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I live! I even live well.

It has been brought to my attention that for all intents and purposes, it would seem I was slain by my cold.

This is not the case. I live! But man oh man, has it been a week. I left for SOAR knowing I’d come back with about a month worth of work to get done in 2 weeks, and I only added things to the to-do list while I was there. I ended up back home with 5 or 6 weeks of work that I still thought I might get done in 2-3 weeks; at this point, I’ve managed to do about 4 weeks of it, so that’s not bad, considering I was sick. Now I’m only a week or two behind. If I just keep moving, then by Thanksgiving I’ll be caught up, in time to get horribly behind again for the holiday season.

There was a pumpkin drop at the manchild’s school. Denny, pay attention, this is right up your alley.

Every class had a pumpkin, for which the students devised a means of protection from fall damage. You probably see where this is going, but I’ll proceed anyway.

These packaged pumpkins were taken aloft by the gym teacher in a cherry picker, and given the ol’ heave-ho.

Then, the question was whether or not the pumpkin survived its fall. And if I hadn’t been so heavily Theraflued that day, then chances are I’d have replaced the camera battery and I’d have a photo of the manchild’s pumpkin to show you. But I don’t. This is some other class’ boxed pumpkin, and I don’t know if it made it or not.

The pumpkin drop definitely had all the kids excited and amped up. It was the Friday before what turned out to be a long weekend. We realized it was a long weekend on Sunday when the manchild told us there was no school Monday. Lo and behold, the school calendar even said so.

A little spinning was done, seen here much larger than life, and I’m pleased to say I actually made my final writing deadlines for October. This feat was partly complicated by my decision, during the process, that the only way to do one of the articles right would be to spin a new set of samples, which could be sent off along with the article, and photographed as well, and… well, we shall see. But in the end, done in time. Whew; I might be able to learn to do this. And then it was Halloween.

He’s not a ninja. Do you know what he is? If so, then odds are you have a child around the same age as mine, with shared interests, and they could hang out.

See here, the manchild and his grandpa starting to inventory his haul. He raked in:

  • 16 lollipops
  • 17 Snickers Bars
  • 1 Payday
  • 17 Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
  • 3 packs of Skittles
  • 10 packs of M&Ms
  • 10 Crunch bars
  • 6 Kit-Kats
  • 4 Starburst
  • 3 Twizzlers
  • 1 Butterfinger
  • 4 Tootsie Rolls
  • 3 Milk Duds
  • 6 Smarties
  • 1 Nerds
  • 1 Lifesavers
  • 1 Bottlecaps
  • 2 Milky Way

And yes, he paid the appropriate taxes to the relevant authorities in charge thereof.

Earlier that day, in Mad Science, he built a rubber band racecar. He was the first one done with his, the teacher told me, and then he assembled others and helped other kids. He took this picture on the drive home, and he’s learning to work the Canon. He also snapped some interesting shots of his view…

(why yes, that is the Foggy, Foggy Dew shawl, still incomplete, on the dashboard)

…and learned that photography is a technical challenge indeed, as evidenced by this photo of whatever was going on in his video game at the time, which was worthy of recording.

His racecar picture, however, was added to a Flickr group after I uploaded it, by request. We’re very proud.

Some other spinning took place. This is purely decadent spinning, let me tell you. First, the spindle is a Bosworth Kauri wood spindle with a cherry shaft. It’s so warm and inviting, and then there’s the fiber. It’s some of Peace of Yarn’s hyperfine merino (so dubbed by Toni at The Fold, anyway), and I’d sampled some at SOAR, but failed to buy any. So I had to do the same thing I’d tell you to do in that situation: get ahold of Toni, and say “Hey, do you happen to have any of that one fiber… you do? Great, I need a pound ASAP. My instant gratification is at stake here.”

You guys didn’t think I was immune to that sort of thing just because I have a huge fiber inventory already, did you? Because I’m not.

I have some other incredible fabulousness I get to enjoy, too. Vis:

This is from Glenna (and she didn’t stop there, either).

Mohair. Absolutely stunning mohair, from Glenna’s goats. First there’s the yarn that she spun, which is sooo beautiful I’m still looking for the right thing to do with it. And I mean, who gives me handspun yarn? I love it. And then there’s the tiny bundles of handcombed top. I can’t begin to tell you how precious this stuff is. You can’t buy this, or anything like it. And there’s more, way more, too much for pictures all in one post.

