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Should I Buy This Used Spinning Wheel? (video)

Thinking about buying a used spinning wheel? Doing so can be a great way to save money, but alas, it isn’t always easy to find a used wheel in good condition. If the seller is a spinner, then your odds are pretty good, but sadly, people who don’t spin can’t necessarily even tell if something actually is a spinning wheel or not. So, if you’re looking for your first wheel, my usual recommendation is to not buy a used wheel from someone who isn’t a spinner.

Okay… but what if you really, really want to? That’s where today’s video comes into play. I’ll show you my family’s old great wheel, an antique flax wheel with some issues that aren’t dealbreakers, and a modern wheel in good condition.

5 thoughts on “Should I Buy This Used Spinning Wheel? (video)

  1. Thank you for this, it’s always good to learn more about wheels, even if I intend to have only 1 – my cat “helper” thinks chewing on things on the wheel is fun so my wheel has to be put away when not in use.

  2. I realized that I didn’t ask – I have a Victoria too (love it!). The manual says you do not need to oil it but you said in the video that you oil yours — where are you oiling it and how frequently do you oil it?
    Thank you for the hint to check the screws, I need to make sure I keep wrenches with me!

    1. Thanks Rachel! The only place I oil routinely is the flyer shaft where bobbins ride, and I lubricate that on all my wheels.

  3. A fascinating video, thank you, and very useful. I’m not an experienced spinner, but friends have asked me to check out wheels they’ve found in charity or antique shops. So far they’ve turned out to be purely decorative items, not genuine wheels at all. There must have been a phase, in the UK at least, for having folksy-looking wheels to decorate your cottage’s inglenook hearth. I live in hope of finding the real thing one day.

    1. There was indeed such a phase in the USA as well, Debby! And sadly, many people who have such items and sell them used nowadays really can’t seem to imagine people might want a spinning wheel for reasons other than decoration.

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