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The News Today, Oh Boy!

It’s pushing 100 degrees Fahrenheit here again today, still with essentially no rain. It’s officially being called a “moderate drought” now, and it’s pretty much for sure there’ll be negative effects on crops — and they’ve said “corn” out loud, which is terrible. What if the sweet corn is all mealy? Talk about a summer disaster!

Apart from my own selfish woes, it is really sad to see, with fields of stunted crop and brown expanses of basically no hay and sad-looking pasture animals. We’re down something like 6.5 inches on how much rain we normally would have gotten in the past 6 weeks. Those of you in rainy, even floody, places, feel free to send your rainy thoughts to the Ohio Valley.

On the other hand, the really good news is Cardzilla’s new motor should be in tomorrow (thank you, Bob at Lebanon Electric Motor). I opted to buy a new, identical motor, and see about having the gearbox on the old one repaired and keeping that one around as a spare. I hate not having spares! You’d think I’d know by now. And I do; but that doesn’t mean, apparently, that I always provision appropriately.

As soon as the motor is in and Cardzilla’s back up to snuff, I’m going to be thrilled to be getting back to blending. Since I’ve been dyeing silk like a madwoman, I’ve been generating a ton of silk seconds (where the final weight is too little, or it just got too beat up in the rinse or something else causes it to fail quality control). Normally I use these in blending, but I’d piled up rather more of them than I really meant to over the past couple of weeks, so I decided to spin up a few of them for example purposes and sale. In retrospect, I should have taken “before and after” photos, too! So I probably will for the remainder. Here’s a teaser “before” shot:

Once those dry, I’ll show you how came out — they’re laceweight singles, and they’re really pretty.

Oh, have I mentioned that Kaylee is getting big?

And ever more inclined to stick her face directly into the camera lens. This occurred while I was trying to take a one-handed “fixing a plying problem” shot, of course. Kaylee felt strongly that she was more important. That’s why she’s glaring, and her eyes appear normal size.

I haven’t forgotten about the plying series! I’m just working on the “common problems” photos, which is tricky! See:

After a while, it can be hard to force problems to occur when you’ve gotten so used to avoiding ’em! That’s the start of uneven wind-on. I need to really overexaggerate this somehow; that’s just not dramatic enough at all.

Lastly, my cuticles are all messed up. Too much sticking them in acidic exhausted dyebath to carefully remove silk, I fear. To look at my fingers, you’d think it was the dead of winter!

9 thoughts on “The News Today, Oh Boy!

  1. Kaylee is SO cute, love the look she is giving you. She seems to have something to say…
    And the yarn on the bobbin is very pretty.

  2. you better watch out, Kaylee is turning into a cat 😉

  3. Gosh Abby, just come over to my house and I’ll be happy to help with common plying problems. I’m sure that it wouldn’t take long for me to come up with quite a variety 😉 And for extra entertainment value you can watch me try to chain ply 😀

  4. Abby, I appreciated your comment on Stephanie’s blog. The comparison to a music performer was interesting. Especially since Sara Lamb just posted about the anxiety of initiating a new unknown project. Interesting the way a thread of conversation can twist and bend…just like a yarn in a knit or woven piece.

  5. Is that the Mixed Veggies colorway on the ‘unbalanced’ bobbin? 😀 I might have to pick some up if you have it in wool…hmmmm.

    Because, yanno, I don’t have nearly enough fiber. 😛

  6. On the weather, yes we are in dire need of rain here in Southern Kentucky as well. It is said that we have lost 80% of the vegetable and 100% of our fruit crops and that we have been declared a disaster. And my blackberries are looking really sad. What we need is several days of a steady rain. Plus, that would give me the excuse of just knitting and spinning, we would all win. Well, sorta, the house would lose.

  7. You say that’s exaggerated? That’s how my plying ends up almost every time! I could do with a wooly-winder as I constantly forget I have to change the flyer thingy (oh, yeah, I know the right words huh?). But the WW doesn’t excist for my wheel.

    I’m looking forward to the solution of this problem!! *grin*

  8. Re: your hands and cuticles being messy- try applying aquafor before bedtime. It takes some time to get used to, it’s similar to petroleum jelly, but it’s a healing ointment. It’s the only thing that I’ve found to work. Most moisturizers are water based, which gets sucked up into the skin and doesn’t help to heal.

    I dream of a wooly winder. I’ve seen one in action and they rock.

  9. I just found your site and have learned so much already! Thank you!

    I have a question about the hot/cold/hot/cold yarn-experience:

    How long do you let the yarn soak in each of the temperatures?

    And about “beating up” one’s handspun — I assume you do it when it’s wet? And how much is “enough”?

    Thanks so much!

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