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Tweets for October 22, 2009

  • Last day for Respect The Spindle signed preorders at ! #
  • @threesheeps I'm thinking about not taking a wheel. I mean I get to pick one up there plus I'm teaching carding. #
  • last full work day before leaving for SOAR has me just pouring caffeine down my throat. GO GO GO. Not gonna finish everything on the list. #
  • @execudiva there is indeed a section on Turkish spindles in the book! And more besides. Also check out @amelias_twist 's book! #
  • @execudiva okay, apparently I can't remember her name on twitter. and Wanda Jenkins' info also. #
  • Wow, we just hit 250 preorders for signed Respect The Spindle! More prizes for the drawing across the board for reaching this goal! WOOO! #
  • @depravedDyer do you have some sort of "Rate These Steves" chart? #
  • @depravedDyers They shipped me the "Rate Your Sleeves" chart by accident I think. My verdict: off the rack sleeves always too long. #
  • OK, in the past 3 months, I have shipped 1165 batts. **** faint**** #
  • @threesheeps @knittydotcom holy cow, we're at 288 preorders! I'll take them till my AM coffee when I gotta tally and get my order in. #
  • oooh wow check out @velmalikevelvet on Craftzine! You go girl! #