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100! 100! 100!

I guess I’ll start off with some light eye candy, having finally gotten halfway decent photos of some of the laceweight tussah silk singles.

Let’s see, according to my records (this is last week’s evening spinning, mostly), those 9 come to 3,320 yards, and this…

…which was horrible to photograph, is 600 yards, so that’s just shy of 4,000 yards of laceweight silk singles last week, plus…

…a chained single (aka Navajo plied) coming to 200 yards.

These were all from seconds from my tussah silk dyeing — seconds, because the silk got too beat up, or was under an ounce when all was said and done, or something. Stuff like this:

which turned into this:

So, it’s not like those aren’t spinnable, nicely so even… they just didn’t make the grade to be Franquemont Fibers product as fiber. Thus, instead, every single one of ’em became enough yarn to make a nice scarf, and in some cases a shawl.

Since the sun came out today for a bit so I could take these photos, I also snapped one of those Pond Scum batts!

I really wish I could come up with a way to get these photographed next to the scum on one of the ponds across the road, but I can’t — the pondscum only looks the colour I was after from a distance. Ahem, but anyway, the Pond Scum batts are superwash/silk/mohair. I like them more than I expected to.

Oh, let’s see, here’s what I did Saturday night! Remember this?

Well, unbeknownst to all y’all, I embezzled some of that blend and put one large batt of it into my “to-spin” stash. It was a superwash/tencel blend, and I really liked the blend, but it was high-maintenance to produce so I don’t think I’m going to keep doing it. Though I enjoyed spinning it, so… perhaps. This one is “Sea Breeze,” and there was a Pink Lemonade one as well, but that went to its rightful home.

I really, really like how this one came out. I got 330 yards of 2-ply yarn in a middling sock weight grist, which is actually probably enough for a pair of socks. Except I might like it more than socks. Anyway, it’s destined to be something for me. The carded blend with tencel in it is interesting — the shine and glimmer from the tencel is there, but it’s more distributed, meaning that the yarn looks relatively matte until the light catches it, at which point it glints in a crystalline way, rather than looking wet-shiny like the commercial combed top merino/tencel blends tend to do.

But by now perhaps you are wondering about the title of this post. I’ll explain.

Here it is, June of 2007, and this post right here is my 100th post in this blog! What a whirlwind it has been since going live last November! I guess blogging is a little bit like plying — it takes forever to build up on the bobbin, so to speak, and while you’re doing it, it seems like it’s taking forever, but then when all is said and done, there is more there than you thought, and it makes sense that it took as long as it did.

To demonstrate what I mean, let me show you this blend of California Variegated Mutant and tussah silk. It looks really, really luscious, like you could just dive right in and get totally lost. So you get started, with a clear vision in mind for where you’re going.

Is that… a toe of some kind on the bottom left? Why, yes it is!

And voila, just like that, surprise! Distraction. But then you knuckle down and get to spinning

Friday night you finish spinning two out of four batts onto your first bobbin. There’s a little disappointment when you stop, and you feel like the blend is just not quite as luscious as you felt like it was, and there were a few tiny neps and noils around, and… fine. Do something else for a bit. Let’s look back at what I thought this blog was going to be like when I started it.

The first big surprise for me, looking back, is realizing that despite having thought, in November, that I’d gather up lots of my legacy content and clean it up and put it online here, I ended up producing mostly new content. But it was a fun stroll through memory lane all the same, and I’ve no doubt I’ll do more as time permits. Here are a few things I did gather up from other places I’d posted them, and put here:

I know that way, way back, archived in all sorts of scattered places, I have hundreds of other things I’d like to gather up and post too. I expected to clean those up and have them online as part of the first 100 items, and it’s amazing to me that I haven’t.

Perhaps it’s because instead of just getting on with that second bobbin, I did this instead with Saturday afternoon.

It was quickie, leftovers, needed to be done and cleared of the “spin me” pile anyway. 220 yards of 2-ply sock yarn from a test of that superwash/tencel top.

