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Friday Morning, huzzah!

Friday morning, and Thursday did result in almost all the batt club boxes making it out the door. The remaining 4 go today, whew!

Yesterday also brought me this:

Thank you, Amy! As it happens, I was just thinking, “man, I need a little bag to put some of these things on my end table into, it’s a disaster area.” But more important…

…she nailed me with these batts. Again! These are BFL, mohair, silk, and alpaca, with the mohair and alpaca being from farms in Maine. I love love love this colour, too.

While I was snapping pictures, I threw this in the White Reflective Box Thingy With Lights Pointing At It (that’s the technical term).

That’s the plied, skeined Hummingbird yarn from a few posts back, when it was shown on the bobbin.

I had big plans of spinning those Spunky batts right up, but by the time I got downstairs to the slothing chamber and seated in my La-Z-Boy with a fresh bobbin on the Suzie Pro, I realized it was just too hot and muggy for me to feel like spinning anything. So instead, I gave in to startitis!

…what? Okay, it’s this:

which is that merino/tencel skein from yesterday, and some US 2 Bryspun bendy needles, and a bit of random started lace.

By the end of the evening it was this:

and soon, it’ll move to circulars.

Oh, why is this so early, you might ask? I was awakened.

Good morning!

10 thoughts on “Friday Morning, huzzah!

  1. Beautiful fiber and yarn! And your alarm clock is such a cutie!

  2. What do you and Amy do, just mail batts to each other as some kind of peculiar enabler one-upsmanship? 😀

  3. Marcy, are you saying you wouldn’t? Actually Amy and I have known each other online for ages and ages, and this is only the second time we’ve swapped fibers. But we’ve both realized lately that sometimes, you just don’t feel like eating your own cooking — and you aren’t looking for fast food, either.

  4. Boy, you have some of the greatest friends!!!! What a cute picture. I can’t believe how old he looks and he looks like hims momma.

  5. I love you. I love you loveyouloveyou! I just got my box in the mail, and I wouldn’t have known you didn’t pack it if you hadn’t told me, so I think he earned his video game 😉


  6. What a face! Hugs to the youngster for that pose.

  7. dontcha just love it when the younguns do that? my youngest(12, almost13)does it on a regular basis. oy

  8. Abby, I love the yarn! And the new lace! It’s so pretty. I think that tencel is great to spin, like silk, gives things such a wonderful shine. And your knitting is just fab! Oh, the sons a cutie too! Tell him I said so…. happy spinning and knitting

  9. What a face! too cute! Why is it that kids won’t let you sleep late on the weekends, but you’ve got to drag them out of bed during the week? I’m just waiting for the teenage years and payback time!

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