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Beer o’clock!

Jeepy’s loaded, and ready to hit the road…

And because I’m so amused by Sara’s quandary, I’ll just take a moment to say…

…I won’t be without a project should a wildfire strike. Plus there’s a few more balls of yarn and the needles and hooks…

but now, it’s time for a beer. Aaaaah.

2 thoughts on “Beer o’clock!

  1. Hah! No fires will prevail, as long as you have your projects :).

    In other news: both of my sons have done the jeep-renovation thing, one in the throes just now, and one finished (not Willys though, just Jeeps). I’m thinking it might be generational: in my day it was old schoolbuses :).

  2. Wooo Hoo! Have fun in Jeepy. We will be knitting and geocaching around here 🙂

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