You can’t buy packages like this, either. Look closely; notice the writing on the flaps.

This is from Ellen. Just look. Okay, look closer.

Seriously. In case you can’t read that because Flickr is being whiny and slow lately, here’s what it says:

Enclosed is some qiviut that needs to be dehaired. Some guanaco that does not need to be dehaired. Some chocolate from the South Bend Chocolate Company and some combed merino locks from Thomsen Merinos in Wisconsin. Enjoy!

I would have totally indulged myself in all those exact things. “Enjoy,” indeed. I can’t even show you the merino locks right now because they’re too, too nice and I’m hogging them. You can see them later.

I also had this box of fabulousness from Chendra, from before I went to SOAR, that I haven’t shown you yet.

It’s another box of treasure beyond compare, for which no price can be set.

Chendra combs exceptionally well. If zombies ever take over the earth and they get to Chendra, I’ll fight the rest of you off so I can keep her under lock and key combing me fiber. Why yes, we did watch Shaun of the Dead recently, why do you ask? Seriously though, Chendra’s standards for prep make mine look slapdash and haphazard. She says, of this box…

The grey is Buck, my first ever fleece purchase. GCH Colored fleece at Estes. A brand new spinner with a *12* lb fleece was a scary thing. Lincoln X Corrie.

The white is Rambouilette lamb fleece from Twin Peaks here in CO.

Chendra also is able to tell me that kind of thing because she keeps The Wool Book. Which is many books by now. I can’t do that; my notes on fiber tend to be, well, chunks of fiber. It works for me, but then to explain anything to anyone else… ah well.

You see what I mean? Boxes of treasure. Here’s another, this one in from Phreadde.

This, too, is a priceless treasure. It is, as first glance probably shows, a charkha. The charkha fanatics among us (Hi Glenna!) will no doubt recognize it as a Bosworth charkha. This, too, is correct. Let us now look closer.

It’s numbered B1, dated August 2001. And I desperately want to be putting it through its paces, but given that it just arrived in southern Ohio from a life in New Mexico, I am giving it a few weeks to acclimate.

By the way, a pumpkin was carved.

And the Norman Rockwell Rosie, there, watching? She helps me with my coffee every morning, and she’s a fixture in our lives lo, these many years. Notice too the ubiquitous lint roller.

Whew. Pumpkin.

And some yarn was spun,

like this 26-gram skein where one ply is 50/50 merino and angora, and the other is some of that pin drafted merino, and it’s just shy of 400 yards, and…

…it’s just so light and frothy, and it’s going to fuzz out so angora madly, when it is a Something. Maybe I’ll make another 400 yards of it; I have the stuff to do so.

And those are all drying, and I think they’re bound for gifts. Because I think I’m going to make gifts this year, right? As if. I know it’ll never happen. There’s just not enough time.

Somehow, groceries were bought, laundry was done, and batt club was done too, fraught with frustration though all such events may have been.

So that’s what I did with a week of not getting around to blogging, a week for which I was sick for half; I think Sheila B. was absolutely right the other day when she suggested that a solution to some of my present quandaries would be simple: clone myself.

If anybody is interested in indenture, let me know now. I can bribe with yarn, and stuff. I still have about 3 weeks of work to get done by November 10th, not even counting the backlog of stuff I wish I were doing.

However, Rachel H. is not eligible for this offer; she has stated that she’d prefer to be Gord Lendrum’s indentured servant, and the truth is, that’s a better use for her. Someone needs to build the gear, you know? And that’s another whole kettle of fish that we’ll talk about another time. Now, I’m out of time and must put my nose back to the grindstone!

Just one more thing.

See? Incredible wealth.

32 thoughts on “I live! I even live well.

  1. Abby Love Day is a success! You totally deserve it.

    I am completley jelous that you have Charkha #1. That is a real treasure.

  2. SSOOOOOO cool!!!! Book Charka #1…what a treasure! I figured you already had one!

    Your offered of becoming an indentured servant is tempting, but someone still has to train these heathan dogs of mine as well as I have a day job that pays for my obsessions. I do however, multi-task well. This weekend my plans include showing two dogs at an agility trial, assist at said same agility trial AND getting some knitting done when not working/showing/playing with/pottying dogs and talking to friends.

    BTW, I didn’t comb those locks I -bought- them from Sally already combed!!!!

