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Tweets for October 25, 2009

  • on the road to #soar! long day today. #
  • on the long term parking shuttle en route to #soar. go go brutal early departure! #
  • well this a cozy little planelet! so glad right now to be only 5 ft 6 in tall. #
  • leg 1 of the trip to #soar is done. now i just gotta make my connection. #
  • the jetway is apparently stuck and we are waiting for it to scoot up to the plane. dude. #
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Tweets for October 23, 2009

  • Holy cow people, 309 preorders! I love you all. Congrats to Ann Belau for being #300! Prize drawing Sat, 11/7/2009 for the rest. #
  • @yarnharlot I have been known to take beer in payment but this will be payback for lever knitting. You have been warned. #
  • Congrats also to Rebecca Smith for getting in the very last order and winning a prize for that too. 😉 #
  • OMG so tired today, and still so much packing to do. Like clothes. I have to take clothes. Also have to take my me. #
  • @EGMTK Totally. Coffeeing up. I'll sleep on the planes tomorrow. It'll be like a vacation. #
  • @dennyknits she can't. i need her there. what about THAT guilt? #
  • @stashaholic you would prefer they just say "incent?" #
  • @yarnharlot OMG you have ALL MY SYMPATHY. Buying pants is about the worst thing ever. I usually cry. #
  • @depravedDyer Yeah, and I'm in frantic mode to be sure. I'm gonna forget something I don't want to forget, I'm sure. #
  • Wow, I have apparently LOST 800 small plastic bags. How? #
  • holy crap @spunkyeclectic, glad Jay's ok and big hugs all around. See you tomorrow. #
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Tweets for October 22, 2009

  • Last day for Respect The Spindle signed preorders at ! #
  • @threesheeps I'm thinking about not taking a wheel. I mean I get to pick one up there plus I'm teaching carding. #
  • last full work day before leaving for SOAR has me just pouring caffeine down my throat. GO GO GO. Not gonna finish everything on the list. #
  • @execudiva there is indeed a section on Turkish spindles in the book! And more besides. Also check out @amelias_twist 's book! #
  • @execudiva okay, apparently I can't remember her name on twitter. and Wanda Jenkins' info also. #
  • Wow, we just hit 250 preorders for signed Respect The Spindle! More prizes for the drawing across the board for reaching this goal! WOOO! #
  • @depravedDyer do you have some sort of "Rate These Steves" chart? #
  • @depravedDyers They shipped me the "Rate Your Sleeves" chart by accident I think. My verdict: off the rack sleeves always too long. #
  • OK, in the past 3 months, I have shipped 1165 batts. **** faint**** #
  • @threesheeps @knittydotcom holy cow, we're at 288 preorders! I'll take them till my AM coffee when I gotta tally and get my order in. #
  • oooh wow check out @velmalikevelvet on Craftzine! You go girl! #
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Riding The Rapids

So this one time when I was a teenager, our family went whitewater rafting on the Vilcanota River. And actually, there’s a few really good stories about that trip, but I’m going to save them for later, because the thing I was really just thinking about was a principle that our river guide told us when we were getting started. “The way you maneuver in the rapids,” he said, “is to be going just slightly faster than the water. So long as you’re just ahead, you can steer and you’re in control. If you’re going the same speed, then the river’s just going to take you and slam you into rocks or throw you up on the banks or who knows what. But if you can paddle so you’re just a bit faster, and you learn the tricks you need to know, you can go wherever you want, even when the river is crazy.”

It sounds nuts, on the one hand — you’re in the middle of a raging river, with all this fast rushing water and stuff, and there are obstacles everywhere, and what you have to do is… speed up? Seriously?

But it’s true. And there was actually this amazing sense of calm in the middle of all that chaos, a deep empowerment that comes from taking on a rushing river and being the boss of your direction instead of just a piece of flotsam. And lately, I feel like this is how my life is going: everything’s rushing and swirling in roaring torrents, but if I can just remember to keep paddling and stay just a smidgen faster than the water, I can steer and it’ll all work out great. It’s even a thrilling ride.

It’s been a heck of a year! I mean, there’s the book, for one thing. That was a huge labour of love, not just for me but for everyone who worked on it and everyone who pitched in to help make it happen. And it’s REAL.


But apparently, I couldn’t slow down enough to do more than take a hurried cameraphone snapshot. I’d love to do it now, but I’m also getting ready to dash off to SOAR, so… it’ll have to wait. I may be just ahead of the rushing water but I’ve got to remember to deal with the things in my path in a sensible, “what’s right here” kinda way. But indeed, the book is real. I have a real live advance copy of it, and in just a few scant weeks, it’ll be in stores, and I’ll be getting ready to ship all the signed copies you’ve all been preordering for the past few months. And I am staggered: right this minute, just as I’m getting ready to close preorders so I can get the whole lot of ’em in and figured out right after SOAR, 252 of you have preordered. Seriously. I’m floored. And grateful to you all. I’ve been having a great time for the past several months, setting aside little goodies and prizes to draw at random for folks who bought this direct from me, and those will all be going out with your books — just wait and see, 1 in 10 of you will be getting a little something extra with your books when they ship mid-November.

