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School’s Out!

First things first: congratulations to the manchild for successfully completing 4th grade.

Here he can be seen on the penultimate day of elementary school (because next year is middle school, and marching band, and stuff of that ilk), modeling his new poncho (his grandma was in Peru last month and we all got new ponchos, and I’ll post about those another time). And dudes, check out that rain behind him! In this photo, it’s actually calmed down quite a bit, but we literally got about an inch of rain in 10 minutes when it started. Look at the back yard!

Sheesh. It was a stunning storm, though, just beautiful.

Next things next: I didn’t tell you guys, but I’ve been having a blog milestone contest. I decided whoever left the 2000th comment was going to get a Something. Well, that comment was left last night… by Hope! So, Hope, I think I have your address somewhere, and I’m going to pick you out a Something. Thanks for being here all this time.

More next things more: pictures of some stuff. Yarn is involved.

Ages and ages ago, Amy swapped me some fiber. I have NO clue what I sent to her at this point, only that I got the better end of the deal:

Well, this one got spun right away:

Now, Denny wants to know if I want this yarn. I think she’d like it. I’ve told her that IF she learns to get pictures off her digital camera and on to Teh Intarwebz, then we’ll talk. She should totally be able to do that; it’s definitely not harder than seaming a sweater, and I know for a fact Rachel H. offered to help her. Perhaps the lure of hoarded yarn from my personal stash will suffice.

EDITED TO ADD: Ah yes — and these were mohair/silk batts that Amy made. “Rocky Mountain High” is the multicoloured braid of merino/silk.

But speaking of personal stash, that’s where I put this, hoarding it.

And that’s the “Rocky Mountain High” merino/silk I hoarded. Which is now this:

1006 yards of that, to be precise. Mmmmmmmmm. Oh yeah. The only down side is now the fiber is gone. But, since Amy and I are definitely in cahoots in the fiber enabling game, well, it’s not like I can’t beg her for more fiber. In fact, not only can I, but I have. And then yesterday I got a shipping notice. I wonder what she sent? I can’t wait to find out.

See? No matter how hard-core a girl may get about her fiber obsessions, she never gets over the whole “Ooooh a package!” excitement. No, you could be hauling 10 kilos of silk out of a shipping box, thinking about what’s coming soon.

I do have some other photos though.

These are some samples. From left: Soy silk, Seacell, and cotton/silk, all from Louet North America, with the first two being from the Southwest Trading Company lineup. I have a few more samples on my to-spin list from these fibers, and eventual commentary as well. And I have to get my samples done this week, because I’ll be taking them to TNNA next weekend. I’ll be hanging with my friends the Louet folks, and spending more time talking about these fibers and others, and wheels and whatnot, so if you’ll be there, stop by and say hello!

This is one of the “and others.” The sad thing is, there’s no way I can make a photo explain what I like so much about this fiber. Basically, it’s just — hahaha, “just” — a really nice Merino, about 20 micron I believe, in a really luscious commercial top, that’s certified organic, which means that folks who’ve avoided Merino out of concerns about industrial farming practices now have a commercial Merino top available (this, too, is a Louet fiber, so you should be able to get it from dealers, as well as right from them). As for me, even though I am not a person who has avoided Merino, well, I have to say this is the nicest general purpose Merino top I’ve had. Before you ask, I’ll come right out and say that this isn’t as incredible as Peace of Yarn’s 15 micron Merino top, but this also isn’t over $100 a pound! It’s just “normal Merino prices,” and it’s going to be my top pick for general-purpose Merino from here on out.

Anyway, the skein above is this wispy, floaty laceweight skein that has to be fondled to be fully appreciated. There’s a sweater skein and a springy sock skein too, and I’m going to take those to TNNA, along with others…

Allright, so you all know it’s a really rare thing for me to really LIKE a synthetic fiber, right? Well, okay: I really like this one. It’s the “Black Diamond” carbonized bamboo. It’s…. velvety lustrous. And really interesting. And I like the colour, though it reminds me of Peruvian public school uniforms when I was a kid. This carbonized bamboo is not slippery shiny like the non-carbonized variant. It’s a neat fiber. I will be stashing some of this and keeping it on hand — again, something I don’t often say about a synthetic.