Speaking of the “spin me” pile, wanna know what I’ve got for titles in my “drafts” pile? Dig on this:

  • What Do I Need To Start Spinning?
  • Make Your Own Spindle!
  • A Little Bit About Working With Batts
  • Spinning A Cabled Yarn
  • Yarn Tech: Plies
  • Measuring Your Yarn, ala Mabel Ross
  • Some Timed Spinning Results
  • Is It True You Hate Art Yarn, and Spinning Without A Purpose In Mind?
  • Spinning Wheel Drive Systems
  • Some Customer Results!
  • How Can I Spin Laceweight Yarn on a Wheel?
  • So What’s Really The Right Fiber To Start With?

So let’s hear it: out of all these subject lines, which one would YOU most like to read next? Or, well, how about “soon,” instead of “next?” A few of ’em have been lingering because they’re slow going, very technical, or require spinning to be photographed.

This is not unlike when you finally spin up that second bobbin of the CVM/Tussah blend on Sunday afternoon, and immediately set about plying, but 15 minutes in, you decide you’ll have a pint while you’re at it.

Because just look how much there is to go.

(no, don’t look at the couple of silks from the “spin me” pile behind the lazy kate)

Half an hour and a pint of Harp later…

Hey, that’s great! Looks like lots of progress! Except…

Back to work. But you can have another pint while you’re at it.

While we’re straw polling here, and while I’m going down memory lane, I got to thinking about which of the articles I’ve done are ones I’m genuinely happy about, and why. I was going for a top 20, and I managed to pull off… an top 16. In no particular order, here it is:

  1. The Louet Victoria Review I assigned myself this piece as much as a writing exercise as anything else, and approached it in a principled manner, modeling it after reviews I’ve really liked in non-fiber publications, taking pictures and notes, coming up with a test plan, and so on. I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out.
  2. Can You Explain Spinning Wheel Drive Ratios? In this case I’m proud of brevity. Brevity is a challenge for me (no, really?)
  3. What Are Batts, Top, Roving and So Forth? Again, brevity! Well, relatively. In retrospect though, I think it needs pictures.
  4. Drop Spindle Basics Video This is essentially a demo routine I’ve done for US audiences since I was about 8 years old. It’s my first sort of principled bit of video.
  5. Waylaka While I’m nowhere near my parents’ caliber of ethnographer, it’s hard to be one about one’s own life, especially when it’s about a subject that’s essential to the core of one’s own sense of self. I’m resolving to do more writing like this in the next hundred posts.
  6. Choosing Your First Spinning Wheel This one took me months to pull together, and sat in my drafts pile for what felt like forever.
  7. What Difference Does Drive Wheel Size Make? An important mechanical question that we don’t talk about much.
  8. Chullu Knitting Geeze, does this one need cleaning up. I still like it, though.
  9. The Queen Is Dead, Long Live The Queen More of that emotional stuff, a remembrance of my old lady cat.
  10. The Salmon Electric I admit it: I just really like this yarn. And I’m fairly pleased with the process post.
  11. Woolen vs. Worsted I’m pleased with this mostly because I want to see more discussion of the subject as a continuum.
  12. The handspun yarn pricing discussion is another thing I just want to see discussed and thought about. Am I trying to tell everyone what to do? No. But I do think folks considering selling their wares ought to think about some of these things.
  13. Stupid Tangled Bobbin Hah. Oh yeah.
  14. Pagoda processIn this case, it’s largely the photos I’m pleased with.
  15. Memorial Day Again, emotional writing.
  16. Making a Tweed Blend It took longer to document and write this up, by FAR, than to make the blend.

So, yeah, I guess we’re making progress here after all. Another pint and half hour in, there’s actually some content on the blog, er, I mean, yarn piling up on the bobbin.

Of course, this is also where it becomes clear you’ve got uneven amounts between the two source bobbins. Not like you didn’t know that would happen, but even so, it’s more than you expected.

