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One More Rainy Day

I spent rainy yesterday tidying a bit. It was a day of impressive thunderstorms. Storm the third for the day was reported on the evening news as having dumped 1.65 inches of rain on this town specifically, in about 90 minutes. Not a good week to want to dry things outside, I suppose.

So, I picked up some trash.

Just random bits of drum carder offal, and an ounce or so of merino.

It’s mostly sort of lavender with flashes of colour.

See? I spin not thread sometimes. This’ll be for a felted project — the Trash Bag. Coming soon.

That only took about 90 minutes all told though, for blending and spinning. And it got Cardzilla clean! And I finally did hit that bead shop in town. This, in turn, meant I could work on that shawl — which after everyone’s help and suggestions and everything, I’m calling the Foggy Foggy Dew. Naming things after songs amuses me, but perhaps all the more when they’re arguably a little obscure or even ambiguous. Depending on how you define obscure, I suppose; within its familiar genres, the song’s not at all obscure, but they’re perhaps niche genres. In any case, I love ballads — any ballad — and old ones with histories and apocrypha, all the more.

I did end up staying up past my bedtime to reach a stopping point I liked, and take some pictures. Oops. It wasn’t an evening without incident, despite the manchild’s assistance in luring cats away from bead-sorting efforts; at one point, my mother called (it’s all her fault of course) and I left the project sitting on my chair while I walked off talking with her and my niece. When I returned, I had to kick Kaylee off it. And I found…

Oh, that is going to be annoying as that ball gets more used up.

I did reach this point, however:

Then the help turned back up.

Then the more help.

Paimei was incredibly helpful. He bit the head off a pin so it was impossible to remove from the carpet without tools.

Still, my sense of the size of this project is aided by this. It is, after all, not even big enough to be a cat blanket right now. 34 inches across the top edge (not blocked, really, though).

I had to finish the last row I finished, or I was going to be at risk of starting, and not remembering what I was doing, even though I know exactly what I’m doing.

It’s in the leaves. This time through there are 2 5-diamond diamonds bounded by leaves.

I guess they’ll sort of look like squares when the thing is done, though, since it’s knit diagonally.

But it should look more diamondlike when it’s being worn.

Odds of finishing this project this week: zero.

Oh, and in other news, I’m sick of looking at the same inventory right now, so it’s all 10% off, here:

starting in about an hour, all through Sunday.

6 thoughts on “One More Rainy Day

  1. It’s looking beautiful. I sympathize with the cat challenges. Mine are still young (just over a year, and just under a year) and full of mischief and love to chase dangling ends. I caught the younger one, Sable, chewing on the end of my spindle last week. Luckily it wasn’t anything that interferes with function and I can fix it with a bit of careful sanding later.

  2. I would gladly take some of that rain off your hands if I could. And that shawl is just beautiful! I really like your “help”!

  3. Wow, it’s stunning so far. And aren’t the furry helpers fun. We have a new kitten who is only prevented from helping by the presence of the old guy.

  4. The shawl is looking beautiful. I received my “Batt Club” fiber today. It is just beautiful!!!! Thanks.

  5. sales! i’m twitching!

  6. My knitting seems incomplete without a little canine ‘help’ and ‘fibers’.

    The shawl is beautiful.

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