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Talking About the Weather, and Other Inconsequential Things

I seem to have become mired in an early-rising sleep pattern, about which I have mixed feelings. On the one hand, I could parrot back what my late father always used to say about being the first one up in the morning:

“I like being the first one up. Nobody else is up for a while and I’ve got the whole world to myself, and then I get to get the whole house up and running and get everything moving and that makes everybody’s day start off better.”

I used to argue with him that I much preferred the time to myself when it was late at night, and everyone else was asleep. But just maybe the mornings are growing on me. You know, just as long as there’s plenty of coffee. I see his point — when you’ve got the morning chores all taken care of and the day well in hand before anyone else even starts stretching and yawning and cranking their eyelids apart by whatever means necessary, well, I guess you just feel like you’ve got a jump on the day, and whatever it brings is most likely well in hand. After all, you have time, and there’s nothing more precious than that.

My father, though, was always a morning person. Or so I believe; I wish I could ask him. There are plenty of stories he (and others) told me over the years, about things that happened to him due to usually being the first one up. Like meeting my mother on a dig on the coast of Peru (or at least, that’s when he remembers meeting her, though she remembers him from a prior anthropology class), or being the guy who finds the new litter of barn kittens born in the night, or knowing it’s a snow day before anybody has to go out to the end of the very long driveway in the pitch dark blustering chill of a New Hampshire winter morning to wait for the school bus that never comes.

Me, I dunno — I’ve long thought I could do without having to be the one to get up and stoke the fires that burned down in the night (of course, I haven’t had wood heat in my adult life), and I’ve always had this problem where if there are dishes in the sink in the morning, I get crabby and stay that way all day because the first thing I have to do is the dishes, for some pathological reason. But lately I haven’t minded any of that, and I’ve been unsuccessful at falling back asleep after early morning waking.

This morning, it brought me cool, crisp weather, not muggy or hot, slightly cloudy. And then in the distance I heard a thump or two. It could have been the cats up to their usual tricks (those tricks are often what wakes me early, as it happens), but it wasn’t. In moments I could tell it was thunder. With coffee brewing, I walked down to get the paper, and on the way back up, the first droplets of rain hit me. Looking to the west, I was treated to the kind of melodrama that only a sweeping sky can show; the kind of pending tantrum for which no wide-angle lens would be sufficient, and which you know you could never photograph anyway, because half of the drama is the smell in the air, the way everything feels when you can see rain sheeting down a mile or two off and coming your way, and the breeze on your skin turning into a full-on wind.

And to think it’s picture day today — the day when I photograph my week’s achievements and get ready to list my new inventory for sale. I guess it won’t be happening outdoors in full sunlight today, for the first time in rather a while! But that’s great news; we needed the rain badly. I hope it rains all day.

Driving Edward to YMCA camp in a lingering drizzle, I tried yet again to find a radio station with upbeat music and no morning show. Yesterday I listened to one local classic rock station for literally half an hour hoping they’d play a single song. No. Not a single song. All yapping. Yap, yap, yap. Might have been a few fart jokes in there. That’s it. And that’s what all the morning shows are like. So I got to thinking — am I seriously the only person who detests radio morning shows? Are these things really that popular? Do people find fart jokes and marginally veiled innuendo and nonsensical jabber about trivial celebrity news that enthralling first thing in the morning? And if so… why? Why wouldn’t you rather have tunes? I can see, you know, having quickie traffic reports and things like that; but I simply do not understand the appeal — especially in the morning — of the 2-person “Hey Bob, did you hear the one about the fat chick?” *insert canned noisemaker sound* “Why no Jack, tell me the one about the fat chick!” shows.

Enlighten me.

Then when I get back from the post office run and so forth, I’ll show you lots of pretty pictures.

15 thoughts on “Talking About the Weather, and Other Inconsequential Things

  1. Boy am I with you on those morning shows! I’m having trouble finding much at all I like listening to on the radio. I’m going to buy a radio broadcaster for my iPod and listen to what I enjoy!

    Early riser, not so much, although I can see the appeal.

  2. I’m lucky. My morning show plays a good amount of music, and they have intelligent conversations about current events and politics. All this on an upstate NY country music station 🙂

  3. I hate listening to DJs jabber on and on. It drives me insane. I now stick to music TV (not in the car of course!) because that doesn’t have DJs. Of course, what it does have is a load of inane pop and gyrating girlies, so it’s not entirely a win-win situation :-/

  4. I despise morning shows, and it makes me cringe when I have to ride to a field site with technicians who do listen to them. My radio is always set to NPR!