I guess another pint wouldn’t hurt, for this home stretch.

So let’s hear it: what are your favourites from my first 100? Pick any number — I’m totally curious. I have a hard time looking at my own generated content, within a matter of months, and telling if I actually like it or not. In general, if an article took lots of work and many edits, I seem to feel more positive about it than if it didn’t — but, some of the articles that people have told me that they’ve really found helpful have been ones I took almost no time with at all, like the half-hitch one. And I always feel like simple yarn porn and eye candy is a cop-out; I always want to be producing Brilliant Technical Articles, or something. And as my draft list might indicate, I’ve also got a problem with being unwilling to declare something finished, or good enough.

When it comes down to the end, there’s always some fiddling. With producing yarn, at least, I’ve gotten pretty good at accepting this and moving forward. If this weren’t a fancy custom blend, I’d just toss what’s left on the one bobbin…

But nah, I’m not gonna be a total waylaka about this. I can fit that on here.

And what’s more, I’ll be glad I did.

A quick butterfly pulls a bunch (about half) off that bobbin, and after splicing it in and grabbing the end from the bobbin again, back to work. The butterfly, having a cross in it, won’t tangle too easily. I’m in the home stretch here and just want to see how this yarn is going to come out, after all.

And finally, then, we approach the moment of truth — the singles are all gone, and the bobbin is full.

Look! Something to show for the seemingly endless effort. I mean, not that it wasn’t fun and interesting and not that I don’t enjoy it; but it was still work. Looking at it there, just one bobbin, I feel like, “Is that all there is?”

But you know, it’s a full bobbin. And 100 posts is a lot.

So, what’s the contest? Well, first, the prizes: featured items from blog articles.

The tweed from the tweed blend tutorial:

Merino/Tencel Testers Pair, about 4 oz total:

and, not pictured because I can’t, 4 ounces of a you-ask-for-it custom blend, that I’ll make for you if you win.

All you have to do to win is…

…guess how many yards are on this bobbin.

I don’t know either — I won’t find out till later this week; I’ll force myself to be patient. I play this guessing game with myself with every bobbin I fill, incidentally.

Now, here’s the dirt. I’m looking for how many yards of yarn I end up with once I’ve finished the yarn, which I intend to do with the hot-cold, hot-cold fulling wash. I’ve got no clue — because I didn’t write it down — how many ounces of fiber there are. Well, I’d guess it’s around 5-6 ounces, or 150-175 grams. I really can’t be sure. It’s on a standard Majacraft bobbin. You have until this Friday, June 29 2007, and you must post your guess as a reply. The closest guess will get first pick from the 3 prizes; #2 will get to choose from the remaining 2 prizes; and #3 will get the last prize. If for some reason a winner can’t use the prize he or she gets, like if it’s fiber and you don’t spin, well, we’ll figure something out.

82 thoughts on “100! 100! 100!

  1. Okies…hrmm…I’ll guess 545 yards. I’m probably *way* off ;D

  2. Wow that is a cool post! For somebody like me who just started reading your blog a couple months ago, it is a great way to catch up on The Best Of.

    Ok, my guess is 900 yards

  3. My favourite is the one on making that tweed over there. Definitedly at the top of my “try this” -list.

    I’m gonna guess 795 yards.

  4. Hmmm… well, if I recall, those Majacraft bobbins are pretty big, and you spin thin, so…


  5. Congrats on reaching 100 posts. I would have to say that my favorite one would have to be your post on woolen vs. worsted because these two techniques are still some what of a conundrum for me. I just can’t wrap my brain around it.

    Any hoo, out of your drafts pile, the topic I am most anticipating is how to spin laceweight on a wheel. I’m always afraid that the yarn will break but I think the scotch tension on my wheel may have something to do with that. It’s hard to get it just right.

    As far as the contest, my guess would be 618 yards.

