Franquemont Method: SPINNING I-IV BUNDLE (2021)

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You won’t want to miss out on this super opportunity to register now for all 4 sessions, January through April!

Normally $49 per session, this bundle (which is only available through 10 February 2021) saves you $47 or 24%!

But if you register before the calendar page turns to February 2021, you can get the full package for only $119 — a savings of $77 or 40%!

Now’s your best chance to join these sessions, which won’t be offered again live until August 2021.

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At last, it’s available digitally! The spinning fundamentals program I developed for Stringtopia Fiber Arts Studio is aimed at taking you from your first interest in making your own yarn by hand all the way up to being a comfortable intermediate spinner in only 4 months including your practice time.

Live sessions take place using Zoom, with a recording available after the session for you to review while you practice, and ongoing access after the course completes. You’ll also have access to a Discord chat channel where you can discuss with your fellow students, and where I’ll check in daily to answer questions throughout the session.

To begin the hands-on exercises, you will need a stick or a pencil, and some spinnable fiber, ideally wool, although you can work with any fiber you are able to find. You can also attend this class without doing it hands-on at the outset, and save your access to the class sessions to do at your leisure.

As soon as your registration is processed you’ll receive access to the private web page that tells you how to navigate your new content, where to access the live participant elements, and what to expect throughout the series! Work at your own pace or stay with the group, and join the growing community of Spinning I-IV graduates!

We recommend you create an account here at so you can come back and redownload your info PDFs and course content without having to email us and ask if you can’t find it later.

You will learn:

  • The first fundamentals of making yarn by managing unspun fiber and twist using your hands, a stick, and a simple spindle you’ll shop for and select with guidance during the month-long session;
  • how to make a skein using only your hands or things you have around the house;
  • how to wash your skein, measure it, store it, and select a potential use;
  • how to troubleshoot common problems;
  • basic terminology;
  • basic definitions of fiber preparation;
  • basic fiber information (what are wool, cotton, silk, etc)>/li>
  • basic spinning wheel mechanics
  • principles and methods of yarn measurement
  • principles and techniques for different yarn structures
  • drafting methods
  • preparation methods
  • yarn design principles and calculations
  • how to spin for specific purposes
  • and so much more!

Completing Spinning I, II, III, and IV unlocks access to seminars and classes for which that foundational framework is a prerequisite, including certification in the Franquemont Method of teaching the ancient technology of making yarn by hand.


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