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The weekend’s email woes have wrapped up. Feel free to breathe a sigh of relief with me; at stake was rather a large amount of data making up almost 11 years of my life, and it is thankfully all resolved happily now. It all started out with “The power supply needs swapping out,” but then turned out to be far more extensive and require multiple excursions to the computer stuff store (which, since we no longer live in Silicon Valley, is noticeably more than 6 blocks away). So things took a while, and my better half truly saved the day. Me, I crammed a power supply in the dead box and found out it still didn’t work. He, on the other hand, shed the blood the computer gods always require in order to allow the happy resolution of problems like this turned out to be.

I, of course, spent the weekend kicking myself for not-current backups plus not having checked the integrity of the backups I did have in who knows how long. I thought about (and tried not to think about, then realized it would be wise to accept the possible reality of) losing things like photos of our son the day he was born, all the contact information I store in my inbox along with to-do lists, drafts of things in my home directory, and saved writings from before my last big data loss in 1997. I resolved to back up certain essential types of things to burnt CDs which I will then copy a dozen times and store in a complex distributed system involving safe deposit boxes, my mother, and do I know anybody in Europe that I could ask to store a pile of discs for me?

I spun a lot of sample and test yarn. I did some swatching. Some worked and some didn’t. I was crabby. I took deep breaths and walked away. I did the dishes and took out the trash. And I enjoyed that “Mole Poblano” blend.

But, as you can see, I had to step things up from just the beer.

When I took that picture, half-sprawled out on the deck with the camera, thinking “Why am I doing this instead of just drinking the margarita?” and pondering what an absurdity it sometimes is to be a blogger — I mean, seriously, “Let me just take this margarita and this yarn out on the deck where the light is good” — I was already thinking how, if things went poorly, I would probably be really glad I’d opted to get the good tequila, setting up the photo I’d have to take of limes, salt, and shotglasses with… what? A ball of yarn? A swatch? I was thinking how totally unseemly it would be for someone’s mom to be doing tequila shots of grief over a piece of computer hardware, but how I’d likely go there anyway if it came to it, and just have to pray I didn’t end up with one of those stories that wraps up with someone saying “It’s just that your pants are on inside out,” while you wake up on the lawn of a retirement community wearing only one shoe, a shoe which actually belongs to someone else and which you’ve never seen before.

Thankfully, things didn’t progress past “sprawled on the deck taking a picture of my drink with yarn wrapped around the bottom of the glass.” I’m sure that would have looked strange enough to most people, but you all understand, right? Right?


It’s really nice yarn, though. And the margarita wasn’t bad either.

Some mail may have bounced; other mail may still be deferred and working its way through an arcane series of queues to arrive at my inbox. If you haven’t heard back from me by this evening, please go ahead and resend your email!

13 thoughts on “Yay!

  1. Unseemly is such a great word.

    But I don’t think you would be the only person – mother or not – to ever do tequila shots over lost computer data. Not by a long shot.

  2. “wake up on the lawn of a retirement community wearing only one shoe, a shoe which actually belongs to someone else and which you’ve never seen before”

    Wait – you were there?!?

    Nowadays, I just console myself with really strong coffee. Sigh.

  3. Oh Abby, I’m so happy the server got fixed. Oh man, backups are really important and you know that better than about anyone!

    No margaritas for me, I’ll toast with Amaretto Di Saronno to the recovery of the server!

  4. Hey, I’m in Europe and I’ve got room for some more discs 😉
    I know I should do backups, too and I do, kind of, except I forget what I already backed up so I don’t think I ever get a real complete backup because I keep doing backups of what I think is most important (the pictures…) over and over again while all the other stuff (emails, documents other than pictures..) gets pushed back. Oh well, I’ll buy an external hard drive soon and then I’ll just backup to that.. yeah, right.

  5. So, by all this do you mean that you guys serve your own websites and email from your own boxes in your home?

    That margarita is making me THIRSTY. FOR DRUNKEN SUMMER TIMES.

  6. That retirement home scenario seems a little too real to be entirely made up!

    Two hours and counting until happy hour…

  7. I always thought the retirement home lawn thing meant it was the end of a fantastically good party.
    And really, tequila goes with so many things, it couldn’t possibly be unseemly.

  8. Oh yes, we totally understand. I’m sure my neighbors have more than once commented on the strange lady who’s always photographing knitting objects on the shrubs or in the flower beds, spinning or knitting on the patio, or hanging strange things outside to dry. I think yesterday was the trifecta — I was spinning (with a beer) on the patio while my recently dyed roving was drying in the breeze, and I stopped to take a picture of the whole thing…I’m pretty sure they think I’m killing the neighborhood property values!

  9. Hehe. I use the side of my grill to take pictures of wips and fo’s. You are not alone… 🙂

  10. Be careful about relying soley on disks for backup– I read once that they only last a few years. Try a hard drive or some other online system. Not that I should talk. Every year or so I burn all my photos to a few CDs, but some of my stuff is also stored on Flickr and on Winkflash or Snapfish or something.

    I’m glad your computer woes are over for the time being!

  11. Hi, Abby: Much empathy for the computer problems. I have Nomad Press stuff backed up in all sorts of locations, but I lost my entire contacts database in January regardless (recently reclaimed probably 80% of it). It’s been computer nightmares around here for about four months. And I *do* have redundant backup systems! Glad you’re up and running again.

  12. I totally understand! And I have also been known to do dishes when things get mad (not so often at other times).

    If I had a deck, I’d be out there with a margarita in sympathy, and the stem of the glass would definitely be wrapped in yarn 🙂

  13. Hi Abby!

    Yes, I think you’re right.

    But, it gets worse.

    Morgaine’s cash box was stolen this evening at the New Hampshire Sheep & Wool Festival … with all her cash, credit card receipts, checks and other info from the entire day in it. It’s just mind boggling. She, Shelia and I were closing up her booth, and we figure the only time it was left unattended was when we went to the very next booth over to buy tee shirts. Next thing we know, Morgaine was asking me if I’d put her box away. Gone. Just gone.

    Ugh. It surely sucks.

    Morgaine is taking it fairly in stride, though obviously upsetting. She’s more concerned about all the personal information of her customers that was in the box.


    PS Shelia says HI!

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