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Good News, Bad News

Well, the good news is, round 2 of Batt Club is nearing completion and is absolutely stunning, if I say so myself. In fact, the truth is, it’s one my most favourite blends, I’ve been remembering how much I love this blend, and loving every single batt that’s coming off Cardzilla as I go.

The bad news is I’ve got to let it all go. And it’s so pretty, too.

The next good news is I’ve made both a Flickr! group and a Yahoo! group for Batt Club members to discuss their projects and share photos.

The Yahoo! group is here:

And the Flickr group is here: Flickr Batt Club Group.

The bad news, alas, is that I won’t be shipping Batt Club today, because somebody forgot that she had to go to the periodontist yesterday, and take the kitten to the vet today.

No, I won’t name names. I’ve berated her harshly, though, and she promises she’ll be shipping Monday. She’s very apologetic.