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Way Too Tired For Pictures…

I’m way too tired for pictures, so I’m going to put up a few photos of some recent yarn. What’s got me so tired? Well, I’ve been in production mode: a few carding days and today was a dye day, all to move stuff from “materials” to “inventory” to make room for new incoming materials, due any day now. I think in the past 3 days I’ve done some 6 pounds of blends and 10 pounds of dyed fibers… geeze, that doesn’t sound like all that much, does it? Ah, but my aching feet…

So, anyway, some recent productivity:

This was a tester for some hand-dyed superwash. I call this colourway “Mai Tai” — pinks, oranges, some diluted with cream. This one’s a 2-ply sock yarn measuring 360 yards from 62 grams or about 2 ounces, at 16 wpi.

Again, a test skein. “Holly” — Hand-Dyed, handspun superwash wool. 2-ply, 420 yards, 86 grams / 3 oz, 15 wpi.

This one’s by special request, for Divine Bird. Your basic sock blend, superwash/tussah/mohair, sparkly firestar. I liked it so much I repeated these colours on something for me to spin for kicks.

Fakeberry sock yarn. Same thing — a tester. It’s, you know, sock yarn.

I might have to try to get other photos of this guy. It’s just got amazing sheen to it that this doesn’t capture. It’s a merino/tussah/mohair single, again, a tester from some new blends. Merino/tussah silk/kid mohair/firestar nylon; handspun 22 wpi laceweight single. 780 yards /96g / 3.4 oz . There’s a 440-yard skein too, that has knots in it because I kept skeining it under no tension like a moron, and breaking it. I totally know better. It was going to be this one massive, stunning 1200-yard skein, but nooo, I had to push things and go too fast.

This is that blend, basically, but in “Peach Fuzz.”

I finally dyed this Falkland/Tussah/Baby Camel sock yarn I spun… uh, probably last year:

Here’s a sampling of a few things I’ve dyed lately…

And a look at a few of the recent batts…

…and the latest 15 pounds or so of fibers, like I say… not even photographed yet, I’m TOO TIRED!

Oh, but I liked this one…

and strangely enough, I like this too:

Aw geeze, I finished plying round number one on the cabled yarn for Chad’s new hat, too…

…but I have to do the final ply. I’m torn: it’ll probably all fit on a Majacraft bobbin (definitely on a jumbo one), but then I could make a mindless thing of it with the Roberta.

Trouble is, there’s that ball on the Roberta bobbin. And please don’t ask about the Roberta jumbo stuff. I broke my jumbo flyer with insane speed (and that was dramatic). But anyway, so I know that this…

…is no way, no how cabling back onto one bobbin. And I kinda want it to. Even though Chad’s hat isn’t going to use more than maybe 20% of this skein… but that’s not the point.

Have I mentioned the spring weather? It’s been occasionally dramatic, like this:

(oh, so somber!)

Summer might as well be here though, or so it feels. Here’s hoping the days and days on my feet have a positive impact on my waistline before I have to buy new shorts.

I know, kind of a cop-out blog entry, but maybe some of the yarn and fiber porn does the trick for you.

13 thoughts on “Way Too Tired For Pictures…

  1. So I’m not the only one that’s broken a Roberta flyer…

    In all fairness mine was cracked when I bought it from a garage sale at the local cop shop. I just didn’t notice until half of it went flying across the room one day. I replaced it with a jumbo flyer.

  2. Oh, the yarn & fiber pr0n always makes me happy.

  3. Unbelievable!!!!!! Those greens, corals and like are right up my alley.

  4. ok, you have to stop posting pics of orange and pink things because they cause me to derail and have outbursts of yarn-induced-ecstatic-tourettes, wherever I am at the time. kthxbi!

  5. yup, the yarn and fiber pron did it for me – what a way to start the day… that and a good cup of coffee.

  6. Pretty, pretty, pretty!

  7. I’m not a pink girl, but your pinks are really tempting.

  8. No wonder your feet are hurting! Your favorites are mine too, but I also love that green/gold/tan blend – very manly. The husband would probably like that. Hmmm….

  9. Um, Abby? About the size of your “cop-out” blog entry? That’s more than some people put up in a month. I think your expectations are WAY higher than ours are. 😀

    Nice pr0n.

  10. Regarding your “cop-out” blog, I kept scrolling down the page thinking, “oo, that’s my favorite…no, that’s my favorite…no, that’s my absolute favorite…no…”

    In other words, please continue to “cop out.” I am enthralled.

  11. Ooooh, the one with the pink and red and gold and is that chocolate brown? I love that! It makes me think of Birds of Paradise flowers.

  12. Where do you get your undyed fibre? I am looking for some kid mohair to dye and blend. I would love to buy all my yarns from you except, well, there’s this $$$ thing.

  13. I have to say, I just love your batts. I look forward to every update to see what you’ve done now. Talk about fiber porn!

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