And then there’s the DVD! It’s just arriving in people’s hands right now. I can hardly believe it. I can’t wait to hear what people think — I’m pretty pleased with how it came out, and looking forward to the next one. You heard me, the next one!

And teaching! There’ve been some great classes in the past few months, and I’m about to go enjoy a really exciting week teaching lots of people to make batts. Oh lord, batts? You wanna talk about batts? I just did the math, and I’ve shipped 1165 batts in the past 3 months. That doesn’t include the ones I kept or the ones for prizes and giveaways — just the ones shipped to my loyal retailers.

And the web site redesign! I’m really thrilled, and enjoying hearing all your feedback. Thank you all so much, and keep it coming!

And this is the risk in slowing down, I think: it might give a girl time to think. And if I thought too hard about what’s just behind me on this wild ride, I might miss what’s in front, or fail to steer, or… who knows? Surely, somewhere up ahead here in a ways, there’s a nice spot to haul off the river for a few and maybe have a picnic. But I’m not there yet. Hopefully I’ll recognize it… and hopefully, I packed a lunch. With a beer in it.

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Tweets for October 21, 2009

  • Tomorrow is the last day to preorder a signed Respect The Spindle from me! Ships in November. #
  • @GuidoS I may have been known to do such a thing. 😉 #
  • Congrats @EGMTK for being order 225 and winning a surprise gift! #
  • @EGMTK I think the DVDs are shipping, but I'll know for sure later today! #
  • @sparkcrafted OH CRAP. Me too. #
  • @jillianmoreno dammit, now that's stuck in my head too. #
  • Oh man. Energy totally failing and much work yet to be done AND early release AND a space camp trip meeting tonight. Gonna asplode. #
  • @sparkcrafted you win. or lose. Depends how you look at it. Ooof! #
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I’d like to thank Jennifer Dodd for all her incredible, fabulous, and helpful work on redesigning Abby’s Yarns. Thanks to all her hard work, we’re able to roll out the new and improved look and feel, and I’m going to actually be able to bring some sanity to archive content and make it easier for folks to find all the various things that have come to be hidden around here.

Working with Jenn has been terrific, and lots of food for thought about small business stuff and doing things right — so much so that this week, I’ll be doing a quick interview with her for the blog, to tie in with presenting all the various new features. But for now, I just want to say TA-DAH! Look, we have new blog.

And thank you, Jenn.


Tomorrow there’ll be a lengthier post talking about specific changes, but I wanted to take a moment and address a question that came in from a first-time commenter:

Suddenly my RSS reader is cluttered with tweets from this site. I like the blog, but if I wanted to read tweets, I’d be on Twitter. Can anything be done to respect the preferences of those of us who still enjoy complex ideas and syntax, or should I unsub?

One of the things we’re rolling out is separate RSS feeds for various types of content on this site. It looks like we rolled things out with the two main feeds swapped — the first being all article-type content, and the second including various other types as well (like tweets, new videos, and that sort of thing). We’ve updated that, so now (as intended) the primary RSS feed is posts and articles only, and the supplemental one is everything. And, coming in the next few weeks, category-specific feeds as well!

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Tweets for October 16, 2009

  • Oooof, I have to send my "Hey, it's almost SOAR" email to students this weekend! I'd… better write it. #
  • @wednesday so perhaps sans tabdamage as well then. #
  • My slacker employee has been doing production and blowing off other jobs like ORDERING TONER FOR THE PRINTER. I hate her. #
  • I would fire her but it would take YEARS to train a replacement. Grrrr. #
  • @bluejinx13 she's already working overtime for crap pay, OSHA or someone would come after me if I went any further. #
  • You guys decide: yellow, green, or brown? Decide! DECIDE NOW! #
  • With 3 votes for green and no votes for yellow or brown, looks like green wins. #
  • Heh, so green, then brown, it is. Blue and purple are already covered, and so's black, and so is pink. #
  • @depravedDyer Oh yeah? Well green right back at you, then. #
  • @depravedDyer I will if you will. We can have a colour-off for SOAR. #
  • @depravedDyer I see your pond scum and magenta, and raise you dark chocolate and mustard! #
  • @depravedDyer Brilliant. Let's get it ON. #
  • @depravedDyer Ohhhhh, just you wait. I'll think of SOMETHING. #
  • @depravedDyer You should be 'cause that apron is gonna be COVERED in carding trash. #
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Tweets for October 15, 2009

