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Tweets for October 9, 2009

  • @fiberqat: there's a run of the pygora blend ones planned for Morgaine to have at SOAR also. 😉 And she may have some left from Rhinebeck #
  • I find crap like this perturbing:…35962.html #
  • Just looked at the little mini-pond in front of the porch. We got 2.5-3 inches of rain overnight. #
  • @sameknit i think it depends; for instance in a fiber biz if it's festival time, longer. #
  • ohhhh CRAP, is Monday a postal holiday? #
  • well then this package has to go tomorrow. for sure. Augh. #
  • Oh yeah sooo……995950866/ and…otostream/ #
  • It's still a few weeks before the books are in and ready to ship. I expect to ship my pre-orders right after SOAR (1st week in Nov or so) #
  • @wednesday I'll take preorders up till the 20th; on the 20th I'm gonna start confirming addresses, ship in early Nov. #
  • @dennyknits I think it's YOU forcing all your friends to write books, you know. #