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Tweets for October 7, 2009

  • This is really just a test of some terrific work @jmdodd has been doing for me. #
  • This, too, is really just a test. I think it's working. #
  • @threesheeps i heard justin was dating miley cyrus. #
  • Hey, someone remind me if Mercury is retrograde, and if so, until when. #
  • @littlemousling you know what's funny is I was just putting an NPR show on my ipod to listen to in the car. #
  • Huzzah for the new motor arriving. Work work work. WORK WORK #
  • Here's what Cardzilla's new heart looks like: #
  • @jmdodd and I'm so grateful that you're figuring this stuff out so I don't have to wrassle it. Much love. #
  • batt count for today is only 54. Gotta really crank them out tomorrow to get caught up for the 60 or so I didn't do yesterday. #
  • @helloyarn: Don't get a Viking; we wish we'd gotten another Thermador instead. We loved our Thermador. LOVED LOVED LOVED. #
  • @helloyarn the Viking has needed service 3x in 3 years. #
  • in my next life no child I have will be a picky eater #
  • I made him spaghetti carbonara with fresh parmesan because we knew he wouldn't eat the dinner dad and I wanted #
  • he's eaten this lots before. but tonight apparently it has a strange texture or smell. WHICH IT DOES NOT. #
  • he can eat the rest of it or go live in someone else's barn. Sick of his crap. #