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So much to do and say…

…like, how this has been going on:


and this…

Surprise Canadians

and there’s so much to blog about, but right now? Right now, there’s an emergency going on, and I have to dash to go help my mother, who’s just been hospitalized.

Everyone should be okay… but I’m on my way out, and this means everything is delayed, including finishing up shipping out signed books.

I’m so sorry, and thank you all for your patience and support.

32 thoughts on “So much to do and say…

  1. No worries. Hang tough and we’ll all be here when you’re able to return. Prayers for everyone commencing!

  2. Eee! I’m so proud of you and that book, I have it on my Amazon wishlist. Something clicked for me during your SOAR 2008 class, and while I’m not officially in love with the spindle, I find spindling much more enjoyable now.

    I hope that your mother is ok, and of course people will understand. Family comes first.

  3. Hope the emergency goes away and your Mom gets home quickly. And I don’t see any turkey gravy OR butter on those books. Thank goodness.

  4. I’m so sorry to hear about your mum, but glad that the book is out! I got a notice saying mine is on its way, so I’m checking the mail every five seconds or so.
    Take it easy — or as we Canadians say, keep your stick on the ice.

  5. We don’t hear as much about your mom as we do about your father, but I’m pretty sure if we knew her better, we’d be as huge fans of hers as we are of Abby and Ed!
    So get-well-soon wishes from her fans to the mysterious Mme. Franquemont!

  6. Abby, take your time, make sure your Mom is better. Books will always be there, people, not always as long as we like.
    Hugs and prayers she is doing better.

  7. Family comes first. I, of course, was too late to get a signed copy, so already have mine from Interweave! Oy! I’m loving it!

  8. sorry to hear about your mom–best wishes for a speedy recovery for her.

    (and be sure to take care of yourself as well…)

  9. So sorry to hear about your mom – hope she is soon well and home again.

  10. I hope all goes well. Take care of yourself and your family!

  11. so sorry for the emergency…sending wishes for everything to work out well.

    Meanwhile, I’ve been enjoying the book and the video tremendously in between holiday preparation activities. Thanks so much for your work on these things.

  12. Love and hugs to all

  13. Best wishes to your mom and family. I’m looking forward to getting your book.

  14. Take care, Abby! I only have one of the books next to my chair – and I’m loving it! Spindle a little – read a little … Repeat til sleepy.

  15. You have to go when you are needed. Hope it all works out well for your mom…
    (just picked up your book over the weekend…looking forward to digging in when I get some time!)

  16. Very nifty, can’t wait to receive mine! Hope you mom is okay.

  17. Best wishes for your mother. I read the excerpt from your book in Spin-Off. Even though I’m going to get my first wheel as a combined December birthday and Christmas present from allll the family (Oh yeah, I don’t have to make a wish list for anyone), I’m first a spindler and am looking forward to your book. Congratulations.

  18. You do what you need to do, Mme Abby. If there’s one thing that 5 years of playing an MMO has taught me, it’s that we, the internets, will be here waiting patiently for you whenever you can make it back. ::grin::

    Best wishes for your momma. My good thoughts bend toward the two of you today.

  19. hugs and prayers for you Mom. Where is the store pictured in your post? Spinning wheels and roving and spinning books! I want to go to there!

  20. (Already have your book and love it!) Thoughts and prayers for you and family.

  21. I hope your Mother is doing well! Mine was in ICU on Thanksgiving Day last year, but all turned out fine. Hoping you have the same outcome!

    I received my book last week, and had a great time making my first attempt at real live yarn. Thanks for sharing all your expertise, it’s a great book and I’m learning so much!

  22. Sorry to hear about your Mom being hospitalized. I’ll be sending positive thoughts for a quick recovery her way.

  23. I hope all is going well for you and your mom. You have my heartfelt good wishes.

    Your book is a delight to read. My gentleman friend (not a spinner) said you didn’t look very happy in the pictures but I told him it was concentration, not unhappiness, you were expressing, and showed him the Amos wheel pic to show that yes you do smile with joy.

  24. Good thoughts and prayers winging your way. Book is excellent. Do wish I had your gift of clarity. Stay well.

  25. sending healthy thoughts. whenever mom is sick i turn into a blubbering 5 yo. also trying to send a way to warp time … i haven’t figured it out but maybe sending it will help? {hugs & beer}

  26. Hope everything is OK with your Mom. Take care.

  27. Best wishes to your mom – may the emergency pass quickly and quietly.

  28. Abbey,
    You and your Mom are in my thoughts and prayers. I am sending you hugs! Take it easy and do what you need to do. {{{ Hugs}}}

  29. Life has been super hectic and I haven’t been keeping up with blogs, just wanted to send hugs and best wishes your way.

  30. bought the book this week – it is spectacular! thank you!

  31. eep! Just saw your tweets and your latest images on Flikr…Hope you’re okay!
    Sending good thoughts towards you for a speedy recovery.

  32. Hi Abby! Went to order your book, and saw your last post. Gurl, take your time; you can’t give what you lack. My prayers to and from the ancestors for your mom, youself and your family.

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