No, this time, really, I’ll take a weekend off!

I’ve made it to Friday again, huzzah! This was a hectic-seeming week and production just was not what I had ambitiously planned for at the outset. But I did manage to get all of these up on eBay:

…which is to say, some 6 pounds of superwash top, some oddments of very nice fibers, a few pounds of new sock blends, all containing alpaca, and repeating a few favourite colourways:

like Tiger Lily…


…and Berries.

Plus, there’s a huge batch of 400-yard / 1 ounce skeins of handpainted merino/silk millspun yarn (millspun, as in machine spun, lest anyone not be sure what I mean by that — I tend to prefer to say “millspun” rather than “commercial” as there are plenty of commercial handspun yarns, after all):

These are the same yarns I used in this fella here:

the Falling Leaves Isosceles — and each skein has enough yarn in it for something similar, scarf-sized!

My faves from this batch are the Indian Summer shown above, and…

…this Autumn Stroll.

This weekend, I might do fibery stuff, but I swear it’s going to all just be personal. You wanna know what non-work yarn dorkery I got to this week? This is it:

Hardly anything. Fewer than 800 yards of yarn all told that is actually for me. The horror!

7 thoughts on “No, this time, really, I’ll take a weekend off!

  1. But you did some exquisite work that we can all enjoy. Gave a rest now, have a good weekend.

  2. Your fiber is SO nice to work with! I just finished my second sock batt this weekend and plied it (tried to anyway). I’ve not been spinning very long and I don’t feel like I ply correctly. Previously my yarns have been light and lofty, I made an attempt to put more twist in my ply this weekend to get more of a ‘sock’ yarn and think I might have gotten carried away with the twist. Can you offer some advice? How do we know how much twist to put in? Could you maybe do a walk through on how to get a nice ply?


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