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It’s been a whirlwind…

I have officially lost all track of time. In the past 5 minutes, or else perhaps it’s 5 years, the manchild finished school for the year, started summer day camp at the local YMCA, I got my copy of Amy King’s new book Spin Control, I went to Colorado to work on an exciting new project I haven’t gotten clearance to blog about yet, I saw the first laid-out pages for my book, I went to TNNA, my 40th Anniversary cherry Matchless arrived at my dealer’s, and officially started trying to make exercise part of my routine even though there’s no way I can fit it in.

Okay, it’s been 9 days, and I feel like today is the longest I’ve sat still (I think I feel that way because it’s true). I feel completely dizzy. And exhausted. And years behind on my email. And vaguely as if I’m forgetting at least 8 other things that have happened. But there are two pieces of big news. The first is that tonight, for the first time since I don’t remember when, I have time to spin something totally just for me. Something that isn’t committed to a project, necessarily. Something whimsical. Something I don’t have to spin, with no deadline. And I have absolutely no idea what to spin. None. I am totally at a loss. I can’t remember what to do with myself.

The second is that my book is officially available for preorder! I can hardly believe it, but, as my long-suffering editor said to me the other day, “This ruse that we’re publishing a book is getting expensive.” She was kidding. I hope. Seriously though, it’s real! It’s a real book. I saw real pages for it. With real pictures, and real words, and everything. It has an ISBN. It’s, you know, real. It’s really expected in November. And I’ve had a few folks ask me already where they can get signed copies. The first answer that came to mind was “Come where I’ll be signing them,” but when I said that in Amy King’s earshot this past weekend, she pointed out that with the wonders of modern technology, it’s actually possible for people to pre-order them, which she’d set up for her loyal Spunquistadores to do. “You should do the same,” she suggested. So I’m copycatting her, and there’s a link on the right nav bar where you can do just that if you’re so inclined. When the first copies hit the warehouse, I’ll get your pre-orders in, sign them, and send them out to you forthwith. Make sure you let me know who you’d like it signed to, or if there’s anything specific you’d like me to say.

But please do still come see me where I’m signing books… and I’ll let you know where that will be before too long. But in the meantime, I’m off to do my comfort spinning, and I’d love to hear what you consider comfort spinning!

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  1. Yea! Been waiting for your book to come out. I’ll be looking in your side bar for the link.

  2. You are a brave woman to do the preorders!

  3. Comfort spinning = BFL or corriedale, on the Lendrum, without caring one way or another how even it is. Also, superfine singles from nicely-prepped batts, where I don’t have to pay attention to my hands at all.

    I desperately want to pre-order a book but I need to hold off until after we close. Sigh. Only a month left, though! 😀

  4. I clicked the pre-order button and then realized I don’t know where I’m going to be living in November. Oy.

  5. Woo-hoo!!! I went to Amazon (not to buy it there, but just to see that it could be done), and I typed “respect” in the search field. Guess what was the first title to come up. Either a whole lot of people have searched for it recently, or Amazon knows me really well.

    Enjoy the spinning! My wheel went to the clinic to have a scary clackety wobble seen to.

  6. My, I sure know that feeling of “I can spin anything I want–now what was it????”

    My spinning time is spoken for into the indefinite future. Fortunately, I’m enjoying what I’m doing.

    Congratulations on reaching the watershed on the book, and on having an unspeakable project on the horizon.

  7. I am so excited for an actual, technical spindle book – your book – yay!!! What a fabulous accomplishment….please share with us what you ended up spinning for comfort! Is it something mindless or focused in a playful sort of way?

  8. Comfort spinning? California Red! No doubt about it.

  9. Comfort spinning for me is an alpaca silk blend, on a lightish drop spindle, spun really fine. Ahhhh…..

  10. Congratulations on adding regular exercise to your life, Abby!

    The book really is getting close, isn’t it? How exciting!

    Comfort spinning can mean different things to me. Sometimes it is a nice, long, relaxing session with a large pile of nicely prepared, easy to spin fiber where I just let the tactile sensations take me away, soothing the way only spinning can. Other times, my comfort comes from spinning that takes all my concentration, and draws me deeply into the experience and away from everything else.

  11. That is great to hear about your book. Hope you have time now to take some time for yourself.

  12. Abby, I’ve just preordered the B O O K, please DO recharge my paypal for international shipping, or you’ll be in trouble later…

  13. !Felicidades! How exciting, and exhausting. 🙂 I hope the book does incredibly well, you (and spindles) deserve the accolades!

  14. Comfort spinning! I’m starting to relearn about that too this summer. If it was me, I’d grab some special Abby batts I’m hoarding, but that probably doesn’t have the same thrill for you… Silk? or Cashmere? Or silk/cashmere blend?

    Are you coming to London for a book signing???? (pleasepleasepleaseplease)

  15. Dude, I did what Anne (above me) did regarding checking Amazon. Your book came up third (!) in my search under “Respect.” What a beautiful, beautiful picture on the cover. Whoever thought up *that* layout deserves some chocolate. Callebaut chocolate.

    Sorry I’ve been invisible for so long. You’re going to SS09, right? Please say that you are!

  16. wooo hoo! I’ve spent my fiber allowance for this month, but next month I am HERE to preorder.

