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This just in.

Well folks, Abby’s Yarns has moved to a new home on the net (you’re looking at it). Chances are it doesn’t look much different to you yet, but the behind-the-scenes work has been extensive and there’s more still to come.

Let’s hear it for the fearless Jennifer Dodd for all her hard work making this happen! Onward… and upward!

7 thoughts on “This just in.

  1. And ideally, comments even work.

  2. Just testing that comments from someone else work too. 🙂

  3. Yep, comments work fine. 😉

  4. It looks fabulous! Well done, Abby and Jennifer! Love the comment form too, very innovative and functional.

  5. Welcome to your new web-home, Abby! Looks super.

  6. favorite???

    well these two are ones that I refer to often and always give to beginners – and then there were the classes you taught at NHA several years ago…….
    and those amazing archives and articles – hope they’ll be making their way here.
    thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!!!

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