  6. Congrats on reaching 100! I love your blog and your fiber.

    1232 yds.

  7. Congratulations!

    I would love to read a post on hating art yarn, because I do. And I think it would be interesting to see what you have to say about it.

    I’m going to guess 945 yards.

  8. Thank you so much for these 100 first posts! I really enjoy reading your blog, and I’m looking forward to what’s coming next. The trained-as-an-anthropologist in me is delighted to read that you intend on writing more pieces in the style of the Waylaka post: I really enjoyed that one. The fiber-artist-in-training in me is delighted about it too, as well as about all the rest!
    As for the guess, well, I have no clue at all, so I’ll go between the first two guesses with, say, 725 yards.

  9. my guess is 812 yards. I loved the post about blending for a tweed yarn, it was great and the first of your posts that I read (linked from the Yarn Harlot’s site), and the one I’d most like to read is “How Can I Spin Laceweight Yarn on a Wheel?” cos everyone says how it’s easier to spin thin, but I keep on spinning thin, thin, thick, thick, thin…. clump!!!! (maybe I should try for artyarns instead!!!)

  10. Well, to fit 5-6oz on a bobbin I’m guessing you were probably spinning your crazythin comfort spinning weight, but it’s hard to tell if it’s as fine as you get with silk, or not… definitely looks finer in the photo than Pagoda did …

    Screw science. I’m voting 1013yds, ’cause it’s my birthday. ^_^

  11. Oh, and I want to see “customer results” because I want to be famous on Abby’s Yarns!! *cackle*

  12. Hey, Sammi guessed MY birthday too! Does that mean she has to share with me if she wins? πŸ˜‰
    I guess 917.

  13. I liked the post on wheel ratio… and I want to see a future post on hating art yarns πŸ˜‰ My guess would be the cool number 1111 yards. Congrats on 100 posts, I also hit that the other day (also posting since last november) and I’m having my first contest on my blog – it’d be cool to win this one! …here’s hoping!

  14. I think the thing I’d most enjoy seeing is the “how can I spin laceweight yarn on a wheel” as I am in love with laceweight, yet mine isn’t that terribly even, nor as fine as I can get it.

    As for my guess… I’m going to go with… 1045. Why? It’s what my fingers first hit on the keyboard πŸ˜€

  15. I’m an equal opportunity reader. I don’t really have a strong preference for any one particular article topic.

    My guess for the yarn yardage is 639 yards. But it’s totally plucked from the air.

  16. Love the pond scum!

    I’d like to see “working with batts” because right now I’m experimenting with different ways to spin your tiger lily batts. Lots of other topics look interesting, though.

    The post that has gotten me thinking the most is Waylaka. I keep turning it around in my head and seeing different angles. Very interesting.

    I guess there are about 629 yards on that bobbin.

  17. I’ll guess 756 yards. Just because.

    BTW, of the possible upcoming topics, I’d really love to see a post on working with batts. I’m a new-ish spinner and have only worked with top and roving so far… batts scare me. πŸ˜‰

  18. I’m anxious to see more about spinning wheel drive systems. As for my guess… how about 980 yards?

    Congrats on your first 100!

  19. — I’ll take 825 yards, Bob.

    –For which articles next, I really like the topic of “Spinning Without A Purpose In Mind?” I’ve done that, being a n00b, and as I’m sure you know, the resulting yarn is not just disappointing, but dismaying, and there is a lot of waste. Also, your plying series has been just fantastic. You could keep going with that.

    –For fave articles from the past, I LOVED Waylaka, Queen is Dead Long Live the Queen, and Woolen versus Worsted.

    Long Live the Abby! Treadle on!

  20. Congratulations on reaching the 100th.
    Topics I’d like to see: A Little Bit About Working With Batts, Spinning A Cabled Yarn, and Spinning laceweight (which I can do, but would love to hear about other’s experiences.)
    My guess on the yarn is 1573. And I play the same guessing game. And try to push for more and more on a bobbin. Heh, it’s all about the fun.

