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Half Hitch For Low Whorl Spindles (Video)

Years ago, I did a static-image blog post about how to use a half-hitch on a low whorl spindle. Thing is, I did it really quick, after finishing up a dye day, and I was never happy with it for a million reasons, not least among them that my fingertips were stained from dye.

What’s more, over the years, I’ve refined the way I demonstrate the technique — putting on half-hitches quickly using the spindle holding hand, which is advantageous for several reasons. First, it doesn’t matter how much yarn you have between your fiber hand and the spindle — you can maintain tension and put on half-hitches without risk of tangling, especially once combined with being able to wind your yarn up in a butterfly as you spin. Second, it doesn’t take much practice to get very fast with this, partly because you don’t need to look at what you’re doing. Third, well, you don’t need to watch what you’re doing, so that makes it pretty foolproof.

So, with all of those things in mind, I chose to make a video about half-hitches the start of a series of new short technique videos I’ll be posting much more frequently. Without further preamble, then, here it is! I’d love to hear thoughts about videos you’d like to see, by the way — feel free to share them.

5 thoughts on “Half Hitch For Low Whorl Spindles (Video)

  1. I’ve felt awkward when creating a half hitch so I appreciate a clear demonstration. Thank you for showing the half hitch from both hands. I happen to hold my spindle in my left and fiber in my right (the first way you demonstrated) but I know people who reverse what I do.

    I’d love to see a supported spindle video as well. Kaylee is beautiful

  2. Great video – glad you are back.

    It would have helped me to have more time to read the text on the screen – had to go back on the first one where text covered the whole screen.

    Great info as always.

    Love you lovely assistant.

    1. Thanks Charlene! I dithered on that very question, and ultimately decided that since one can hit pause, I wouldn’t go longer than 10 seconds. I want to use captions to punch up things that are being said, too, so they have to sort of sync up there… it’s hard to decide the best approach, so feedback helps a great deal.

      Kaylee says thank you — insistently! She hates feeling left out of anything I’m doing.

  3. I was in the all-day class at the Gathering in Nov, and came away totally jazzed about the drop spindle! Multiple thanks for getting me all excited, and sharing the skills I was lacking to help me feel that I can, indeed, do this! I hope you do put up more videos, a review is always helpful. sincerely had a blast in the class! susan

  4. Definitely would love to see demonstrations on supported spindling added to the library!

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