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So this is Wednesday

I know, I know, and I was just bemoaning Monday. There’s no real reason to bemoan anything, save that being thrown back into getting up while it’s dark out, it’s been harder and harder to really get moving in the mornings. We’re getting the boy off to school and all that, but here it is coming up on 9 AM and I still feel like the living dead. There’s just not enough coffee.

I’m told “the government” is under the impression that people like Daylight Savings Time. What I want to know is, if they really are under that impression, how did that happen? I’ve never met anybody who actually likes it. Or if I have, they haven’t admitted it. So let’s hear it: if you like DST, comment and tell the rest of us what’s so great about it.

In other news… or not-news, as the case may be… it has been delightfully warm, but today is expected to be the last of it for a while. It almost hit 80 degrees F yesterday. It’s in the upper 60s now, but drizzly. I failed to take any pictures outside in the bright sun, because it’s been windy too, and that doesn’t usually make for great fiber pictures.

I did ship a pile of boxes yesterday that was as tall as I am! I actually forgot to count how many there were; 14 I think. I’d have to say my vote for Happiest March Box o’ Fiber is probably the one containing this incredible bundle of bright and cheer, which I would never ever have looked at all right next to each other, if it had not been for someone buying them:

If I say so myself, that right there is a Party In A Box.

And I worked for a while on the Elaborated Print o’ the Wave scarf, actually completing the 12th repeat, and concluding that since I’ve still got several more repeats of the yarn left, the thing to do is KEEP GOING.

But I don’t know if I can. Seriously, I don’t! I really and truly might need to put it aside and work on something else for at least a few days. I put it aside last night when I realized, in my irritation at its constant and unchanging nature and the resulting predictability which had started to weigh heavy upon my flexing wrists, I kept making bonehead mistakes which I had to unknit — just things like not reversing the direction of the interspersed zig-zags, nothing hard to unknit, and nothing that went unnoticed until it was too late to fix with ease — but all the same, it was as if my subconscious were attempting to liven things up for me with errors. So last night, I put it down and started working on some charts.

I did finish, and ply, and take video of the plying for, what I suspect is the last of my Chasing Rainbows stash, a cashmere/tussah in “Forest.”

At 660 yards and 2 ounces (well, 54 grams, I shed a bit of fluff while spinning this one, here and there, and it’s the product of a Bad Yarn Day when nothing was spinning how I felt like, thus the mass iconsistences) I think this would make a beautiful new version of the purple mohair/silk triangle shawl I did a while ago, and which I really ought to chart as it is.

It’s midmonth, and I’m really underwhelmed by this month’s productivity so far. Of course, at midmonth, I usually am. So with that in mind, rather than trying to keep pouring coffee down my gullet in hopes of it causing wakefulness, I’m going to get moving, and churn out a few more exciting blends. Mmmmm, movement!

19 thoughts on “So this is Wednesday

  1. My husband, strange person that he is, LOVES DST. He likes that extra hour of daylight in the afternoons. And I’m right with you on the lace errors. I cast on for the flower basket shawl Sunday and have spent more time un-knitting than knitting! Or at least, it feels that way. I’m going to work on a sock today. :o)

  2. Gorgeous box of goodies! I’m glad they’re sold – I’m trying to save money for MDS$W. 😉 That cashmere tussah is really pretty – I love the colors.

  3. That Chasing Rainbows stuff is postivelty shimmering – gorgeous. And whoever’s getting that box is one lucky person.

  4. I’m kind of neutral about DST right now. I love having the extra hour of light in the evening, it means that I can get a decent amount of hiking in after work. However, I really hate driving to work in the dark.
    It’s a conundrum that can only be solved by time.

  5. Those colors are amazing!!!! I love just about all shades of orange/melon. When I get better at spinning I will have to give some of that, or similar, a whorl.

  6. For the record, I HATE DSF!
    Then again, I’m living in Alaska, where it is pointless anyway. Two weeks ago, the kiddos were waiting for the schoolbus (7.45am) in dawning light – now it’s pitch black again for them. Stars and moon and flashlights, no kidding. However, it now looks like midday at bedtime (8pm). There is absolutely no point to it here in the summer; we already get 20+ hours of daylight at midsummer, who needs to “save” more?
    Well, thanks for letting me get that out – the spinning fiber is gorgeous, of course…

  7. Hi Abby,

    Coupla things:
    1) Photos still show sporadically, dunno what it is. Never saw the Monday pics until today – but it all loads right now.

    2) DST – I like it. The lost hour fscks me up for half a week, though. I wake up in the dark most of the year (4:45A). It’s nice to have some light when I get home, makes me feel less like a troll. In the heart of winter, I don’t see daylight for 5 days/wk b/c my office window mostly faces another building. I also drive directly east in the AM (and west in the PM), so shifting to DST means I’m not being blinded by the sunrise or sunset. That’s a big plus. All in all, I give DST a thumbs up.