  21. The Chullu article always makes me misty-eyed because of the story of your friend and how you felt when she died. I also LOVED the Waylaka entry.

    Topics I’d like to see: Laceweight on a Wheel; Customer Results; and Yarn Tech: Plies.

    My guess for the yarn: I think you have 950 yards plied.


  22. I loved Waylaka…having been dragged to live in Chiapas as a kid, these experiences are great!

    My guess…912 yds!

    (well, that’s my official guess, when I first looked at that bobbin I thought 713 yds, but I’m going with the 912…)

  23. Have only just discovered your website in the last week and like a good book I can’t seem to tear myself away from reading “just one more blog”. Making a tweed blend was the most recent that I have read but am working my way through and enjoying them all. I’m afraid my “production” spinning is rather paltry…I’m an inch worm spinner. My guess, pulled out of the air, would be 822 yards. Many thanks for the fabulous information.

  24. If I were forced to pick, I’d probably pick that tweed-batt tutorial.

    And, for the ones you’ve got pending? Do I really have to pick just one? Because there are several I think sound great: A Little Bit About Working With Batts, Spinning A Cabled Yarn, Yarn Tech: Plies, Measuring Your Yarn…. (Not to mention the fact that I usually do spin without a specific purpose and would love to hear why that’s a bad thing. I mean sometimes that’s obvious, but always??)

    Anyway, happy 100th!

  25. Ok, now I have to go buy a new computer because I drooled all over my keyboard. πŸ˜‰ 825 yards?

  26. Happy 100!

    I’ll guess 843 yds plied.

    I LOVED your Waylaka piece – it was the first thing I read, linked from someone else (can’t remember who right now). The glimpse into the culture was amazing.

    I’d really like to see “Spinning Wheel Drive Systems” and
    “How Can I Spin Laceweight Yarn on a Wheel?” – as a fairly new (6 month old) spinner I’m always eager to learn something new. And I do learn a lot here on your site – thanks for that, and onward to the next 100!

  27. I’m going to guess 1098 yds.

    As for your articles, I really appreciated the how to spin from a batt article, especially since I had just gotten some from you at the time. If only I had time to actually sit down and spin some.

  28. I read your blog daily but I have never left a reply! I do have some of your fiber I have spun up that I have been meaning to take pics of to send to you.. keep up the great work and can’t wait for the next 100!!
    oh and my guess is 1333 yds.

  29. I’m going to go out on a limb and say it is 1037 yards.

  30. Happy 100!
    My guess is about 1012 yards.

  31. I really enjoyed your Victoria review. I’d like to see you finish drafting Working with Batts.

    I’m going to guess: 888 yds.

  32. I’d like to see an article on ‘just what fiber /is/ best to start with?’ This is a topic I’ve always taken a great deal of umbrage with when it comes to conventional wisdom and how to treat beginners, so I’d really like to see what you have to say on it. πŸ™‚

    And I’ll guess 1126 yards on the bobbin. From the oh-so-scientific method of looking over old posts for an average ‘yardage per ounce’ number.

  33. I’d like to see an article on spinning laceweight without having to use a specially designed lace flyer.

    Articles I like, 1, 5,6, 11 and 15. All have give so much in their own way.

    How many yards, not good with yards maybe 675 yards. Probably totally wrong but who cares, it’s fun to guess.

  34. My favourite tute is definitely the tweed batt one. I’ve been trying to figure out how to do that on purpose for ages & it’s the one time my spinning books have let me down!

    I’ve done it accidentally before but never been able to reproduce the effect.

    My guess on the bobbin? 798 yards. For no other reason than that’s the first number that popped into my head πŸ™‚

  35. I think the yardage is 1001 yards!

    I’d love to learn how to make a spindle.

