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Video: Washing Your Yarn

Today’s video is a simple, quick one about my default method of washing yarn. There’s always more than one way to do it, but here’s a good basic way that will work for pretty much any yarn out there.

7 thoughts on “Video: Washing Your Yarn

  1. Thanks for the video on washing the yarn. I was wondering if you re-use the hot water bath if you’ve got multiple hanks to wash–maybe for as long as it stays suitably hot? What about if you have dye leakage, time to change the hot water?

    1. You’re welcome! Thanks for letting me know you enjoyed it.

      If there’s been dye bleed, then I don’t reuse the water, even if it’s still very hot. But the truth is, the water doesn’t generally stay hot hot hot enough after one skein or batch of skeins (I sometimes will do multiple skeins at once, like if they’re from the same batch).

  2. Oh Abby, you crack me up! I wash the same way and people are always *gasping* that I use hot and cold water (sometimes even ice water for singles). And wringing! What are your thoughts on adding a drop of essential oil to the rinse or wash? Not for any particular reason other than the nice smell. Great videos, keep ’em coming.

    1. A drop of essential oil? No problem! I have done that from time to time with lavender essential oil just ’cause I like how it smells. 😉

  3. So, do you wash (gasp, I’m sure) synthetics as well? (Remember, I’m new to all this.) Also, do you have a “follow” button anywhere? I can’t find one.
    Love your blog; thanks for sharing both your talent and your incredibly touching story. I really don’t have words. I wish there were a “make everything okay” widget, but life is not always like blogging.
    I haven’t gotten too far but saw references to living in Peru; are you still there? My husband and I visited with Compassion International five years ago and fell in love with the people. I know an 8-day visit is nothing compared to being a resident, but the pictures made me happy.

  4. Thanks for yet another very helpful video! After seeing it, I am wondering about some yarn I already washed according to different directions. It emphasized using only warm water, so that’s what I did. I followed the rest of the directions, let it dry, and crocheted with it. Should I re-wash it in hot water, or will that create a problem? Does this mean I should never ever wash it in hot water?
    I just bought your book, by the way. I’ve gone through it once, and am revisiting areas I need to work on. I’m a very new spinner, only a couple of months spinning. I love it! In fact, that’s a bit of a problem: I spun so much yesterday that some of my fingers are a little numb today. Do you have any suggestions on how to avoid that, other than to not spin so much?
    Thank you for all that you do to share your very extensive knowledge with all of us!

  5. Oh, gads, I am so sorry; I thought I was only editing; I didn’t realize it was posting another time! Mea culpa!

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