    OH, and the question I still have…..Did your sons class’ pumpkin survive its fall??????

  3. Wow… That is good stuff, and you totally deserve it. (Also, groceries? Laundry? Those things you can hire unskilled labor for! Is Manchild old enough to operate the washer & dryer?) The key to successful housekeeping is *lower standards.* As the saying goes, “After the first year or two, the place doesn’t really get much dirtier.”

  4. Why do they have to inventory the candy? My boy was up for thirty minutes, spreading it all out on the floor! He’d rather count it than eat it, I think!

    Glad that you’re feeling better and still alive!

  5. I’ll be sure to call you the next time the zombies show up at my house.

    The (now ex – guess why?) Husband gave me a raking over the coals for buying that huge fleece. Not to mention the two Clyde Specials I bought that year. It’s hard to start small when you grew up in a yarn shop…

    That grey sliver is the result of the pictorial combing tutorial I did with my spiffy 4-pitch Lani combs this summer, so you got to see the prep in action 🙂

    The Forsyth minicombs did the Rambouilette. Let me know when you get your set 😉

    Glad you like your stuff.

    No worries, I will be sending the chili cherry dark soon.

    -the redhead-

  6. Dear ms. redhead Abby Hates chili cherry dark. Hates it. Send it here,up up up to Canada (any one
    know what the hell chili cherry dark is, I might be getting some soon)

    The boy is a bioncale (sp?)or so says my 10 year old(they could so hang)

    You. damned evil temptress with the nut.(and now I see your a charka slut as well)
    NUT OF MY DREAMS. mmm wasabi soy nut.Send some today.
    Will trade Nut Of My Dreams for blocking wires, and really good coffee, and will throw in a 14 year old manboy.
    The very one that lost his longboard last week.(350$$$)
    He found it one week later,but only after his dad (sir soft touch) got him a new one(another 350$$$)
    He is free to a good home and he also comes with 2 longboards.

    Happy Christmas love denny(nutless)

  7. Oh and………… Hi RachelH.

  8. Dear Denny –

    I’m happy to send some chili cherry dark chocolate from our local chocolatier. ’cause I know it would be absolutely wasted on Abby… What cool stuff do you have up in Canada that a little redhead needs to learn about?

    -the redhead-

    …who would never have a stash of chili cherry dark chocolate… Really!…

  9. Oh Denny send her some Vex…on second thought, send her some maple syrup and send ME the Vex!!!!! And send Abby some ice wine while you are at it 😉

    Vex is why I don’t remember certain parts of my last trip to Canada.

  10. Okay, I am just laughing out loud at your riches. Literally. I didn’t know such things really could exist in such close proximity of time and space.

  11. Indentured servitude??? Me, me, pick me!!!

    Well, as long as I can still pay the mortgage, I suppose. Gotta support my boys, after all (two of the three are four-legged and furry, though of different species, and the third cooks).

  12. Gee whiz, I’d love to see how much you accomplish when you’re not sick!!! I’d offer to be your indentured servant, but I need an indentured servant of my own. Anybody want to be indentured to a non-paying online labor of love magazine? And what is chili cherry dark chocolate? That sounds incredibly decadent and delicious!

    You have inspired me to go off and play with all my delicious things too – I have a bunch of the hyper fine merino lying around waiting for me, and some guanaco. But right now I’m spinning yak. Hmmm.. maybe it’s time to blog

  13. memememememememe. me. Indentured is my middle name. I will gladly sleep in the garage.

  14. Glad to see the little puppy made it ok. That is B1 for Beta One – the very firstest and most special little guy. So glad it has found a happy home. Perhaps it is the right tool for the Guanaco or even the Vicuna. And if you come up with any plans for that fiber, I would love to know. I am as far as ‘spin fine’, but have no clue other than that. I am spinning up some Guanaco of my own to test a pattern, if I can think of one. It is spindle spun and fine as hair, but I just can’t think of what that might be good for, at this point. It is cold and I want warm woolies so I am blinded by thick yarn lust and not thinking lace very well right now. Suggestions accepted for lots and lots of fine thin yarn projects. Funny, I am also working on some hyperfine too. Were we warped by that Margaret Stove class or is it just more fun?

  15. I’m available for indentured servitude. I live in Michigan, I can be there in no time. If you feed me, I’m your’s! I want so much to touch the merino/angora yarn. It’s beautiful.

