General Fiber Sales

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Let’s start with the Classic Abby Batts!

We have a few different variations on the same blend for you, put up in 30 gram batts!

Okay, I’ll be honest: this is a longtime favorite blend. It’s 70% dark brown organic Corriedale from New Zealand, blended with 30% Tussah silk. In the first two, the tussah silk is hand-dyed, with subtle variegation; in the third, it’s bleached white — which means it takes dye like crazy. Why does that matter? Because it’s great for overdyeing after you spin!

The dark brown Corriedale is amazingly bouncy and springy and provides a great base; the tussah silk is sleek and bright, and this blend, spun up, can run from drapy with lustre and sheen but plenty of memory all the way to bouncy with a halo from the silk, depending on how you spin it.

And, okay, during the past few days it’s gone from a pleasant fall to a biting November, so we’ve kinda gone autumnal on a lot of these blends because it’s hard to face the fact that winter really is coming.

In this blend, the tussah silk is deep reds, magentas, and burnt orange. The overall effect is a little browner than the carpet of needles and leaves on a fall stroll through the woods, but it’s close.

Classic Abby Batts: Forest Floor
70% Organic NZ Corriedale / 30% Hand-Dyed Tussah Silk
30 grams each

You know when you go out in November, and the ground froze fast overnight, making little dirt crystals? My grandma used to call those frost fairies. Anyway, that’s what we’re calling the version of this blend with the bleached white tussah silk in it.

Classic Abby Batts: FROST FAIRY
70% Organic NZ Corriedale
30% Tussah Silk
30 grams each
$9.95 ea

In this blend, the tussah silk is deep purple to pale lavender. We thought it was going to come out like a mostly-purple version of last week’s Mossy Bark, but instead it came out this rich, velvety chocolate.

CACAO BATT 30 grams
70% Organic NZ Corriedale
30% Tussah Silk
30 grams each

In this variant, the tussah silk is lime green, deep green, pale sage, and khaki — combining with the earthy Corriedale to produce an effect that had us spending our lunch break doing web searches like “names for kinds of moss” and “sphagnum.”

PEAT MOSS Batt 30 grams
70% Organic NZ Corriedale
30% Tussah Silk
30 grams each

We’ve also got this blend of 60% deep green and dark turquoise Corriedale with an assortment of green and blue hand-dyed Tussah silks. We decided we’re jealous of everyone who ends up with these, so it’s Green-Eyed Monster. You know. Jealousy. And stuff.

60% Corriedale
40% Hand-Dyed Tussah Silk

We have no batt bar batts this batch.


And then there are a few fresh rovings! These are all individual one-of-a-kind, blends as described, priced as marked. We give these serial numbers instead of names because we always save the names for the classic batts.

Fresh Roving 20171110c
70% Mixed Wools
30% Mixed Silks
60 grams

Fresh Roving 20171110e
65% Mixed Wools
35% Mixed Silks
65 grams

Fresh Roving 20171115c is 65% hand-dyed organic Merino and 35% hand-dyed Tussah silk, weighing 70 grams. $24.50

Fresh Roving 20171115b is a base of 70% Blue Faced Leicester (BFL) and Corriedale mixed with 30% Tussah silk. 62 grams / $21.50

Fresh Roving 20171115a is my favorite this batch. A base of 70% superfine merino and organic Corriedale blended with 30% hand-dyed tussah silk, 70 grams / $24.50

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