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Teaching Schedule 2009

Upcoming classes / events:

at The Spinning Loft, Howell MI; Friday evening 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. and 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. both Saturday and Sunday. Class space limited! Learn backstrap and pickup techniques in the traditional Andean way, using traditional patterns and methods, you’ll start with weaving, then move your way up to warping and tying heddles. This class will run from Friday evening July 17 through Sunday July 19.

at Tina Newton’s

, Portland, Oregon, August 6-9, with Denny (yes, THAT Denny) McMillan. Ideal for the brand-new spinner or the wheel spinner looking to get comfortable with spinners, Denny and I will serve as the spinning gateway drug pushers and open up the whole world of spinning for you.

in Frankfort, Kentucky, September 26, 2009, 10AM to 5PM; 800-441-9665 to register.

at Sun River Resort in Bend, Oregon, October 25-November 1. I’ll be teaching a 3-day workshop on drum carded blends, and a half-day retreat session on the same topic, 4 times.

There are a few more dates not set in stone yet, and I’ll update this page when those are firm.

8 thoughts on “Teaching Schedule 2009

  1. Jealous! Wish I could take them all!

  2. Rhinebeck?!

  3. Why, oh, why did the Woolery have to move away? *sobs*

  4. Hi Abby! Thanks so much for sharing your talent on youtube. You make it look so easy. I just made my first yarn the other day – park and draft method. The unintentional novelty yarn. LOL My 12 y/o daughter is in her first year of sheep in 4H so we were just at a Sheep and Wool festival. Saw all the beautiful yarn, the lovely roving, felting, spindles… Sucked right in. LOL (My husband’s response is like I need another project. LOL) I got felting needles and dyed roving. Knowing I could make my own spindle, I wanted to give that a whirl (or whorl LOL). My not-so-handy husband insisted on making it though. Yes, it works just fine. I got some natural roving from our 4H sheep leader, so now I’m spindling on a top whorl spindle – the wooden toy wheel and dowel kind complete with hook and notch. I only know basic knitting and a tad crochet. I see lots of scarves and bags in my future. LOL Anyway, that’s my little story about my new hobby. Thanks again for making a tutorial for us newbies on youtube!

  5. i have a question. sorry i didn’t see your e-mail to ask it there directly.

    um… plying with a drop spindle. have you ever navajo plied??
    i have two bunches of singles that i want as a 3ply and i hear that navajo plying is the best way. but it is just way too much to wrap around my hand and hold for navajo plying.

    i didn’t know if you had any suggestions, maybe?

  6. Hey Abby!

    I’m teaching in KY the same weekend you’re there! If you’re not busy (ha!), there’s a seat for you on Sunday in Elizabethtown! come on!

  7. Please tell me you’re coming further south soon? I’d love to take one of your classes!

  8. Abby, I am very, very sad and sorry, I would not be able to make it to your Andean backstrap weaving at Beth’s. I have my ear surgery sceduled for July 15 and I would have to sit at home and nurse my headache and bruised face. I hope, you will come to Beth with this workshop again some time.

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