    3) You talk sometimes about colors you don’t like, but you rarely mention the colors you prefer. I glanced at your store and saw nearly all bright colors (and dare I say – pastels?), but the CR yarn you show above is quite dark and broody. Will the real AF please stand? 😀

    4) The CR yarn looks like it might knit up stripey. (Is that for real, or is it my eyes?) Did you split the top in half lengthwise and draft each as is, ply together? I always wonder how consistently I draft – if I did that, would it end up as distinctly striped yarn or as barberpoles. Guess I should just try and see for myself.

  8. I like DST. Waking up in the dark is fairly normal to me for most of the year, since I get up at 5 am. And the reason I get up that early is so that I can have more evening at home. And that evening time at home is so much more enjoyable when it is still daylight. Especially since the dusk to sunset time of day is quite possibly my favorite time of day, when you can hear everyone coming home and slowing down from the busyness of the workday, and kids are still playing outside in the neighborhood, and the sunlight is lovely.

    Do you ever dye a blue/green/purple combination? Vivid, jewel-bright colors, not pastels. Roving, not yarn, in silk or silk/wool blend.

  9. I’ll cop to liking DST, but I’m a late riser (at best) and prefer more daylight in the evenings.

    (p.s. hi abby!)

  10. Indiana had it right to begin with. No idea what brainiac decided that the state should observe DST.

  11. I LOVE DST. I finally get to see the sun. During the dead of winter, I come in when it’s dark, and the sun is setting when I leave. That just isn’t healthy. It also means that in the middle of summer, I won’t be awoken at 4:30 by sunlight streaming in my windows.
    Frankly, I wish we’d just stay on DST all year instead of this spring-forward, fall-back nonsense.

  12. My father is one of those sick individuals who likes DST, but he’s a golfer, and the longer he can stay out on the golf course, the happier he is. I, however, absolutely hate waking up in the dark in the morning and really don’t care how early it gets dark (although I admit I like a chance to get my dog out for a walk after work). My biggest gripe, though, is the whole getting up “early” thing in the morning. Ugh.

  13. I also LOVE DST. It is so awesome that when I get home from work there is daylight, real daylight (not the twilight crap) to do things in, like take our dogs for walks and sit and spin in. I also like the mornings, at least right the timing is right, because I can lay in bed after just waking up and hear the birds singing their happy songs.

    Your fiber is awesome!

  14. Thanks for your beautiful work, which gives me a lot to aspire to as a beginning spinner… I have been given a cast-off wheel after working with a spindle for a fair while, and the fleece of an entire (meat breed!) sheep which has me stopping and starting and picking at vegetable matter. I have promised myself something easy and beautifully prepared when I finsh the current bobbin!

    Anyway… I love DST, but then if it would drizzle all day here (Adelaide Australia) we would be dancing in the streets. We are into the last few weeks of DST here so I am now going to the pool in the dark to swim before work, but it is *so* worth it for all those long evenings and the gardening/walking/after work pleasures they make possible.

    Thanks again, mary

  15. LUV me some DST. For me, the only thing more soul-deadening than getting up in the dark is getting home in the dark. Nightblind people love DST – the box closes in on us an hour later.

  16. DST completely frazzles my inner clock. I feel like I am always an hour late until it goes back to non-DST. And I’m from IN where our governor decided DST was great and literally shoved it through session, bullying people to get his way. I loved being on the same time all year round. Not only do I not feel like I am “saving” an hour, I feel like I am always behind. Forget this rotten DST and keep everyone in their own time zone on the same time year round. We’re so 24/7 it doesn’t make much sense to change anyway. What do we really “save”?

    Hmmm, I must say, I sound pushy. But I do love that gorgeous blend at the end. Can’t wait to see it when you’ve finished. 🙂

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  18. Hi, I’m one who really enjoys DST. I’d prefer always DST. I’m someone who likes to go to bed early, and with DST this is much easier to do. When I get to bed earlier, I really do save, on sleep. I need less sleep when I get up earlier and go to bed earlier. Even though I always need three weeks for getting used to the new time setting. The first week I’m in Zombie-stage anyway the time changes. I’m a rhythmic person, I guess. But early rhythm is better for me.

    Chris 😎

  19. I really like DST, now that I live in MA. I can actually leave work while it’s light. This is a big deal for me, because my walk home is quite dangerous after dark. It’s sufficiently dangerous that I’ll add a good 20 minutes and several dollars to my commute to take the subway past that stretch and walk back over the subway route to home.

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