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New Sock Blends This Week…

…all on eBay. There are a few others, too. And most of these are more my speed in terms of colours… murkier, I suppose.

The bottom right, called Olive Bar, is my favourite this time around. Mmmm, murky purples…

I’ve got lots of questions answered coming up shortly! And no, I haven’t finished that pink scarf yet.

6 thoughts on “New Sock Blends This Week…

  1. Abby you are an evil evil enabler!

  2. Abby — Those are breathtakingly beautiful.

  3. Vile enabler!

  4. Of course I’m a vile enabler. It’s my JOB!

  5. you are so cruel Abby and yet your yarn tantalises so much:)
    amber in scotland

  6. Enough talk. Let’s buy some stuff!

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