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Christine Robinson Franquemont, 1948-2013

It is with tremendous sorrow that I must formally announce the death of my mother, Dr. Christine Robinson Franquemont.

Having traveled to Cusco, Peru to attend the 2013 Tinkuy de Tejedores at the Center for Traditional Textiles of Cusco, Chris arrived Monday, November 11, and spent time visiting with close friends and family and preparing for her role in the Tinkuy event. On Tuesday morning, November 12, 2013, Chris was found dead of natural causes in her hotel.

Funeral and memorial plans are being made, but are not ready to be released at this time. I will tell everyone more as I am able.

I miss you, Chris. I can’t believe you’re gone.

One thought on “Christine Robinson Franquemont, 1948-2013

  1. I knew your mom in the 1970s — a truly beautiful person. I remember her stories about Chinchero, the Tinku and the textile museum. She was a fellow ethnobotanist. By chance, I arrived in Cusco just today for vacation, joining a horseback tour of Sacred Valley that includes going to Chinchero. I was looking forward to the Chinchero textile museum Christine told me about 40 years ago. But tonight I was walking back to my hotel, and stopped to ask direction of a woman who was selling engraved guajes. She mentioned she was from Chinchero, so I mentioned knowing Christine. Her face fell and she told me the very sad news. She said they held the velario in Chinchero and Christine is buried there. I guess she was looking down and made the connection — sending her goodbyes to those of us still on this Earth. So I found your note on the internet. And I see the legacy of the weaving continues!

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