Allright, and one more thing: speaking of my personal stash yet again (we do seem to keep coming back to that), I have dug deep into it for a good cause. I’ll post about it separately, but in brief, I’ve sent Amy a box of handspun yarns from my personal stash, to auction to help Symeon, aka Pippikneesocks, who has a hard row to hoe right now. Check out the incredibly fabulous things Amy is auctioning to help Symeon out! There’s some truly incredible stuff there, and soon there’ll also be some of my personal stash — I love Symeon and really hope we can help her out a little. Amy’s current auctions are here, go check ’em out.

18 thoughts on “School’s Out!

  1. Hey, did you see the Indiana Jones movie? Much of it is set in Peru, although there are plenty of “movie mistakes” throughout –

  2. So that’s what the black diamond looks like spun up! I haven’t had a chance to spin mine yet.

  3. Hi! Longtime lurker here. I have some of that Black Diamond stuff, may I ask how you spun it? It’s giving me fits… Doesn’t seem to like any of my spindles, even the 0.9oz one.

    BTW, your plying articles were wonderful, and my yarn has definitely improved as a result. Thank you!

  4. Hi, I am sorry, maybe I missed something, but I can’t find the description of that amazingly beautiful chartreuse (or maybe green?) bats and the yarn.

    Best Regards,

  5. I can also help with the digital camera thing…if denny will let me touch the yarn. I promise to give it back…really…ok, maybe not so much.

  6. I’m laughing at June’s comment. We saw Indiana Jones last weekend and as SOON as they mentioned Quechua, I leaned to SB and said, “Hey! I know about this from Abby!”

    Everything looks luscious! You’ve been really busy!

  7. I thought our school was the only odd school that thought 5th graders were old enough to be middle schoolers. Why must they try to grow them up so fast?

  8. This organic merino sounds great! Is Louet also the source for this fiber? I’d really love to be able to find some and give it a try.

  9. thanks Kim, I’ll take you up on that. I have so may pictures in my camera, and I just found the wee cord thingie.
    Yay to boy being out of school , I love hanging with my kids in the summer time. They will go to camp/work this year though. Gone are the days of the splash park. sigh. Guess I’ll have to borrow my boss’s kids.

    My mom did the same thing…If you learn to make pastry from scratch I’ll buy you that quiche pan.

    I’m an excellent pie baker now.

    Look out computer, I’m going to kick your butt.

  10. I don’t usually like green, but that green is mouth-watering (maybe because I was just wishing I had a lime to put in my beer, and lo and behold, there was your yarn on my screen!)

    BTW, when did you have a storm?? I live, what, 7 or 8 miles north of you, and we haven’t had a drop in days. Go figure.

    Speaking of living close by, we’ve got to get together and play some day. Maybe at the ice cream shop? Or is the bookstore and tea room still there on the corner of Main & Mulberry?

  11. I’m sitting here in Michigan looking at all this fiber and what I should be doing is getting ready for the 2nd day of the CPE Agility Nationals! The early start plus time change is hard to deal with. Though Danny is just as rip raring to go as ever.

    I guess someone has to be cheery in the morning and its sure not me!

    Anyway I’m jealous of you going to TNNA. Have fun without me!

  12. I’ll be at TNNA too. Will stop by and say hey.

  13. LOVE the boy’s poncho. Please do not forget to blog these later – I want to see details.

    The laceweight is scrumptious, of course, but it always is.

    Lastly, I am so jealous of Hope. I couldn’t help looking back, and I see I posted right after her – #2001, which means nothing to anyone except Arthur C. Clarke, and he passed away in March, so he doesn’t care either. If I lived close enough, I would have to come over for a consolation beer prize.

  14. I dont think you got the better deal I have this awesome blend from you. I’m actually working on it now. I couldn’t decide what it wanted to be and it wants to be 3 ply for mittens. I’ll show pics soon so you can remember.

    I was working on a Louet order yesterday and eyeing that bamboo. I think I’ll be getting some in for the shop. ahem and me.

  15. Long time lurker here as well – your yarns are gorgeous.

    How long does it take for you to spin a 1000 yard 2-ply skein of loveliness???

  16. So the organic merino will be on my next order…as well as the cotton/silk.
    I just got the blck merino and ooooh, ahhh. And the black silk is just fantastic. I have to spin!

  17. That green is stunning, and needs to come to my house. Now.

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