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Tweets for October 23, 2009

  • Holy cow people, 309 preorders! I love you all. Congrats to Ann Belau for being #300! Prize drawing Sat, 11/7/2009 for the rest. #
  • @yarnharlot I have been known to take beer in payment but this will be payback for lever knitting. You have been warned. #
  • Congrats also to Rebecca Smith for getting in the very last order and winning a prize for that too. 😉 #
  • OMG so tired today, and still so much packing to do. Like clothes. I have to take clothes. Also have to take my me. #
  • @EGMTK Totally. Coffeeing up. I'll sleep on the planes tomorrow. It'll be like a vacation. #
  • @dennyknits she can't. i need her there. what about THAT guilt? #
  • @stashaholic you would prefer they just say "incent?" #
  • @yarnharlot OMG you have ALL MY SYMPATHY. Buying pants is about the worst thing ever. I usually cry. #
  • @depravedDyer Yeah, and I'm in frantic mode to be sure. I'm gonna forget something I don't want to forget, I'm sure. #
  • Wow, I have apparently LOST 800 small plastic bags. How? #
  • holy crap @spunkyeclectic, glad Jay's ok and big hugs all around. See you tomorrow. #