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I promised you eye candy…

So here we go.

Let’s kick it off with some storm eye candy! We needed the rain, because…

My poor lilacs. Do you think they’re dead? I’m afraid so, despite the evidence you see there — a hose, a watering can — that we tried. So this morning’s storm was welcome, and I hope we get more.

Of course, it did make photo day a little tricky. Almost none of my orange and pink silks would come out right no matter what — those really need good sunlight. And that’s a shame, too, because I have a slew of really delightful laceweight tussah silk singles, like this one.

375 yards / 1 ounce, 28 wpi.

And a few chain-plied multicoloured silks, like this:

200 yards, 1 ounce, 25 wpi.

At least Peacock here came out allright…

Superwash, tussah silk, alpaca, and firestar nylon — the return of the sock blends! I pilfered an oversized 3 ounce batt from this batch, for myself. I’m not sure what for, ultimately, but definitely to spin it (though at the moment, I have more laceweight tussah singles, and a really beautiful CVM/tussah in emerald green, on the bobbins).

Who was it who was asking me about pond scum colours? I did two, after looking at pondscum around the area over the past month or so. First, a silk…

and second, a set of batts… but those pictures didn’t come out so well, alas. However, these Sargasso Tweed batts are really cool:

Falkland wool, which poofs impressively due, I understand, to the fact that Falkland sheep are actually Polwarth/Corriedale crosses.

My Blaze tussah came out looking good too. This is Edward’s favourite of my colours.

…but just look what horrors happen trying to get this Geranium-coloured silk to photograph!

If you think that’s bad, you oughta see the Mai Tai yarn.

Lastly for now, the blended-wishfully “The Grass Is Always Greener” here…

…is Merino, tussah silk, and alpaca. And really springy, if not as springy as the Sargasso Tweed.

I’m totally disappointed about my laceweight tussah photos, too. There’s over 3500 yards of that stuff that I’ve spun this week, and won’t be able to show you until there’s better light. O, cruel fate, finally bringing rain just in time for picture day!

When weather’s sunny again, I’ll have to put these next to the geraniums. They really do look the same.

So what does it seem I’ve gotten done this week? A bit over 2 pounds of tussah silk dyed in 1-ounce hanks, 2.25kg or about 5 pounds of luxury batts, 3500 yards of silk singles, 600 yards of a wool single tester, one full bobbin of that aforementioned CVM/tussah (no you can’t have it! Mine! You wish you could have it!) done fairly fine, and I’m approaching the end of the improvised shawl I’m knitting with the Pagoda, and realizing that to finish my grandiose plan, I’m going to need more yarn. ARGH! I’ve got fiber to match it… that isn’t dyed. Maybe I can force Pippi to do more of that delicious Pagoda. Otherwise, I’ll just try to match the yellow, I suppose, and use that for the end.

So, are you all annoyed with me for how I haven’t taken a single picture of that shawl in progress? I’m sorry; it’s just that it’s simply a large sac-like object hanging onto some size 3 circular needles, and looks… like nothing. I refuse to show it in its present state.

So far, incidentally, it seems nobody likes those morning shows. C’mon, somebody has to like them, right? Can the large radio conglomerates which own the airwaves now really be so far off base? Like some of you who’ve commented, I also listen to public radio in the morning. That kind of talking I can enjoy — but the “morning zoo” kind of thing, not so much.

5 thoughts on “I promised you eye candy…

  1. I’ve had varied luck with lilacs. The one on the north side of the house is fine, but the one out in the south side of the house has never thrived 🙁

    Peonies (pronouced pinees down there) also have been problematic for me. I think though I’ve been planting them too deep!

    We’ll see how the blueberries do…wish me luck!

  2. Good luck to your lilac!

    Is there any chance of a pond scum wool at some point? Tweedlike, perhaps?

  3. Sooooooooo beautiful. Every time I see your colours I want some! I am so partial to reds, oranges and pinks right now but the other colours are so tempting. I keep saving my pennies so i can just order up big and pay the international postage once.

    glad it rained. It is hard to watch everything turning brown. I hope your lilac revives. Plants can surprise you.

    The pagoda shawl, we’d love to see it but only when you feel it isn’t looking like a blob.

  4. I didn’t mention it, but I love pond scum. I dyed, spun and knit a pondscum scarf for someone just this last winter. They asked me what color it was. I replied, “It’s pondscum.”

    I have to thank you again for your articles on “overplying’ and “shocking washing techniques”. My yarns are so much better for it. I used to be afraid of putting in too much plying twist. And my yarns looked it. Now they are coming out the way I want them to. Thanks again.


  5. On the topic of morning hullabaloos. I take after my Irish grandfather. No matter what time I get up I do not want anyone talking to me (in person, out of person, radio/tv or even within person (me)). Let me sit/drive in silence at least until I’ve had the first pot of coffee. (Me thinks I see a new blog post in my future) Even at that point I do not do any sort of radio. Too much talking any time of day for me. And good lighting or not your stuff is striking as always.

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