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I thigk I’be got a code.

I thigk I’be got a code. By doze is all shtuffed up add by eyes are watery. I bite haffta retreat to duh reclider add take duh day off. Udderwize I’ll be steezig all ober your batt club batts. Ugh.

(Translation: I think I’ve got a cold. My nose is all stuffed up and my eyes are watery. I might have to retreat to the recliner and take the day off. Otherwise I’ll be sneezing all over your batt club batts. Ugh.) If that happens, those’ll hit mail Monday.

Just at the moment, I don’t even have a mindless project for such an eventuality. That means I’ll start one, which if I don’t finish while under the influence of Theraflu, will lose all appeal to me when I’m in the pink again. Maybe a hat. I remember, last year, thinking I needed a new hat in the winter, and I don’t think I made one. And I have to do the final cable ply on the cable yarn for Chad’s hat to replace the one I made him years ago, and the manchild probably has a bigger head now too. I should just go make hats all day.

Somehow, I have four real deadlines in the next two weeks, plus batt club to finish and get out the door; I really don’t feel like having a cold. Sometimes self-employment really stinks. When I grow up, I’m hiring an apprentice. Or something.

27 thoughts on “I thigk I’be got a code.

  1. Shame I’m so far away. I could be your bitch… I mean … apprentice!

  2. Man. Feel better soon. Hats sound like a good option for mindless knitting, and we all know that wool has healing properties.

  3. Dude, you’re not supposed to have code anymore, remember? That was the Point. Stop that! Hup!

  4. I’m is also signing up to be your apprentice, and I will even spin snotty fleece.(if you sneeze on it) Nice slubby yarn. As for your cold,make a dye bath of sliced fresh ginger and gobs of honey, swallow when not to hot and dye the inside of your tummy. Works well with wool hats , or so I’ve been told. feel better soon. oh I think I hear you couch calling you.

  5. I’m sorry… You held off valiantly. (You sure it isn’t allergies from all the plants that just woke up in the rain?)

    As for the snot, isn’t there some special and very expensive coffee that gets its flavor from passing through the digestive tract of some Asian civet? Maybe it just needs a special name for “Abby Snot Batts.”

  6. Hats are perfect non-thinking knitting and if you don’t finish it while you’re sick, you won’t have that much to go before you lose interest when you’re better. I’m not sure that made sense.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  7. ooh, if you were here in Los Angeles I’d know it’s the fire smoke causing it. I’m sneezy and congested too, but I know mine is smoke – blech!

    Hats are perfect. I’ve knit many a hat while under the influence of snot. mmmm… have some nice tea and put on a good movie or music. Feel better Abby!

  8. Oh my, some of those comments… hope ya feel better. Best to not catch cold or make it worse with the breeze set up by the flyer. Take it easy with beverage of choice or honey-lemon-tea.

  9. See, now I’m thinking about moving to the US…
    Get well soon, being sick is just no fun, even with knitting and movies and stuff.

  10. When does one ever feel like having a cold? Do look after yourself.

  11. Get better! And pick me!!

  12. Feel better Abby! And it’s raining, so you can even justify the hats after that heatwave and drought.

    BTW, my husband is mad at you… after your expose on Margaret Stove he has gotten thoroughly sick of me whining that I couldn’t go to SOAR.

    Sounds like a personal problem for him 😉

  13. Abby, feel better soon. I hope you don’t have what Dale had before she came to SOAR, as that was long and nasty. I highly recommend my father’s recipe (adjust proportions to suit): tea or hot water, honey, fresh lemon juice (have the man-child exert his muscles on a couple of lemons) and, most importantly, something mondo alcoholic, preferably some sort of whiskey-type thing. A good glug. It won’t cure you, but (depending on glug size) will ensure that you don’t care as much one way or the other…

  14. If you have the energy, run out and get some Emergen-C. It’s a dose of 1000 mg of vitamin C and some minerals that will kick your cold in the backside. It should shorten the symptoms of your cold by a couple of days and it’s also an energy drink, kind of. Now if I would just take my own advide, I could ditch the cold that I have.

    Oh, you can find this stuff at most chain drugstores, wally world, and most health food stores. It’s usually either in the vitamin or cold sections.

  15. It isn’t a cold. It is swill withdrawal.

    Feel better.

  16. Hope you’re feeling better, and have a large pile of hats.

  17. Get better soon! I would have to agree with your assessment of self-employment and the apprentice.

  18. yo I saw you on Steph’s blog……

    No trick or treating till after supper,AND no beer-o-clock till your cold is gone. I’m done with this get better soon crap.

  19. disregard last comment it was made by my evil twin “I’m” all hopped up on wee candy bars.

    Oh by the way….Merry Christmas!

  20. M’kay, Denny is developing a whole new personality over here. Which I have to say I really, REALLY enjoy. And am going to call and tease her about tomorrow. Because I adore her, and I can.

    And because I adore you too, I’m hoping you’re feeling better now. Because hey, it’s been a week, and to still be sick would totally suck. I do hope you’re not offended if I say I’d rather be Gord Lendrum’s apprentice than yours though. (If you knew how little sense I had for colour, you’d be totally on board with that. Honest)

  21. Hi rachelH. Did you have a good trick or treat night? We did. We’re having eggs and candy for breakfast.

    Now it’s time for Christmas, I saw stuff in the store. It’s time to start Xmas knitting now.

    Oh Hi Abby. Merry Christmas.

    Oh Rachel H. she is feeling better because she’s (abby) is swilling beer. Happy Holidays.

  22. Don’t you hate it when you think…
    Wow 81 comments!!

    Oh 79 are from Denny. And she’s not even saying anything good.

    And her speling and grammer really suck

  23. I think we need to get Denny her own blog, she’d be good at it.

  24. Glenna, she totally would be! She needs a blog. It would be awesome.

  25. Maybe we shoud set up a ravelry group, “Fans of Denny”.

    I never even noticed the sweaty pits until she wrote about them, I was admiring the very pretty lace top she had on.

  26. WOW my son just set me up on the puter.

    Did y’all know you can listen to music and comment!!!!

    who knew. (o.k. thats how far away I am from a blog)

    I did have one (blog)for awhile but I had a ghost writer.

    Ghost written blog. I have so done that already.

    I may be on the ravelry soon, I keep forgetting my E-Male pass word.
    (love love love harvest season)

    YO RachelH hows work.
    I’m still waiting for the dryer repair man.

  27. Denny is bored! Be afraid, be very afraid!

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