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…And they’re up…

Finally! Fresh sock batts up on eBay, and 8 blend samplers as well: 4 each sock blends, 4 each luxury blends. What’s more, the February doldrums call for a revisiting of my November super-specials: $25 gets you free shipping, $50 gets you free shipping and a 5% discount, $100 gets you free shipping and a 10% discount! Customers shipping to outside the USA, though, won’t qualify for free shipping — instead, you’ll have to accept a free surprise gift. And for February only, if you buy an entire batch, you will also receive a free surprise gift.

I think these two are my faves from this run:

Crown JewelsHeartbreaker

I really don’t feel like watching that second one hit the road, but fair’s fair! I’ll just have to do it again for myself… after my next dye day when I’ll have to do some more blue silk.

I can tell you I’ve put yarn spun from these sock batts through my CSM (circular sock machine) and they’ve worked up beautifully, and stood up to machine washing. I’ve hand-knit them in the past, and crocheted with them, and used the resulting yarns in kid clothes! Yes, kid clothes for a third grade boy. Sock batts are delightful to spin in super-laceweight with a spindle, as well as in various ways on a wheel. You need 2-4 for a pair of socks, depending on how you spin, your pattern, and the size of the socks; 2 batts will get you a terrific hat or scarf or a pair of mittens.

Franquemont Fibers eBay Store

3 thoughts on “…And they’re up…

  1. Am I correct in thinking that the sampler blends aren’t so much intended to make a pair of socks themselves, as they are for the purchaser to experiment with and get a feel for the fiber and colors?

    would you think the sock blends are a sufficent amount of fiber for crocheting a pair of socks, or just for knitting? (I know crocheting takes more yarn, but I don’t yet have a feel for ‘how much more’)

  2. Abby, How are these spun? And once spun, how do they turn out? What do they look like?

  3. Why?
    Why must you tempt me when I’ve put myself on a fiber ban?
    I have lovely fiber at home, but I want THESE. All of them. Right now!
    Excuse me while I go cry into my cashmere.

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