  16. Well damn. Now that I know I’m disqualified from consideration, I want the job. I think the fact that the pic I keep going back to is the Bosworth box charka (Beta 1?? how freakin’ spoiled are you!) and wanting to spend my day trolling for cigar boxes in local junk shops so I can make a funky (although wholly unworthy) charka myself probably means that ya, I should stick to the building plans. That and the part where I have the colour sense of a blind hippopotamus…

    Hey, Hi Denny!

  17. And what is chili cherry dark chocolate? That sounds incredibly decadent and delicious!

    Oh, it most certainly is *grin* Do you need a bar too? First one is free 😉

    -the redhead-

  18. hoily crap, batman. that’s a lot. But seriously? The wasabi almonds. Must have some.
    Abby Love Day goes on the calendar. Is there a flag?

  19. Dam just as I thought.Chili cherry
    dark is a chocolate. Alas I can not eat the milk, or dark chocolate.
    I do eat white chocolate(shut up it is so “real” chocolate) can it be made with white chocolate?
    Just so you know , EVERY day is Denny Love Day. I do trades. Coffee, Vex,(what is that?), maple syrup. teenagers(male) Kinder eggs(can you guys still not get the Kinder eggs)
    Will trade for Yarn, nuts, and Bats.
    the abby kind. thank you and good bye.

    OH!!!!! did I win the chakhra by guessing the right costume?

  20. you weren’t kidding about living WELL. Which is good 🙂

  21. If we want to make Abby Love day an annual event, the official day is October 19.

    Denny, I have lots of mohair still if you want some. I just need to know where to send it to.

  22. Abby, before the blog where you were sick and then the missing week, I thought you were some inhumane thing that could write these massive missives with detailed (appropriate)analogies every day. I like to write but I find I can’t write that much, concisely, consistently, without terrible grammar errors, about any topic. And almost everyday? So I have to admit I was glad to see your humanity showing through, even though I missed seeing you on line. Glad you’re back in the camp of ‘the living’, not the ‘living dead’ to borrow your image.
    Glad you’re back. 🙂

  23. Abby send Glenna my address via the E-male.

    And send me nuts. please please please.
    You knew I would love them, didn’t you.

  24. Alas I can not eat the milk, or dark chocolate.

    Ouch!! I feel for you. Unfortunately the local place (ChocoLove) doesn’t do white.

    Hmmmm… what could replace the chili cherry dark chocolate that I now have to waste on Abby?


    -the redhead-

  25. I am agog.

    You have shown me nothing that I would not try to take from you in an alley. This says good things about your wealth, and poor things about my nature. Moving on.

  26. Beautiful eye candy! And those almonds sounds yummy. I’ve gotten hooked on their pecan crackers and a friend of mine told me to try their almond cheddar ones.

  27. Hey Stephanie! If Denny doesn’t send me any Vex would you? Oh yeah and send some to Abby too!

  28. I’m glad you’re feeling better! Tell us more about that mohair – is it from a metallic goat or something? it looks like spun silver! So beautiful….

  29. Oh. My. Fill in your own blank. I was already too jealous of all of you who went to SOAR. Gorgeous silver mohair… and vicuna? And THE B-1 charka??? I am waiting semi-patiently for my fibery goodness package to show up in my mailbox… I charged out there the past 3 days thinking surely today, but NO.

    The karma wheel is doing good things for you! The fiber is to die for… beautiful job of prep work, and you are a blessed girl to have so much goodness sent your way! WoW. But then, we all know that you are also generous!

    Wish I coulda been there to meet everyone. I go blog-hopping and look at the pictures…and sigh…

  30. Oh my god, manchild is huge. In my mind he’s still a little guy, but I’m clearly oh so wrong.

    I’m so glad to discover that you blog! I was wondering how you guys were doing. I heart internet.

  31. Hi Abby–a voice from the past SOAR here. I am so tired from just reading your blog—-one question–would you like an older female child? One to share your wealth with? hehe. I reaiiy enjoyed meeting you.
    I find I am computer incompatable and have not figured another way to contact you–hope this works.
    Hi to Denny also.

  32. Hi Abby–This is a computer incompatable person who wants to get in touch with you.
    I love your blog but it wore me out just reading it. Would you like to adopt an older female child to share your wealth? hehe
    Soooooo glad we met at SOAR.

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