Classic Abby Luxury Batt BRULEE


One third each extra fine organic Merino wool, baby camel down, and tussah silk, this is one of our favorite blends that we don’t always make for sale, mostly because it’s slow going to get it right. This blend works great as singles and plied yarns alike, and we love it for scarves and hats in particular.

Undyed, it’s a gorgeous creme brulee golden kind of color, with slight variegation if spun up thicker (although, by “thicker” we mean “the singles are kinda like sock yarn weight” but that would continue if spun thicker also, and Abby keeps saying she’s going to do a thick and thin yarn with this blend and knit a very simple scarf, but she hasn’t done it yet). Spun fine and plied up to a 2-ply, it’s an absurdly gorgeous lace knitting yarn.

What about dyeing it? Once spun up, it’s straightforward to dye with any dye that works on protein fibers — including food coloring with vinegar, or easter egg dyes (always seasonal fun). All three fibers take dye beautifully.

The yield in yardage from these 21 gram batts is similar to the yield in yardage we get from about 30 grams of fine Merino.

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33.33% Organic Merino
33.33% Tussah Silk
33.33% Baby Camel Down

One of our forever favorites, we don’t do this one often!

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Weight 21 g
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3 in
Color Range

, ,

Contains Synthetics

Fibers Included




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