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Friday, Beer o’Clock!

Yes it’s Friday, and about 11 minutes from Beer o’Clock. And yes — yes, I made the beer run. Of course, odds of the keg being cold in time for Beer o’Clock are sadly slim. But my beer-drinking readers would be proud; I made the beer run in an absolutely epic downpour. Uphill both ways, of course. A girl’s gotta have some priorities in life.

Okay, so I did the post office run first. That’s not the point.

In other oh-so-scintillating news, I added another First Dibs sale page:

First Dibs Sales – MISC!

This is where you’ll find all the handpainted tops, the superwash/tencel, the merino/tussah tops, the wool tops, and other sundries. Right now there’s a bunch of superwash/tencel (you know you wanna see! And there’ll be more in a couple of days!) I’m even restraining myself, and keeping only the one domestic wool top this time:

which is spinning up very satisfyingly into a laceweight yarn. And you wouldn’t have wanted it anyway. Booooooring! Right?

Oh, and saying “yarn” reminds me that I’ll be adding a “First Dibs: YARN!” page soon as well. You can find them over on the right in the navigation area. You know, until I finish that site redesign. In my copious free time. Which summer gives me so much of.

Still, though, it’s Friday, and this is in my future:

Yeah, including the beads, because I think I’m going back to work on the Foggy, Foggy Dew shawl, and it’s had a week off, so it needs to get moving again. Unless I decide to finish the yarn… or the Pagoda shawl. Oh, fickle me, fickle me.

8 thoughts on “Friday, Beer o’Clock!

  1. Glad you made the beer run. I am not a big drinker surprisingly because i live in such a hot climate. But when the urge is there, nothing can take the place of an ice cold beer. Coolish is better than no beer. That was very quick with the first Dib’s see you are productive.

  2. I was looking at fiber today and my husband said … “Are you looking at fiber AGAIN? Is there a Fiber Anonymous that you can attend?” This after buying two hanks from you yesterday:) It was only a couple ounces!

  3. Beer and BEADS?! Day-um. You are talented. I’m havin’ a good day if I can handle beer and yarn.

  4. It’s all your doing…did a Guinness run last night. Ahhhh…medicine to the soul.
    The pink/dusty rose is glorious. I want…

  5. Luckily for me, I did my beer run on Thursday, so I only had to work on getting my arse home on Friday after work. Gotta love pre-planning.
    Ok, off to look at your wares for sale.

  6. I am glad you got your beer. I am gladder about the post office run. I can’t wait to see/feel those peach Merino/Tussah/Camel batts I ‘adopted’.

    Love this ‘First Dibs’ idea of yours.

  7. Hah, I hadn’t been to your blog recently so I was reading only this entry and I recognized the creamy head before I glanced at the beginning of the next post to find that you consider Boddington’s a staple.

    Mmm, nitro widget cans. Methinks I need to make that Trader Joes run after all…

  8. Okay, I resisted as long as I could….sigh…I need more time to spin!

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