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Franquemont Method: SPINNING I

Spinning I
Abby teaching handspinning

At last, it’s available digitally! The spinning fundamentals program I developed for Stringtopia Fiber Arts Studio is aimed at taking you from your first interest in making your own yarn by hand all the way up to being a comfortable intermediate spinner in only 4 months including your practice time.

SPINNING I meets weekly for 4 sessions, giving you time to practice in between those sessions.

Each session is 2 hours total and takes place live on Zoom, with a recording available after the session for you to review while you practice. You’ll also have access to a Discord chat channel where you can discuss with your fellow students, and where I’ll check in daily to answer questions throughout the session.

To begin the hands-on exercises, you will need a stick or a pencil, and some spinnable fiber, ideally wool, although you can work with any fiber you are able to find. You can also attend this class without doing it hands-on at the outset, and save your access to the class sessions to do at your leisure.

You will learn:

  • The first fundamentals of making yarn by managing unspun fiber and twist using your hands, a stick, and a simple spindle you’ll shop for and select with guidance during the month-long session;
  • how to make a skein using only your hands or things you have around the house;
  • how to wash your skein, measure it, store it, and select a potential use;
  • how to troubleshoot common problems;
  • basic terminology;
  • basic definitions of fiber preparation;
  • basic fiber information (what are wool, cotton, silk, etc)

Upon completion, I’ll send you a printable certificate of completion and you’ll unlock access to Spinning II.

Completing Spinning I, II, III, and IV unlocks access to seminars and classes for which that foundational framework is a prerequisite, including certification in the Franquemont Method of teaching the ancient technology of making yarn by hand.

Ready to sign up? The first session begins 5 September 2020, and registration for classes and events starts here.

3 thoughts on “Franquemont Method: SPINNING I

  1. Hi,
    Just wondering if it’s too late to join this class, since I’ve missed the first session.

    1. It is not too late! In fact it’s the perfect time. You’ll receive immediate access to the first session recording, Tuesday’s office hours recording, and can join for this evening’s office hours question and answer session, and be right up to speed for Saturday. There is also a discount code active for the next 48 hours, friend10 gives you $10 off at checkout.

  2. Dear Abby,

    Would love a way to communicate with you. Don’t know if you are in the states, think not…just watched October 30th Amanpour and Company on PBS, if any way you can watch please do. I wish to help the families talked about at the end of the show. Is there a way to help them? Mary Jo
    Don’t have a website of my own. follow you on Instagram and Facebook…not terribly active on either, nor, at the age of 69, really able to be…hope to communicate and also, see how you are! Wishing you and your family the very best. MJ

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