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Tweets for October 13, 2009

  • Folks interested in the Drafting DVD: You can order it here: #
  • @sameknit: Order from IW; I don't have time to do the fulfilment before SOAR! #
  • @insubordiknit omg CONGRATS! #
  • My copy of my DVD is here! Thank you to Interweave's Linda Ligon, and to @LouetNADave for sponsorship! #
  • I'm ready for my nap, but since I'm neither very very young nor very very olde, I don't get a nap. Rats. #
  • @cockeye @thegeorg: my boss told me I was too old for a nap. Or too young. Or both. I hate her so much. #
  • @cockeye she's at least as bad as @depravedDyer's boss. #
  • @depravedDyer let's agree to never, ever let our bosses meet each other. They suck. #
  • @depravedDyer oh, @yarnharlot's boss is just vile. My boss has talked to her, and that just meant trouble. #
  • Whoops, that last tweet didn't happen. It's gone now. We're not testing new web site features, why do you ask? #
  • @travelknitty I didn't say it. My boss did. #
  • @depravedDyer maybe we should all go work for @cockeye 's boss? #
  • Aw crap the work day is over; it's time to collect a manchild from lego club. On the bright side, beer o'clock when I get home! #