  • @jillianmoreno gimme a buzz or I'll call you and I'll tell you teh story! #
  • @graftonfibers hahaha, I've got a few hundred to go in the next week or so too, but my Rhinebeck ones were done and shipped off last week #
  • @graftonfibers no wai, I think you're faster than me! So funny. Maybe we should have a card-off someday. #
  • @graftonfibers I had to haul mine out last week to replace the motor and it nearly did me in. We need a neutral location w. carders! #
  • @graftonfibers I always thought this was what kids were for. Shows what I know. #
  • @thatrachelh I was just thinking tomato soup and a grilled cheese. #
  • @spunkyeclectic I know something you don't know. #
  • @romidesigns: But OCtober isn't over yet. It's too soon to sulk! #
  • Wait, @juno360 is a redhead now? #
  • @yarnharlot I'm sad to say we turned on the heat about an hour ago. Today's high is 5C. #
  • HAH, take that, stupid inbox, back under 2000 you go! NOW STAY DOWN! #
  • @kpwerker I've thought about having big stickers that say FEWER made, so I can slap them on signs and posters that say LESS in error. #
  • @depravedDyer no, dammit, 1880! 1880 I say! #
  • @depravedDyer @thatRachelH Like that makes you guys special. Spammers do that too, you know. #
  • @depravedDyer @thatRachelH why aren't you mailbombing @dennyknits with her "Ooooh, I got 3 emails yesterday" ass? HUH? #
  • @depravedDyer I was thinking of going as @dennyknits #
  • @farwellclay I'm in the final throes of SOAR prep! And chained to my carder too! I shouldn't even be at my desk right now! I'm slacking! #
  • @kpwerker I think I'll make them to be a prize in Editorial Thunderdome. #
  • The heat is on and I can't get un-cold. This is pathetic. #
  • @norvegal So this one time a coworker of mine walked into my cube area and asked a dangerous question. #
  • @norvegal it was, "Do any of you guys like yarn?" Yep. She asked that. In my presence. Little did she know. #
  • @norvegal and yeah. So many times. "What do you write about?" "Handspinning. No, yarn. Yeah. Making it by hand. No, seriously." #
  • @bluejinx13 omg it's so sad. It's my knees, wrists, and hands that are suffering. What is this… AGEING?????? I'm not down with it. #
  • @norvegal the best response yet was when this guy asked me "What, and then you have to knit it?" #
  • @depravedDyer @lisaknit @norvegal @_wen_ @kitchensinkdye @lornaslaces "Yes, This Really Is My Job. Not Kidding. No, Seriously." could work #
  • @norvegal I like to view it not so much as "not killing anyone" as "regularly saving lives." You know, by not killing anyone. #
  • @depravedDyer Someday I may end up with a brick stuck in my head when this wall comes down. #
  • @norvegal OMG. Next you're gonna call me a "sweater is half done" kinda knitter. #
  • @norvegal my sweaters seem never to be more than half done, though, now I think about it. #
  • I am as done as I'm getting with sorting my music library and downsampling it. I've pruned to only about a month, and under 50GB. #
  • @depravedDyer You misspelled "a large bump of 15 micron merino turned up for me and Abby to split." Hope that helps. #
  • @depravedDyer and btw, I like green. And brown. And deep wine reds. #
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Tweets for October 14, 2009

  • Wednesday, early release day, kid comes home early, short work day. Must grind out batts hard-core. #
  • @amyfibre: Morgaine at Carolina Homespun will have batts at SOAR. She also has them at Rhinebeck. 😉 #
  • @yarnharlot I was just thinking about you as it was about 3C when I got up. Our heat isn't on yet either. #
  • @sameknit for future reference, write down the details of the motor and you can get most of them overnight from a place… just a sec #
  • @sameknit . Prices great, shipping very fast, warehouses in Ohio so overnight is also even cheap. #
  • According to tracking info, a big box of batts has arrived at Duchess County Fairgrounds in Rhinebeck, NY. Hope they have fun. #
  • @sameknit my boss says get your ass to work one way or another. I say go chill. #
  • @DocSteph at Rhinebeck? Batts will be at Carolina Homespun. 😉 #
  • @cockeye waht aer yuo syaing abuyot my speling? #
  • @threesheeps hey whatcha doin' this weekend? #
  • I am SO IMPRESSED with @threesheeps for her heroic leap to the rescue teaching 700 miles from home on less than 24 hrs notice!!! #
  • @roxannezyg woot! Thank you! I'd love to hear what you think! #
  • @depravedDyer why does Homeland Security hate freedom? #
  • @depravedDyer if we can't figure this out, nobody can. #
  • RT @depravedDyer #rhinebeck vendors with top and carded fiber, @threesheeps needs fiber for class tomorrow AM at 9AM. Classroom D3. #
  • @roxannezyg we went through and tried the folks we know, but they're not there till later. Hoping maybe someone local. #
  • @depravedDyer seriously. I am not feeling like this makes my homeland more secure. #