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Contest Results! And eye candy.

As of this writing, there have been 82 responses guessing the yardage on this bobbin:

And the finished skein is dry.

I’m sure you have all been waiting with bated breath for this, too. It was rough on me waiting to skein it and finish it, let me tell you! I skeined it yesterday, so I know what it measured before finishing… but now, now it’s time to re-skein it neatly and see how it came out.

Secretly, I have been hoping it would be enough for a lacy cardigan for me. Because look:

it’s really my favourite shade of green.

It would even go with my car.

(okay, okay, so that photo of my car’s paint is almost 7 years old. So’s the car. It’s still mostly that colour.)

Holy crap, look at me 7 years ago, with my first ever (and likely only ever) brand-spankin’ new car off the showroom floor. Huh.

Oh, why yes, I am stalling. Here’s more stalling. Look how that Autumn came out:

I don’t think the photos are really doing this one justice. It’s very drapy, with an understated sheen — it was superwash/tencel, and there are 385 yards there (Hi Wednesday, that’s 352 meters) in a skein weighing 136 grams (also known as 4.8 ounces).

This was an 80 gram (2.8 ounce) Falkland that I hoped might sorta go with the Pagoda, but it really didn’t. 265 yards (242 m). Just that yardage would have bought me the remainder of the Pagoda… but no, it’s not right. I think I’m going to be stuck with yellow, when I get to dyeing it.

Oh, very well. I’ll stop stalling. Right after this, which is drying now:

Here’s the glittery single:

It’s a leftovers bit from some other sock batts. I’m calling it “Hummingbird.” There are 2 ounces here, composed of, as I say, some leftover bits from other sock batts — superwash, silk, and multiple colours of firestar. It came to 330 yards (301 m). This yarn, I have to say, is one of my favourites that I’ve spun in some time. It’s sooooo pretty.

Well, okay, I’ll stop stalling. It looks like that green CVM / tussah silk blend yarn, which is decidedly laceweight if on the thick side thereof by my standards, weighs in at 146 grams, or 5.15 ounces. And it is…

1,026 yards. Which is to say (Hi Wednesday!) 938 meters. Or metres; but lest we get started on that spelling debate, I’d like to point out that my own personal style uses -ize, -er, and -our. You know, so I would, for instance, scandalize the neighbours at the theater, rather than scandalise the neighbors at the theatre. I do not know why these are my personal spelling conventions, but they have been for a long time.

Anyway, yes, 1,026 yards! From 146 grams / 5.15 ounces, meaning the yarn, roughly a 60/40 blend of CVM and tussah silk, came out to be a roughly 3200-ypp yarn. And at around a thousand yards, not an easy row to hoe if I want to make a lace cardigan for a chick my size. Fooey! Fooey I say! Fooey!

Mind you, I didn’t really need another lace cardigan to sit on my WIP stack.

You guys were great with your guesses. And I’m amazed. We have a first place winner, with 1025 — off by only one yard. That’s Karen of Cook’n’Knit, who needs to bring that young rocker lad over to party on with my son, dude! Karen, you get first choice of the three prizes.

In second place, with a guess of 1037, off by 11 yards, we have Ellen of Sheepwreck. Ellen, you get to choose from the 2 prizes remaining when Karen’s had her pick.

And in third place, betting her birthday, we have Moonrose Sammi, who you’ll all be seeing a little more of in an upcoming post. Sammi, you get whatever Karen and Ellen don’t make off with — and you’ll take it and like it!

I’m astounded — many of you were closer than I was. I thought I had about 1150 yards.

8 thoughts on “Contest Results! And eye candy.

  1. oh goodness 🙂 that turned out soooo nice 😀 Then again, all your yarns seem to! Just a quick question about your ebay store… if you could email me back a reply if you get a chance. Do you ship to Canada? I saw on your ebay store that it says US only… Thanks! And beautiful work, and congrats to the winners!

  2. Holy cow! You got meters on the bobbin after all!

    …zomg, the car. THE CAR. I had almost forgotten the car.

  3. Congrats Karen, Ellen and Sammi! This was a great contest. That fiber came out so fantastic and you have inspired me to atempt spinning some laceweight.

  4. Good Job, Karen! That’s almost dead on the money! 😀

    I’m stoked that my birthday came in third place. You realize that means this qualifies as a birthday present, eh? muahahahahaha

    And you bet your sweet bippy I’ll take whatever I get and like it! *grin* I liked all three prizes, so I don’t mind being last-place winner just this once. If you want, you can save it to stuff in my first Batt Club box to spare the extra shipping cost, unless that confuses the process … those other Club fiends can’t have my prize! They look shifty, I can see ’em nosing in!

  5. Yeah, as soon as I submitted my guess I knew it was way off. Stupid me was guessing what I would probably get out of it and then I add a little. 🙁 It looks perfect with your car. And all the other yarn looks so awesome. Yeah, that pink would be just a tad too pink for me.

  6. Not a big deal, but since I rarely come close on guesses I just want to point out that I posted 1023 yards. (and admit that I did so because of the nice pattern in the numbers) 😮

  7. Oh wow! The pink yarn is such a similar colourway to my favourite self-dyed yarn! It was my first experiment with Kool Aid dyeing, and with that skein I finally understood why people want to pet their skeins!

    The green is gorgeous.

  8. But what are you going to do with the green yarn?

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