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Since some of y’all said it wasn’t a cop-out…

Right, some of you said it wasn’t a cop-out to just post fiber and yarn pr0n. Well, that’s really all I have for today, so bear with me.

It was a dye day.

It might not look like it, but that’s about 6 pounds of superwash top, 2 pounds of merino/silk millspun yarn (maybe more), a pound of 125’s merino top, a little bit of 80’s merino top, and some new test fibers, namely some CVM…

…and a likely regular from here on out, 50/50 merino/tencel:

Awwww yeah. Here’s the pair of those that I’ve culled for sample spinning:

I already know how those are gonna look, but you don’t know yet, so you’ll just have to check back. Mwaaahahahaha!

Here’s a closeup of some of the superwash and the yarn:

And this, right here, is a tester of a thousand yards of millspun really really laceweight superwash 2-ply yarn.

I didn’t think I liked it… but maybe I do after all.

In not-pr0n news, thank you to those of you who’ve let me know there’s an issue with the categories right now. Later this week, I’ll be having a web development day, and it’s likely to include a complete template redesign. I think. Either way, I’ll be incorporating some feedback I’ve received from you, my loyal readers, and I think it’ll be good stuff. Lastly, I’ve grown weary of reading my moderation queue filled with “What is tramadol? Can you get cheap vicodin while pregnant from viagra? Do you need more phentermine?” Crikey, I don’t want ANY of those things! What I do want, though, is shoes which are like waitress shoe flipflops, for these days of being on my feet all the time. Ow. But that digression aside, I’ll likely be implementing Haloscan or something similar to reduce the comment spam moderation situation — there are just more of ’em daily than I want to wade through, and I’m afraid I’m losing real comments by blasting through them quickly.

18 thoughts on “Since some of y’all said it wasn’t a cop-out…

  1. darl, re shoes: I have a pair of dollar-shop Croc knock-offs and I swear to you, they are like walking on air. I wear them to work at the library and for the first time in my *life* I am not at all footsore at the end of my shift. They beat birks, docs and every other expensive, supposedly comfy shoe I have tried.

  2. I’m with you on the spam front Abby – in fact my current post is begging people to let me know a good blog host who can filter it out – mine sure can’t.

    Beautiful laceweight – I bow to you (as always).

  3. Do you have Akismet installed for spam filtration? Just wondering, because I’ve found it highly accurate. I’m wondering if that’s still true as you get more real comments.

  4. Oh my…tencel/merino. And these are your test rovings. Can’t wait to see what you do when you go into full production. What I want to know is how you keep from felting the stuff and get good penetration of the roving.

  5. Such beautiful yarn and fibre! So gorgeous. The laceweight is lovely. Definitely not a cop out, it is eye candy; yum yum!

  6. Haha, Ellen, that’s exactly why these are test batches. Not felting isn’t a problem, but dye penetration on this particular blend is tricky. I’m also going to test 80/20, but I’d like to get the 50/50 working. It does compact, but none have felted. My two sample bits are the ones I expect to see the worst, and second best, penetration in. I’ve got one done that I know has no problem in that department, and I’m gonna spin that last. That leaves 4 2-oz guys from this test run that might be available for sale or distribution to a not-me tester… 😉

  7. I’m so happy to see the merino/tencel blend, I’ve been wanting to try that out for-ev-er!

    All the colors look great, and I second the Crocs recommendation.

  8. Sorry – I also meant to say that I wasn’t thrilled with CVM until I was done spinning it. It wanted to be thicker than I’d gotten used to, but once I finished my 8 oz., it was SO soft and squishy! I really like it.

    And Akismet has done wonders for my spam problem. :o)

  9. The rovings look yummy. I really do need to get a wheel so I can practice more than I do with my drop spindles. I want to try some of those lovelies.

    I have seen the Croc flip flops some where. I love my Danskos though when I have to stand lot.

  10. I’d rather see a cop-out post with pretty fibery pictures than none at all. Although I do like your technical articles the best.

  11. Beautiful dyeing as always.
    Regarding the spam, I found that once I got rid of the technoratti link, my spam stopped almost completely. It seems that I got a lot of hits from weird aggregating sites, too, which I didn’t need/want.

  12. On may 9th you posted a picture of a beautiful green/grey/gold roving. I don’t know the name of it and couldn’t find it on the ebay shop. Help?

  13. I just received the Dandelion batts I ordered and they are even more beautiful in person. Wow!!!! Thanks for making such wonderful colors and blends. The only trouble is, I only have one wheel that I’m presently spinning some Jacob on, if I had another I could go ahead a see if I can do justice to these scrumptious batts. Guess that is reason enough to warrant a new wheel?

  14. oooooohhhhhh!!!! CVM – one of my favs and not too easy to find. Please post when you put it up for sale. Could you make a batch that’s not mixed with superwash? I’d really like to make some lace with it. Mmmwaahhh! thank you!

  15. Beautiful work. Can’t wait to see how it spins up. And I love the colours in the laceweight – to me, it’s Denim With Stuff.

    As regards standing-all-day footwear, I can thoroughly recommend Ecco sandals.

  16. Hey Abby! In case you didn’t know already, Harlot put in a really nice plug for you on her May 11 entry. She’s doing pretty good spinning these days as well.

  17. I know you have a lot going on, but I just tagged you for the seven things meme. Sorry! Play if you want. :o)

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