. I agree with Sammi’s first post all the way, its exactly how I think and feel about your yarn and spinning Abby! I have tried to spin as fine as you. OMGosh, I swear your spun single has to be invisible, its so fine! Your spinning is amazing to me, and you are a spinning goddess in my book. LOVE the colors btw, especially since Spring just doesnt wish to come to the Northern states this year. I need color and more color! Its so blah outside and has been since freaking last October! Keep the yarn porn coming Abby. Normally it would make me feel bad that I cant spin as finely or chain ply as lovely, as you, but I have come to terms with my spinning and can enjoy your type of spinning and yarn vicariously through you and your blog!

  10. That orange is freakin’ gorgeous! Your spinning is really wonderful. I came here by way of The Yarn Harlot, and boy, am I glad I did! I’ll be reading regularly from now on. I’m a very amateur spinner with only one wheel (an Ashford Joy), and I don’t practice as much as I should, but I think I will get more in now. Thanks for the inspiration!

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