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Coming Soon…

So, what am I the furthest behind on for January? Sock batts, which I’m actually behind on since December. I blame the whole Tooth Saga, which I am not going to get into in detail for fear of causing other dentistophobes to squick to death.

Here’s a little bit of what will be coming up for sale shortly…

By my own hard deadline, these are due up 1 Feb… but it might end up being 2 Feb at the rate I seem to be going this week. All the latest batch of sock blends are a superwash wool base, containing generous amounts of silk, some with mohair and/or romney as well. Some, but not all, also contain firestar or angelina nylon.

At least half of them, I secretly don’t want to let out of the workshop, unless it’s to pile them by my own spinning wheel.

2 thoughts on “Coming Soon…

  1. Hi Abby,

    None of the photos on your site are coming up for me today (other than the banner and the small photo on the right). If I look at the page source, find the image URL, and load that in a separate browser window, sometimes it comes up. Any ideas? (Might be my work connection…)

  2. Hey Abby,

    I’m totally in love with your sock batts! For future reference*, is the superwash you use in them the coated-with-resiny-stuff kind, or the kind with the scales stripped off?

    * since I’m on a self imposed “stash only” directive for 2007

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