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How To Make Yarn With A Pencil

Have you been waiting to start learning to spin until you decide what kind of tool or equipment you want? Wait no longer! Now you can make yarn using just a pencil!

Or, you know, any kind of stick, really. Plus, it’s not really “now you can,” because people have been making yarn for at least 34,000 years, so it isn’t really news. I just thought that line sounded cute.

4 thoughts on “How To Make Yarn With A Pencil

  1. Abby you are awesome. That is all.

  2. You had an old YouTube video that I watched a long time ago, before I really got going spinning. You were outside, showing how to put twist in by pulling out the fiber and twisting by using your fingers…that was a breakthrough moment in spinning for me! I suddenly got it. Up to that point spinning seemed very mysterious. It was wonderful but I couldn’t envision the process. I have send a million people (only a slight exaggeration) to see that video since then and it helped every one of them. Thanks for being there when I (and that million other people) needed you! You continue to make and also post to YouTube helpful and illuminating videos….thanks a million, well, maybe it’s more than a million by now. 😀

  3. This means I can use that Russian spindle for *something.* Thank you!

  4. Great video! You are a spinnin’ star, Abby!

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