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I Survived SOAR 2009…

…and all I got was this funny-lookin’ spinning wheel that isn’t even back home with me yet.

I survived SOAR 2009

I’m way too tired to give the whole story just yet, but now you know: I’m home. More shortly.

(seriously, you know you’re jealous about the wheel. it’s all that.)

29 thoughts on “I Survived SOAR 2009…

  1. I am WEEPING with jealousy, my friend. WEEPING!

  2. Ah, man! I’m green to the gills–SOAR & a new wheel! I can’t wait to hear the stories….I promise I’ll be less green in a day or two! Hope you’re feeling better!

  3. I am smudging my screen trying to reach out and touch that wheel. nom nom nom.

  4. I’m so jealous. Especially since I have a box with 2 pounds of roving in it sitting next to me and my first wheel (a gift from my DH) will be unavailable for use until my birthday on the 18th! I can hardly stand it.

  5. I’m just filling out the paperwork to get an AA Wheel, I’m waiting with bated breath to know how he changed this wheel for you.

  6. Let’s see, how does this go?

    It’s absolutely hideous, you can’t have that thing in your home. But my home isn’t very nice anyway, so I could take it off your hands and save you the trouble ….

  7. Wow! You lucky duck! Green with envy I tell you……. Feel better soon!

  8. SERIOUS wheel envy. SERIOUS.

  9. That’s lovely. Well worth the wait, as I’m sure you know. Spin happy when she comes home.

  10. :heh: Looks a little like my AA Canadian. It’s a LOVELY wheel, and you’ll love it! I’m still making friends with mine. I think yours is a bit fancier, though…..:lol:

    Congrats on her!

  11. {GRIN} and optimized for the right grist/yardage. . . .

    I saw the pieces. Nice to see the assemblage!

  12. Congrats on your AA Wheel!
    rest up…feel better soon!

  13. If I didn’t like you so much I wouldn’t like you very much right now!

    Jealous x 1,000,000,000

  14. Abby, you are going to love your wheel forever. I’ve had my AA Saxony for 7 years now, and it’s still my favoritest fiber tool ever. Congrats!

  15. Nice wheel m’dear! Sure was fun meeting you at SOAR. Fun class. Now we need to get you to Alaska.

  16. Kitties! You have kitties in your header!!!

    I’m waiting (im)patiently for your book to arrive….

  17. Oh Abby it is lovely! Your wheel is well worth the wait. I can’t justify me getting a new one that is for sure! But I’m finding myself eyeing a charkha or three 🙂

  18. Rest, relax, catch your breath now because you will be all about the wheel and putting it through it’s paces when it arrives. Hope you feel better soon.

  19. At least I know I have one thing in common with you now — the SOAR flu. Nice wheel. Wish I could have somehow managed to sneak off the Lendrum Saxony though.

    It was great to meet you and look forward to taking a class with you.

  20. It’s gorgeous! What we really want to know is how she spins!!!
    I’m going to make it to SOAR one of these times, and take a class with you!

  21. Jealous? Au contraire. I was petting it yesterday. (Now who’s jealous?)

  22. Oh shut UP about the wheel. Yes, there are those of us who are jealous – and you know it, so stop rubbing it in already!

  23. I’m totally jealous! Beautiful wheel!! Looking forward to reading about your new treasure!

  24. Seriously, you know we are!!!! It’s gorgeous and so are you –

  25. Yeah, jealous, but you know Alden had to be tickled to be making Ed’s daughter a wheel, so it’s all good. 🙂

  26. What a beautiful wheel Abby. You deserve it:)

  27. I just finally saw your wheel pic. It is lovely. It looks like mine only different handed. Oooh, enjoy it.

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