    And I’d have to say may favorite post is todays. It is the first I read, but I will return

  36. My guess would be 1151 yds.

  37. I’ll try 782, though it looks like you pack that bobbin a lot tighter than I can- yet! I love that Majacraft bobbins can always hold “just a bit” more. I read you regularly and have learned a lot here, in addition to having found a multitude of things to ponder on after I’ve left your site. Keep up the good work!

  38. I’m going to guess 1204 yards. I’ve only been reading your blog for a couple months, too, and I’ve been dying to try some of your yarn! Besides, the entry that resulted in the beautiful orange sherbet yarn was my favorite to date. =)

  39. Congratulations. So congratulations.

    Also, all of the yards are on the bobbin. I am not sure that there are any meters on the bobbin, because there are too many yards on the bobbin.

  40. i’ll be an odd duck, and go for 1111 yards. it’s very nice, even if you didn’t care for it (i’ve slogged through stuff like that myself, lol)

    as for possible titles? cable yarns. i’m insanely curious (i usually just do 2 ply or navajo (chained singles))

  41. I would like to see spinning laceweight yarns on the wheel, my favorite post was the Waylaka one and I am guessing 1447 yards on the skein.

  42. That’s gorgeous yarn – and I’m going to guess that there’s 877 yards of it.

  43. 1250 yards. My favourites are the Waylaka piece, and the piece about your best childhood friend. Of course I appreciate and eagerly devour the fibre content too!

  44. 100 posts!!! WOW… Congrats!

    I’ll guess 1300 yds.

  45. My guess is 714. Probably very low, but it is just a guess. I haven’t found an article I dislike, but the tweed production was fascinating.

  46. Okay, I’m going with 860 yards. And in response to your question about what I’d like to see you write about soon, I’m interested in the “Measuring your yarn a la Mabel Ross” one!.

    And congrats on 100 information-packed posts!

  47. Okay, considering the possible inebriation, I will guess 633 yards.

    As far as my favorite articles, there are so many. The how to choose a spinning wheel post was extremely helpful to me. I love the Waylaka one, use it often when talking to myself. Gosh Abby, they have all been so helpful. The spindle spinning video is awesome.

    I would love to see more info on spinning batts and spinning a cabled yarn.

  48. Measuring yarn…I’d like to see that. I don’t think that I do mine correctly…And laceweight on a wheel.

    Congrats on 100 posts!!

    And my guess…uhm, 1025 yards.

  49. 1267 yds! Why not?

  50. You have done some superb post Abby. I’d like a tutorial on spinning laceweight silk on a wheel- i can spin silk finely, but i think i am slow because my technique sucks!

    It looks like a lot of yarn and i am tempted to go for a high yardage but looking at it i don’t think it is one of your 500 yards from 1oz skeins. So i am guessing it is somewhere betweeen 790 and 1400 yards (which are a foreign measurement to me, remember).

    I should probably go higher but i am going to go for 823yards

  51. I am amazed at the amount of yarn you can spin in such a short peroid time.

    I am guessing 1200 yds.

    Can’t wait to find out.

  52. “Waylaka” gets my vote for Favorite Post. Love your blog but love your videos even more! As a self-taught spinner, watching you spin is fascinating! Yarn guess? 854 yards. Looking forward to anything you choose to write about!

  53. I love your fibers!! I’m gonna guess 854 yards. That’s what my son smacked first on the keyboard. πŸ™‚

  54. I’ll say 975. And at this milestone, it seems like a good time to say thanks for all the great information!

  55. I just started reading your website a few weeks ago, and I must say I’ve enjoyed it very much! Thanks for sharing your experience and knowledge with us!

    And I’m going to guess . . . 864 yards.

    ~ Kristiana

  56. I really love looking at all of your fiber. It’s truly drool-worthy – especially that seabreeze. Thanks for having such a great blog full of helpful information.

    My guess is 824 for no good reason at all.

  57. Wow, 100 posts. Very nice!

    I really enjoyed all of your spinning related posts it’s made me really pay more attention to my own spinning and the results were very nice.

