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Now through JANUARY 1 2022, there’s a special bundle offer! Buy a Huacatinco chullo at sale price and you can also get a spindle at sale price! Just $82 for the pair. Choose your hat size and color, let us know whether you want a pushka for spinning or a canti for plying, and we’ll select from our stock of spindles here in Peru for which we have limited numbers and aren’t planning to send them to our fulfillment partner in the USA. We have a limited number of these bundle packs available so act now!

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These amazing hats are knit by hand by master weavers and knitters of Huacatinco, a very remote town in the Ocongate province, using yarn that is spun by hand with drop spindles in the traditional Peruvian method stretching back thousands of years, and dyed by hand with natural dyes using sustainable practices and materials local to the Andes of the Cusco region. They are knit in the round carrying multiple strands at once with the yarn tensioned around the neck, looking at the inside or purl side of the work. We have a lot of them right now at very special pricing because folks made so many during the pandemic and since they mainly sell to tourists and there haven’t been many tourists for almost 2 years, we have this special opportunity. They come in natural alpaca colors or dyed alpaca colors, and in sizes Small (43-50 cm), Medium (50-55 cm), and Large (55-60 cm).

We have sorted them by size, color, and then groups according to patterns, and if you let us know which you want (for instance Large, Llamas 7, the one on the right) we’ll do our best to get you the exact one. If you don’t specify, you will receive one that matches your order, for instance size large, dyed colors, Diamante.

Read more about the Center for Traditional Textiles of Cusco, its 10 member communities, and its history and mission, or watch this video kicking off Thanksgiving Week 2021 activities! Friday, 26 November, you can join our live Trunk Show via Zoom to purchase direct, but if you can’t make it Friday, these textiles are on special sale afterwards for a very limited time. Don’t delay! Many products are completely unique and when they’re gone, they’re gone.

We will combine your purchases and ship everything from Peru together, but they cannot be combined with items NOT shipping from CTTC. We’ll need to weigh your package to get an accurate courier quote, which we will send you separately, and shipment via expedited DHL takes place once we receive your shipping and handling payment. Estimated rates by weight to North America :

1 KG : $60
2 KG : $65
3 KG : $75
5 KG : $99
7 KG : $125
10 KG: $175
15 KG: $225
20 KG: $300

We require a physical address and phone number for the courier service.

Additional information

Size (circumference)

Large 55-60 cm, Medium 50-55 cm, Small 42-50 cm


Natural Alpaca Colors, Dyed Alpaca Colors


BUNDLE with PUSHKA, Benito, Asenia, Mariano, Isabel, Diamante Fondo Blano, Tanqa Ch'oro, Llamas, Diamante, Condor, Ermelinda, Nancy, Delsi, Jesus, Zenovia, Llama, Pallay, Animales, Diamante Grande


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