Stringtopia 2012 Registration INSTRUCTIONS

Stringtopia 2012 Registration is HERE. Here’s what you need to know ahead of time. Read this whole thing BEFORE REGISTERING; you will need to in order to get the link to register.

Here’s how registration will work. This is everything we think you need to know; if anything isn’t covered, please send email to BOTH me ( and Shelly (, and one of us will get back to you ASAP. You are also welcome to chatter about it on Ravelry, Facebook, and Twitter! Your fellow Stringtopians can be a great source of information.

Registration this year uses a shopping cart approach. When you connect to the registration page, you’ll see three
categories of products: Classes, Meals, and Extras. When you click on Classes, you’ll see a calendar with links to specific classes, by day and time slot. Below the calendar, you can choose to view the listings by teacher, by day, or by class length. You can add classes to your cart from the main subcategory screen you’re in (whether it’s teacher,
day, or class length) or you can click on the image to read the full description and make up your mind.

You will be prompted to create an account when you place your class order. You can log in with your username and password from here on out to see the status of your order, etc.

All class prices INCLUDE the materials fee for the specific class. Full day classes cost $125 plus the teacher-determined materials fee for the specific class. Half-day classes are $75 plus materials. In other words, the prices are the total, including the class fee AND the class-specific materials fee; what’s in your cart after you add it is all you’ll pay for that class. We wanted to make this as clear as possible because while materials fees are included in the price listed when you sign up, they are *not* included in the $125 (for full day) or $75 (for half day). Materials fees are determined by the teacher and cover the cost of getting you what you specifically need to do the class. Some classes recommend buying additional things as desired; that’s in the class description. Materials fees range from $0 (you’ll bring everything yourself, from a teacher-supplied list of things to bring) to $65 (for copious and costly materials such as hand-selected, hand-washed rare breed fleeces, book materials, and use of tools to process them).

We will check this on an ongoing basis and let you know if we find that this did happen, then deal with it on a case by case basis, but unfortunately there’s no way for the registration system to check that automagically. In other words, putting one Friday class in your cart doesn’t mean you can’t put another Friday class in your cart. Be on the lookout!

You will need to complete the checkout process to have your classes. Until you have completed the checkout process (whether paying in full now, or opting to pay only your $50 non-refundable deposit now), your classes aren’t confirmed. When you have completed checkout, you will receive an email notifying you of what you signed up for. This email is your confirmation email, but NOT an invoice. Deposit and remaining balance invoices will be sent STARTING ON MONDAY, 20 FEBRUARY 2012.

Your deposit is due within one week of your deposit invoice being sent, unless otherwise specifically arranged. If we don’t have your deposit in that span of time, we reserve the right to cancel your registration and let someone else have your class spots. We’d rather not and we doubt we’ll have to, but all the same, we’re saying that clearly up front so everyone knows what to expect.

We don’t need to know your specific meal choice now; you will tell us that when you check in at Stringtopia. However, we do want to know if you’re joining us for meals, so please add them to your cart if so. You can change your mind about meals right up until the day you arrive at Stringtopia. You are welcome to purchase extra meals for someone
accompanying you.

Extras are tote bags, t-shirts, and admission to the Friday Fiber Bash. We think these are fairly self-explanatory, and they’re all described on the registration site. You may purchase as many of these as you like. You can also decide to purchase them later, right up until 7 April 2012. If you can’t decide, we will likely have some available for purchase at the event, but if you want a specific colour or size, we recommend buying them in advance. And…

That’s right, there are freebies. If you sign up for one full day of classes, you get a free tote. With two full days of classes, you get a free t-shirt. With three full days, you get free admission to the Friday Fiber Bash.

after you have completed your registration, please place a second order through the registration site, selecting the freebies you’ve qualified for and the options you want. Then, select “check/money order” at checkout, AND PAY NOTHING, and we’ll have a record of your freebies, which we will confirm with you.

You have the option to pay in full via PayPal, or using your credit card (processed via PayPal, but does not require a PayPal account). If you would prefer, you can instead choose to pay only a $50 non-refundable deposit at this time. Payment in full is due by 1 April 2012 unless otherwise agreed.

TO PAY IN FULL, choose “Check out using PayPal” and you’ll be prompted to either pay using your PayPal account, or else by using your credit card as a guest. You will receive an emailed receipt and confirmation.

TO PAY JUST A $50 DEPOSIT AT THIS TIME, choose “check/money order,” complete the checkout process, and stand by; we’ll send you a confirmation email, followed by an email containing a link you can use to pay only your $50 non-refundable deposit using PayPal or credit card, followed by an invoice for the full balance due. These invoices will go out starting on MONDAY, 20 FEBRUARY 2012. If you are going the deposit only route, please do NOT send any funds via any means until you have received an email with deposit payment instructions including a payment link. We mean this so much, we’ve tried to make it impossible for you to try to do so in the check/money order checkout process. 😉 Do not send a check or money order without prior agreement. YOUR CONFIRMATION EMAIL IS NOT YOUR DEPOSIT INVOICE. If you have received a confirmation, but not a deposit invoice, BY TUESDAY 21 FEB 2012, please email us so we can look into it.

Your $50 deposit is non-refundable. Cancellation for a refund of remaining fees paid is possible up until 1 April 2012 (which is when we have to pay for the venue, tickets, and various things like that). If you find out after that date that you are unable to attend, you can sell your spot to someone else, and we’ll help you with suggestions for how to do that. You do need to let us know if you sell your spot, however, so we know who to expect at the event.

We think when you get access to the registration site you’ll find it pretty straightforward; we just want you to have advance information so you can have your plan ready and hopefully get through registration fast and easy. But if you do have questions, email us (, and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.


Go here:

and complete your registration. We’re looking forward to seeing you!