    While I’m actually commenting, I was thrilled to see this “The yarn doesn’t really want to be tangled. If you give it a chance, it’ll work with you to come undone.” in your discussion of untangling the orange yarn. I don’t think I’ve every encountered anyone else who “gets along with string” in the same way I do. Mostly people look at me funny when I say things like that!

    I primarily study pre-1000 CE European textiles, but have a fondness for many aspects of southwestern US and Central and South American textiles as well. Basically, the more structurally complex the better… Are there any good references on the weaving tradition and patterns that you sometimes refer to? I’m more familiar with the braiding, and not familiar at all with the nomenclature or anthropological aspects, which sound fascinating. (I have access to a major research library, so technical sources aren’t a problem.) Some quick searches haven’t turned up much, and I’d love to learn more.

  5. I detest talk shows in the morning (Except Morning Edition on NPR) or even the jibber-jabber ‘kooky DJ duo’ that is featured on so many of our local stations out here.

    For that reason, I am somewhat grateful that my truck’s antenna is broken and I only get in one am station – that plays an assortment of music from the 1930s to present, though current musicians are limited to people like Dina Martin and Harry Conick Jr. 😉 They play music in the morning, peppered with the pledge of allegiance at 7am, a local fishing report, and a local weather/news report that lasts no more than 7 minutes total.

    Much better than the inanity of ‘regular’ station DJs.


  6. I listen to talk radio in the morning, BBC radio4 news and current affairs in the UK and that’s okay. That I can cope with (most of the time). What I hate are the so called music stations that are on in the warehouse at work. When they play music, that’s good but they spend so much time talking tripe between the music that I want to scream.
    Having just the tripe without the music must be purgatory!

    Oh yeah, I wanted to say that your blog is great reading. I’m a newbie spinner (about six months now) and I aspire to spin “real” yarns, not novelties. Your blog is just such an amazing mine of information and advice. I love it. Thank you!

  7. I agree! I hate, hate, hate those stupid morning shows. Obnoxious DJs telling bathroom-humor jokes that probably appeal most to 14-year-old boys (or those with similar mentalities), or telling jokes or stories that are derogatory towards some group of people or other. Ugh.

  8. Abby is Cardzilla working again???? I see new batts on your site 🙂

    (P.S. Have you gotten any of my recent emails????)

  9. My morning show: NPR….if it has to be talk at least it can be somewhat intelligent. Right behind that: CBC radio….thanks to having Windsor, Ontario right across the river.
    The colors in your next post are delicious.

  10. I seem to recall your father telling me he used to sleep in when he was our age (early teens, I guess), but that meant missing the best part of the day. That would have to have been one time when I stayed over and got up before you. He was always up first, like my mom.

    For me, getting up early now feels good, like it never used to feel before. Like I get more daytime than I would have if I stayed up the same number of hours.

    As for morning radio shows, they are the great mystery of life. I don’t know anybody who likes them, but they are still the premium spot.

  11. I keep a CD in the car stereo for when the radio music stops. Though lately I’ve been just playing the CD on my way out and home.

    Thank you so much for the plying posts, I learned a ton!

  12. there’s a radio station here called “the brew.” they play 80’s songs, and in the morning, while there is talk, they also play music. i almost wish they’d talk more, because they are funny, lol.

    now, to be frankly honest, i usually listen to book tapes, lol. but when i DO listen to morning radio, i listen to them

  13. I listen to a morning show because I tend to sleep right through the music, but when the woman of the duo I listen to says something stupid and pisses me off, I find myself awake.

  14. I hate morning shows, so the local college station and one of the Latino stations are my morning listens. Both play music with a minimum of talk (just weather and traffic reports).

    Looking forward to the new pics, and wishing you a good rain!

  15. Totally with you on the morning radio shows. Unfortunately, when our local radio shows finally play music, it’s not much better than the idiotic banter. I participated in a focus group once where we rated song snippets by how much we liked them. It was for a classic rock station and I took the liberty of writing notes in the margins, like “grest song, but Cake’s version is better” on Gloria Gaynor’s I Will Survive, and “Why not play Hold Tight instead of Little Pink Houses 100 times in a row? There ARE other JC Mellencamp songs!” They ignored my suggestions and play the same 50 songs over and over again. Ugh! I can’t stand to listen.

    Thanks for letting me vent. :o)

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