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Shout-Out Saturday

It’s time for another round of Shout-Out Saturday! Huzzah! I’ve even added a category for it, so that as soon as I finish fixing the present problem with categories not displaying properly, folks’ll be able to readily see the whole list.

Here are the shouts out for today, then.

Wheat Wrote WHAT?

It has probably been over 15 years now that I keep running into Wheat online and talking about fiber. If you’ve been on lists for a while, you know what I mean; Wheat was online discussing fibery stuff long before I was. Wheat is thoughtful, vocal, helpful, and opinionated — numerous of my favourite human traits. Right now, she’s talking about crochet at the LYS. Among other things. What Wheat writes is always thought-provoking. She’s awesome.


Everybody knows June, right? If you don’t, you should. Or at least her blog. There’s yarn porn, knitting porn, food porn, and more; and it’s all high-quality. June takes the time to do things right, and she doesn’t pick simple little easy things to do, either. June’s blog is one of the five blogs I have been reading the longest. I am also probably very fortunate that I don’t live closer to June, as I’d doubtless be trying to use fiber or yarn to wheedle my way over for dinner on a regular basis.

Sue Bleiweiss

Sue’s a new discovery for me, within the past few months. I don’t really know her at all, I’ve just read her blog and tutorials. She does absolutely amazing felting work, mixed media, silk fusion…. and terrific tutorials on the subject. Every time I see her new projects, I find myself lusting in my heart. And I don’t even *like* mixed media stuff. Or so I thought. But I changed my mind after getting lost in Sue’s blog for a while.


Ted Myatt is clearly possessed of far more energy and organizational prowess than I can even presently aspire to be. I owe him several pieces of meaty email, too; I’m afraid I’m terrible about actually getting the longer emails out the door. First things first: if you’re in or around Ontario, check out Ted’s Fibrefest North, which I really wish I could attend. And wherever you are, read his blog; knitting, spinning, and lots more, and he is a terrific writer besides.

Leigh’s Fiber Journal

Leigh covers a broad range of topics, many dealing with spinning and weaving, in clear, concise, yet technical ways. And she has a big black cat — those of you who’ve been reading my blog a while will recall I recently lost mine, so I am of course a sucker for the big black cat. But anyway, Leigh documents a ton of stuff, and provides lots of helpful how-tos as well. Check her out!

To these folks, I say thank you for being part of my online fiber world, and keep it going!

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  1. You and your family are welcome over to dinner anytime. As it is with all friends, I ask only for a 24-hr heads up before you show, and please mention any notable food allergies, intolerances, and preferences. 🙂

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