    I hope that despite the new project that you get a chance to spin for yourself *frequently* from now on… it’s good for ya. Like exercise.

  17. Mmmmmm…silk. I have an ounce of your lovely silk top that I’m saving for a rainy day.

  18. Isn’t most spinning comfort spinning? If I had to vote, I’d say Cormo or Polwarth. See, I can’t choose.

    Enjoy your day! It’s beer o’clock somewhere! ;o)

  19. For me, any spinning is both comfort spinning and frustration spinning since I’m only a yearling. But so far I like spinning BFL the best, I think. I have some from Briar Rose that I just loooove.

    Good luck with the plantings, from someone who has a few herbs and two precious cherry tomato plants in tubs on her roof. And what a pretty garage you have, with a weathervane and all!

    WE have all known for quite a while that The Book is real, even though we don’t yet have it in our hands. Congrats! You gotta believe.

  20. Well, shucks. I already preordered from Amazon, but if you ever do an appearance in NYC…

    As a retired lady, I consider *all* my spinning comfort spinning. The most meditative kind of spinning, for me, is Russian spindling, lying on my chair futon that thinks it’s a Recamier couch, in odalisque mode, twisting the spindle the same way I used to twist my hair (I have a thin spot in a certain place on my head), watching the thread form, humming Bulgarian songs.

  21. For me, comfort spinning is any nicely drumcarded, clean, soft wool (as in coming from a sheep), spun as fine as the fibre wants. But then, even spinning third-rate moth-eaten angora is better than doing the income tax declaration…

    I too went to Amazon, and the first thing that struck me was that it looks as if they reversed some spindles on the cover (showing top-whorls whorl down and bottom-whorls whorl up) which I find a pity. Well, actually, that was the second thing that struck me as I’ve never liked the title – I hate it when something that is obvious to me (who WOULDN’T respect a spindle?) is presented as something title-worthy. “Abby Franquemont’s (Big – but then it’d need a few more pages) Book on Spindle Spinning” would have sounded much better to me 😉 Thirdly, did you see the summary? I’ve always thought they are written by the publisher, but look what I’ve found: “…this essential manual details the basic steps of spinning and then advances to the more complicated spinning wheel…” Now THIS is embarrassing (I suppose you do NOT write about wheel spinning?)!

    By they way, when you wrote about the difficulty of getting “just the right photo” I wondered whether this book wouldn’t be excellent for making a video – I, for one, would love to see it (I’m on dial-up which excludes YouToube). And as Interweave is making a video of Spin Control, maybe they could make one of your book as well?

  22. I’ve already pre-ordered direct from Interweave 🙁 Any chance I could send you my confirmation # & you could add it to your list? Please?


  23. My comfort spinning is the merino/silk/nylon laps that I bought, dyed, then drumcarded. I have a teal/purple blend on the wheel now and am going to dye up about 8 oz if in various reds and blend them together.

    Strangely enough I love to buy batts carded by other people, but I prefer to spin my own. I wonder why that is?

  24. You don’t know me at all (I’ve only been spinning for about two weeks) but you taught me how to spin!! I’m off to do a pre-order and I wish you much continued success!!

  25. congratulations on your book abby!
    comfort spinning is: spinning from the lock, some lovely long wooled animal with a bit of luster. and i often like to spin it over the fold…ahh, i am one with the animal.

  26. Oh Abby I’m so happy for you!! Judging by the responses here and on Ravelry you had better start planning the sequel. I was thinking, in keeping with famous Aretha Frankilin songs may “Think” Before You Spin, or maybe a book on novelty yarns “Chain of Fools” with lots of chain spun Abby yarns flowing down….I guess I’m getting a little ahead of myself. And don’t you dare forget about those DVD’s I need!

  27. A well-prepped wool and a well-greased wheel and I’m in heaven.

    I was at knit night the other night spinning up some alpaca silk like nothing and began to snore (I was awake). The gals thought I was spinning in my sleep! If only….

  28. CONGRATS! on the book. Am looking forward to enjoying the fruits of your labors.

    Spin something that pleases the eye, as well as the fingers. For me, a bright and playful dye job on a CorrieX or a Shetland, then card it with a little silk and some Angelina for a sparkle; and then just relax with some favorite tunes and a refreshing beverage. Enjoy!

  29. Comfort spinning = hand combed top

  30. Congratulations on the book, preordering away. You are the one that helped me figure out many spinning questions in your blog.

  31. Hope to read your book soon. Good luck~

  32. Congrats on the book. I cannot wait, I definitely will be preordering it. And WOW, I’ve never had a signed book from an author before.
    Comfort spinning. Probably BFL. It is my mindless spinning.

  33. Oh, Abby…how was Colorado? I miss it, grew up on a farm there. So tell me, how was Colorado, even if it was Boulder or Denver that you were in?

    Comfort spinning for me is some well-prepped pretty Cotswold with sparkles and a little silk in there just for a change in texture. I love te feel of it between my fingers.

  34. Hi, I have a question re the sock summit kits. Which vendor will be selling them?

  35. Hi Ilona (and anybody else wondering about the class kits)! They’ll be at Carolina Homespun, booth 423. If you’re coming Thursday morning, they’re available direct from me and Denny in class (please bring $15 cash to keep things simple).

    More info is here:

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