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What I feel like doing today: sitting in a recliner knitting on that shawl, drinking lots of coffee.

What I will be doing today: packing boxes and making a post office run, and dyeing this pile.

Everyone should have such problems, eh what?

The several days of rain — for which I’m incredibly grateful, after the June drought — seem finally to have lowered the dew point below 75F, and dropped us out of the mid to high 90s. I’m hoping the absence of crushing heat, combined with high doses of caffeine, will conspire to cause incredible productivity today.

Oh, so what’s in that pile to be dyed? Well, I probably won’t make it through the remnants of that Merino bump (and yeah, there’s another one on the way). My superwash/tencel isn’t here yet, so that won’t be on the list. That brown blobby looking stuff is loose camel, which is destined for blends. There’ll also be some tussah silk (not pictured) for blends, plus a few special requests for silk colours. Oh, you know — have you ever seen a bump of tussah silk sliver?

Now you have. A typical 4-year-old could probably lay down next to it and be similar in length. The 4-year-old would be heavier, though; this is 6 kg (or 13.mumble pounds). It’s floppy; the silk bumps are in a put-up essentially like what you often get with pin-drafted roving. They can be a little hard to wrestle into a storage area neatly so you can pull fiber off them in a hassle-free way. I often wrestle them into submission in the hall as a result, then move them into the pre-dye closet which isn’t exactly the same as quarantine since I’ll dye stuff before quarantine is up, due to the fact that I dye with prolonged heat, which kills, you know, the eggs of the M word. But otherwise, it’s a 3-6 week quarantine on new incoming stuff, just in case. I really can’t talk about that more though, because They might be listening. You know, them. I don’t want them to find me.

So anyway, here’s the in-progress tussah, which I think is about half gone. I’m sort of okay for tussah right now, what with one full bump and about a half of another, right? 20 or so pounds oughta be enough to do a little work with, I think (not counting what’s already dyed).

Okay, enough of that! Here’s what I think you’ll really like, though:

Yeah. Know what that is? I guess it doesn’t look like anything all that awesome in this form. You know… yet. C’mon, somebody knows what that is! Anybody?

If we’re all lucky — seeing as how I have already blown my “personal stash” budget for the month, and shouldn’t really go into hock to Franquemont Fibers (yep, I have my own bar tab, and it comes out of my pay) — that last stuff will be up for sale this weekend. In all sorts of colours. You will all be saying “Ooooh,” even though right now, it looks like… nothing.

And that sort of gets to the real point of this post, which is: look what a difference colour can make. I mean, there’s some fabulous, incredible fiber here, but yet, this is about the blandest blog post ever. It needs… more zazz. I might as well have just written a list, and included no photos at all.

Oh, Kaylee says she loves the days when boxes come in. Here she is with an empty to play with, taunted by a pair of boxes which contain my new motorized Mr. Skeiny that I still haven’t had a chance to unpack.

I think that Shrek bucket was giving her a hard time, truth to tell.

And with that, I leave you, to go slave over hot dyebaths all day.

18 thoughts on “Discipline!

  1. Oh… the M word! The gypsy moths here in Pennsylvania hatched out a week and a half ago, and although I know they don’t eat wool, the sight of hundreds of moths flying everywhere is a bit… disturbing!

    Where do you hold your quarantine stuff separate from everything else?

  2. Stoppit stoppit stoppit! Evil woman.

    Some of us love the neutrals, too. We’re not all color whores!

    I’m guessing the mystery fiber is a leetle bitty bit of cashmere. Mmmmmmmmmmm.

  3. I’ll guess a merino/silk blend. I think I see a little silky shine coming through there.

    I AM a color whore! I’ll freely admit it! :o)

    BTW – I started spinning July’s batt club fiber. Luscious doesn’t even begin to describe it!

  4. Oh – is that the lovely cashmere/silk blend? I’m looking forward to what you do with that.

    I have a bit of the same blend undyed – not quite sure what it wants to be when it grows up.

    -the redhead-

  5. I think it is silk and cashmere, also

  6. Some strange part of my brain just wants to say yak/silk. Maybe because everyone else has already said cashmere/silk.

  7. Just seeing that first photo makes me want to go to your how and play for the day. And I’m amazed that you can work on all of that in ONE day?
    Glad to hear I’m not the only one to quarantine the goods, too.

  8. I don’t have a clue what it can be, but I want some!!!

  9. Guh. It’s gotta be the cashmere/silk you mentioned earlier.

    I think I just drooled contemplating such luxury.

    *goes back to spinning the Coopworth* 😛

  10. Oh, I can’t wait to see what it becomes. I”m in line.

  11. You’re just mean, Abby. That stuff is gorgeous and you have so much of it. Yes, I know you don’t get to keep it all, but you got to FEEEEL it all before it left your house. It’s just unfair. And I guess I am going to have to budget better and order some of the lovely stuff you create with it. Yep. My guess is probably wrong, but that last mystery fiber looks like tussah silk to me.

  12. My guess is cashmere (without the silk). The look to it is more consistent than the cashmere/silk blends I have seen. (plus I think you do the blending on Cardzilla)

    It is not fuzzy enough and there is too much of it to be Qiviut (which is my favorite super luxury fiber), and it looks too fine to me to be yak. It is the wrong color to be buffalo, guanaco or optim. I’m sticking with cashmere.

  13. Abby you are evil. That looks like silk and cashmere!

  14. That’s not a bland post. That’s an awe-inspiring amount of potential. At this point that fibre could end up as almost anything. Any combination of fibres, any colour or combination of colours. Spun worsted or woolen? What weight? Knitted where, into what? The possibilities make my head spin.

    My guess is silk/cashmere.

  15. Can’t wait to see what it becomes… could it possibly be carbonized bamboo? Just cuz everyone else thinks it is cashmere and silk (oh, the COST!) and I have some of that bamboo here, and it looks something like that… and I keep thinking it MUST be dyed!

    Haven’t started on the July fiber package yet, but could you put a note with the shipments, so we know what we have? 3 bumps of one thing, and 1 of another… color me clueless!

  16. So? So? So? Are you going to keep us all in suspense forever? Hmm?

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