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Omigod, it’s August. How did that happen? Once again, summer drawing towards a close finds me further and further behind on things I thought I’d do. Like, this year, blogging hardly at all, ev en with the whole early-rising thing going on. At least there have been some remarkable early mornings.

So, here, have some coffee and yarn that kinda matches.

It only matches in that photo, though. In real life, it’s way more orange.

A while ago I stuck a couple of cotton seeds from Johnny Freakin’ Cottonseed into some pots of dirt. They both sprouted. Early on, one vanished in the night, presumably felled by cicadas or a bird or something, but the other…

What, you don’t see it? I swear there’s a cotton plant in there that isn’t dead. I don’t know how it’s going to turn out or why or when or what I’m going to do about any of that, but the plant is not dead yet. That must be good.

And lunches have been good, from Chad’s small garden.

So many BLTs, tomato and cheese sandwiches, fancy bread with some goat cheese and a slice of tomato… between the tomatoes and the sweet corn, let’s just say I love the summer eats.

I made Amy a blend to congratulate her for finishing her book manuscript.

Fine merino, cashmere, bombyx silk, and tussah silk, kinda tweedy.

That’s it. That’s what I have; a little bit of eye candy here and there.