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Tweets for October 10, 2009

  • RT @threesheeps Spinning Loft – 10% off EVERYTHING in the store and special prizes! #
  • @depravedDyer I just want you to know I heart hearing you say "See a man about a mill." #
  • I'm about to take over abby's twitter Cornillia-Marie STYLE!!!!!! #
  • Haha, that's what happens when you're a family of computer dorks and have VNC enabled on your box. #
  • My better half would like to know if @spunkyeclectic a) watches Deadliest Catch and b) likes it Cornelia Marie style. #
  • @spunkyeclectic that's how you can tell he's actually met you and stuff. You should hear what he asks @threesheeps. #
  • OMG we just hit the 200th preorder for Respect The Spindle. Just so you all know, I'm entering all 200 in a drawing for 10 prizes. #
  • If we hit 250 signed preorders before 10/21 when I'm stopping preorders for 11/9 arrivale at warehouse, there'll be more prizes #
  • @threesheeps tell Stephanie I'm totally gonna quote her on that. #