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and options with us all.

    My guess is 969 yards of that beautiful lace weight 2 ply.

  58. Well…I’m guessing 547 yards. Your yarn is beautiful, by the way.

  59. Brand new spinner and recent drop-in reader and I can’t wait to go back and read some of those articles. I think I’ll subscribe today…..

    917 yards.

  60. Congratulations!! Your blog is fantastic… I thought I knew a bit about spinning, but I’ve learned a ton from your posts! My favorites? Any of the posts about your amazing childhood, the tweed batt, and the videos have all been great. As for my guess, I’m going to say 1157… no real reason except that looks like a TON of yarn, and 1157 appeals to me. πŸ™‚

    Best of luck on your next 100 posts!

  61. I will guess 776 yards. I would like to see the first topic, about what a beginning spinner needs, or the one about how to choose a wheel. Thanks!

  62. 1000 yards!

    And Keeley is looking so good. When’re you going to get a Simon to keep her company?

    I do enjoy your website – so inspiring.

  63. Hrmmm … 1078 yards. Of course, I have no idea, and I’m just pulling numbers out of the air. Lovely yarn, by the way.

  64. I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog – my favorites were the tweed blend and learning how to pick your first wheel. Since I’m researching wheels right now, that’s been a very helpful article!

    I’m going to guess 884 yds!

  65. Congratulations on 100 posts!

    I’ll guess 882 yards.

  66. I have been thinking about which article is my favorite and I’ve finally decided that the Waylaka is my favorite. My mind has been firmly wrapped around learning theory over the past 10 years. Reminding myself that most cultures are based on punishment and fear of punishment is important. There are very good reasons for this based on the environment and the requirements of day to day living.

  67. Wow, it’s beautiful. I say 1153 yards.

  68. Pretty pretty yarn. Your blog is a fairly recent find for me – but because of your post on optim, I bought some for myself at MDS&W.. and when mentioning to some friends I was with that I had heard about it on your blog, it turned out that several people within earshot were readers of yours – and we all shared a moment of being in awe of your spinning abilities!

    My guess – out of thin air, how about 976?

  69. Guess…. 838 yards.

    My favorite post of yours that I have read is the waylaka post. I read that when I was trying to catch up a bit on your back posts as I only discovered your blog recently. Thanks for all of the links as I will fully enjoy reading more!

  70. I loved the recent posts about plying. I’d guess 950 yds.

  71. My fav. post of yours is the Waylaka post…I love the glimpse of a culture different than my own!

    I’m going to guess 1300 yds. on that bobbin!

  72. Let’s see, since I have a Majacraft, I ought to have some sort of insight into how much can fit, shouldn’t I? πŸ˜‰

    I’ll say 980.

  73. Beautiful!

    My guess is 785 yards.

  74. 1247 yards of finished yarn on the bobbin. I just started reading here, thanks for the retrospective and the pointers to your favorite posts. And for sharing that I am not the only blogger who has lots of ideas for posts I want to get to queued up in the drafts list.

  75. I’m not good at this, but I wanted to give it a try too. To lazy to read through all the comments so I’m just hoping my answer isn’t given yet. I’m guessing 1097 yards, though knowing how fine you can spin I think it might be a lot more!

    Happy spinning!

  76. I’m probably way underestimating here, but I’m going to guess 587 yards. I’m basing that solely on having spun CVM fairly recently and knowing what a bouncy fiber it can be. But maybe it behaves differently in the hands of a different spinner.

    I love all your articles, Abby! I can’t choose! SO much information (sometimes my head spins but that’s my fault) and I’ve learned so much! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  77. I’ll guess 1023 yards. And congratulations on 100 posts!

  78. I love trying to guess things. I am going to go with 578 yds.

  79. Hmmmm first congrats! 2nd,,, this is a tough one,,,, I’ll say 1195 yards.

  80. Well, my guess is around 470 yards, though whatever the length, it’s still beautiful

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