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Eternal Backlog Is Eternal.

So one of these days, I swear I’m going to come up with a way to viably, meaningfully blog from my phone. Why? Because then I’d be able to pull it off when I have a big span of heavy travel and not being home.

I have really mixed feelings about moving to a lifestyle where I can do most of what I do online using a smartphone. On the one hand, it’s a little like using a spindle instead of a wheel, in that I can pull the phone out of my pocket and perform a few quick tasks in a moment of standing in line or waiting for a plane. But on the other hand, actually writing content? Ugh. Not on a tiny touchscreen keyboard. And ultimately, I have a self-image problem about it: am I really, truly going to be one of those people who lives her life from a smartphone? How does that fit with… you know, everything I think of myself as being?

But the truth is I have so few times now where I sit down at the computer and have a chunk of time to write, organize photos, and do real posts. So I need to find a way to shoehorn that in better, into those small chunks of time. Because otherwise, I end up with a half-dozen started posts that aren’t finished, sitting there mocking me. Like the one about spiders from September; you guys would totally get a kick out of that. Or the one about my trip to New Mexico, which was awesome. I even did well taking pictures that time. And then there’s the one about going to my mom’s house, and then Rhinebeck, and then back to my mom’s house and loading up a slew of textile equipment into a rented cargo van and driving it home. And as these get to have been sitting there unfinished longer and longer, I feel more and more like a dolt when I contemplate trying to finish it, because “Oh yeah, sure, everyone wants to hear about stuff that happened more than a month ago. That’s ancient history now. Geeze.”

And so it piles up: a writing backlog not unlike Mount Laundry. Except it isn’t that I don’t want to write the things; I do. I just can’t seem to come up with a good ten-minutes-here, ten-minutes-there workflow for some of it. So I think maybe doing it from the phone would be the secret, because surely, there’s a technological solution for my workflow and lifestyle problem, right? Right? Hrmmmm.

The truth is it’s time to sit down and rebalance my work schedule. The one that worked 5 years ago doesn’t work now, not even with the patches and modifications I’ve stuck on there over the past several years. I have to totally re-engineer it. I have to rewrite my job description, and then retrain myself. And this is what sucks about being self-employed. That’s a job for a boss to do, clinically and realistically. And I’m the damn boss. But also the employee. Damn.

On the bright side… there may be an eternal backlog, but at least I’m not in a rut or stuck without job growth.

9 thoughts on “Eternal Backlog Is Eternal.

  1. Well, if you ever find a moment or two, I’d still like to hear about your various recent adventures. I appreciate that time is a commodity in very short supply in your life and understand that that blogging has to take a backseat to more essential activities. Knowing that, I still check in a couple of times a week (on my way to Yarn Harlot) to see if you have posted. Just be sure to find time for a little spinning.

  2. Love the comparison between wheel/spindle and computer/smartphone. I think that kind of sums it up – they both have pros and cons and both have their place and you have to find a way to balance things to use the method that works best for you in different settings!

  3. I can’t do anything productive on a smartphone either. However, an iPad is a good middle ground between a smartphone and a computer. It is more portable, the screen is large, and if you can find wifi, it is cheaper than using the phone anyway.

  4. May I suggest not getting too long or complicated with your writing. I try and check your blog and I am disappointed when there is nothing new, but a really lonnnng message is daunting. I like to hear what you are upto even if it is only a paragragh. However you are right, good writing takes time.

  5. IPad

  6. Maybe we should declare “old blog posts” week once a month. I’d do one of my half-finished ones, you’d do one of your half-finished ones. . . . I’m sure other folks have a backlog, too.

  7. Hi Abby:
    Its been a long time since I checked in. Good to hear from you. Perhaps doing a mix of short blogs, to keep in touch; medium length blogs, to share bigger news; and some longer posts to share the knowledge we so much appreciate receiving from you, could be something to consider when searching out your new system. I’m a big believer in staying in touch and that’s one reason I’ve checked in today.
    Kendra L

  8. Not to fear, there are few out there more smart-phone-stupid than your truly. I have a basic phone. It rings and I answer it. The pizza guy is on my speed dial and not my mom. Is that a bad thing? Not when it’s Friday night and I’m hungry.
    I, too, would love to hear of your adventures, no matter how “out of date” they are.

  9. I’m in the same reorganizational situation you’re in, and I’m fighting it tooth and nail. I will be really interested in what you come up with. Somedays, I just wish I had a keeper/admin assitant…

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